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I have put together this short blog to help introduce my clients to what they can expect at their artistic nude/glamour nude photo shoot. Many people feel a little nervous at the prospect. It is natural to be a bit shy, and I fully appreciate your feelings! Remember that although it is a new experience for you, I have shot hundreds of nude women and men. You will be in a completely professional environment and treated with the utmost respect. And you’ll be surprised at how fast the “butterflies” disappear once we start shooting and you see the artistic images we are creating.

First, you are always welcome to bring someone with you to the shoot. When you arrive I will show you samples of my work, the studio facilities, and introduce you to your makeup artist if you have elected to use one. We normally sit together and go over the different images that you would like to have, and any last minute ideas for poses.

Then it is time for makeup. While you are doing your makeup or having it applied for you, I will be finalizing the studio setup. I will check on the makeup process and give any input on what might work best with the lighting I will be using. Makeup takes about 30 minutes.

Now it is time to take a test shot. Normally you will go to the restroom and change into the robe that will be waiting for you. After the test shots we are ready to begin.

When we complete a series of shots you will put your robe back on and we will review the images on the computer in the studio. If there are things we want to change, we will make corrections to the poses and shoot them again. If we are happy with the images, you will go back into the dressing/makeup area and re-do your makeup while I change the set. Then we start all over on the second “look”, or series of shots. By this time I guarantee you will be perfectly comfortable with your photographic experience!

When we are finished and you are getting dressed, I back up the images onto an archive CD. That’s about all there is to it.

We will have fun, get beautiful images, and enjoy the shoot!



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Spring is one of my favorite times of year. In Atlanta it is spectacular with everything in bloom – I never knew there were so many flowering trees and shrubs until we moved to GA!! It takes my breath away (and not because I am allergic to the pollen!!)

But spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings, which is what brings me to this short “Bellies” blog. One of our favorite photoshoots at Casual Elegance is the pregnancy photo. Expectant mothers (and fathers too!) have a glow that naturally illuminates their images. But beyond that glow, pregnancy photos have so much emotion wrapped up in them – love, hope, anticipation. Usually by the time women come in for their photos there is a serenity about them that transcends into the photograph with a beauty beyond words. Mark loves being able to capture and preserve all of that emotion and beauty for them for years to come.


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Today was Dusty and Dave’s 35 week checkup at the OB. Dusty has been having horrible back pains for about a week now. Turns out she is nearly 4 centimeters dilated already (not due until 5/18)!

Her doctor told her that if the baby isn’t here by the time she comes in for her 38 week checkup (the week of May 4) then they will schedule her to be induced. I will be really surprised if Miss Payton Emily is not here before that date!

Big sister Sydney is getting impatient for the big event. She kisses Dusty’s belly every night, and asked a couple of nights ago “When is Payton coming out of your belly I MISS HER!” Sydney is a little over 3 1/2yrs old, and she’s going to be an excellent big sister. She’s mothered her baby dolls and stuffed animals from the time she was big enough to hold them. I really think she thinks this is her baby 🙂

That’s all the latest!

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I am asked all the time how I feel about the venue of photography that Mark has chosen for Casual Elegance Photography.  It tends to raise an eyebrow or two when your husband’s business is predominantly that of taking boudoir, glamour and artistic nude photographs!  I personally have no problem with nudity or the human form in general, so to be honest, I never even considered that some people would think I might take issue with it.  Anyway, it is a question that always makes me smile because people naturally assume that he actually chose it! The reality is that over the years it was his clients who made the choice of what his specialty would be!

When Mark launched Casual Elegance Photography  his main focus was portraiture and model portfolios. The walls of his studio held children’s portraits, family portraits, model’s fashion portfolio shots, acting headshots, and the usual fare.

Many models, after working with him several times, and being comfortable with who they discovered Mark to be, started to ask if he did artistic nudes – they loved his lighting and trusted him to do the most tasteful work for them. Some wanted glamour or boudoir style photographs.  So Mark began experimenting with different lighting techniques, and really enjoyed the creativity that this type of photography gave him.  To this day he is constantly experimenting with shadow and light, creating what many times is an illusion!

Slowly calls for boudoir or nude photos started coming in from everyday people like you and me not just models. Brides who wanted a unique wedding gift for their groom, wives looking for a special anniversary or holiday gift for their husband, couples wanting a beautiful and sensual portrait of themselves for their home, husbands who wanted a book of artistic nudes of their wives. Two of the most special requests were from two very courageous women. One who was facing a mastectomy, and one recovering from a double mastectomy. Mark was honored that they chose him to create their beautiful images.

