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As I was saying in my last post, this is the time of year for brides! Mark just finished shooting one of his Ultimate packages of a beautiful bride-to-be, for her wedding gift to her groom. She chose to do glamour, boudoir and artistic nudes.

When Mark finishes shooting I always go into the studio while he does all the backing up of the shots and uploading them for his clients to go through and choose their shots. This is a nice time for us – we talk about how it all went, and I look through the shots as he backs them up, and give him my perspective on them. As I’ve said before, we don’t always agree about what “works” and he (and his clients) like hearing my input as a “woman to woman” kind of thing – women just see sexy in a different way than men do. But that’s a whole other blog for a later time!!!!

Today’s young woman blew me away! Once the girls have their makeup done, Mark always shoots a test shot of them in a robe, so that he and his makeup artist – in this case the fabulous Lisa Walker of Face-to-Face who is an absolutely beautiful person in her own right, by the way – can see how the makeup looks under the lights and make any necessary adjustments. Many times if it is the first time a client has shot this type of photo, there might be a little tension in the face. Not this time. When the test shot came up I said “That is a GREAT portrait!” There was just a beautiful, relaxed glow – not a speck of anxiety there!

Her entire package of photos was beautiful – she was relaxed and comfortable and that transferred into the photographs. She’s one of those brides that you just know will be stunningly beautiful on her wedding