In fact, honored is really a good word to describe the way that Mark approaches his photography. He has the utmost respect for all of his clients, and feels honored that they put their trust in him to help them create beautiful and lasting gifts for the people they love.

So, how do I feel about the venue of photography that Mark has chosen for Casual Elegance Photography ?  Having watched him build this business over the past 8 years from the ground up, and seeing the beautiful images he creates….in a word (or six), I could not be more proud!

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We will continue to add to this section so check back often. If you have a question please contact Mark at Casual Elegance Photography (TM) (mark@casualelegancephotography.com).

  1. Do you ever use a client’s photographs on your website or in your portfolio/sample books? Answer: No and Yes. Without written permission we do not use any client’s image anywhere! We take our client’s privacy seriously and do not release any image from the studio to anyone other than the client. However, some of our clients want us to use their images and give us their written permission to do so. For prints we deal with one lab we have dealt with for years. The lab is a small one person shop that deals with professional photographers only.
  2. Is it okay to bring someone with me to my session? Answer: Yes! We encourage you to do so. Why? Because many times it assists you in relaxing. Our studio has a “makeup/sitting” room that’s equipped with a TV, magazines and comfortable furniture. We also have a refrigerator with soft drinks, water and snacks. Our shooting room is in a separate room next to this room. As long as the person doesn’t interfere with the process we have found that their encouragement can be a benefit. In fact, many times the person who accompanies our client will come back later for their own session once they see how much fun it is. 🙂
  3. How long does it take to get my photos? Answer: It depends on many factors. Here is the process. Once the shoot is over we backup the images to a DVD. Then we build a proof photo gallery from which you will select your images. When you have selected the images that you want edited and printed we start the editing process which can take a day or two to complete. After the images are edited you will review and approve them prior to us taking them to the lab for printing. The lab takes up to 10 days to print them images. So the overall process can take up to 15 or so days – again, depending on all of the factors involved.
  4. Do you edit my images? Answer: Yes. We edit every image that you select for printing. The edit process can take an hour or more per image – depending on the edits needed. Every image is hand edited to the degree the client asks for. From minor blemish removal to full airbrushing, we edit the image to create the best overall appearance. The final product is an image that the client will love!
  5. Do you suggest poses or do I have to think of them on my own? Answer: Our photoshoots are usually a “joint effort”. We are happy to suggest poses. But we welcome ideas for specific looks from our clients as well! Often we suggest several variations on poses which will give us several different looks from the same basic pose. We will suggest poses that will flatter your particular body type, have a unique angle to enhance you, and give you the results you are looking for. It helps if you practice some poses at home before the shoot, but it’s not necessary. We realize that you are not a model and that this may be the first time you have had professional photographs taken, so we will analyze your look to get the best outcome from every pose we do.

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Why choose Casual Elegance Photography® for your Nude and Boudoir Images? We started in business in 2000 with a vision to create art from life. Our deep respect for the human form and our quest to make everyone feel great about themselves has led to a photography business that concentrates on just our core venues of Boudoir, Art Nudes, and Glamour Nudes. Our clients come to us from Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and just about everywhere including the Northeast (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine) and overseas (Germany, France). Please visit our website – http://www.casualelegancephotography.com Ruth and Mark

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When I think of studio that does general photography verses a studio that has a specialty I think of it in terms of the medical profession. When you have a cold or the flu you would go to a general practitioner. But if you needed to have a heart transplant your choice would be a specialist – someone who understands the complete subject, keeps up on the latest procedures, and knows how to do the job from beginning to end. It’s not that different with photography. While a general studio can produce excellent results, they tend to do many different things while not focused on a particular area. Sort of like going to the restaurant that has 45 pages of different foods. The food is good, but none are what you would get at a specialty restaurant. At Casual Elegance Photography we specialize in Sensual Photography. Call it Boudoir, Art Nudes, or Glamour photography, it all boils down to sensual in nature. We understand the business and we understand what you want. We’ve researched what works best and how to get the best images for you. We understand that you will be nervous and that this may be very new for you, but we work with you to help you overcome the nerves and get those relaxed and sexy shots. We realize that everyone is different and that’s why we specialize – you’re not here to get a family portrait so there are several things we make sure we don’t overlook. For instance, we have robes in our studio for you to use so you won’t have to remember to bring one. We have the latest in technology so you can see the images as we shoot them – therefore allowing you to see how beautiful you are looking. Our studio isn’t they typical cold impersonal environment you may have encountered in the past – we pride ourselves on our personal attention to detail and the at home atmosphere of our studio. So when considering Sensual images, consider Casual Elegance Photography. You’ll be glad you did.

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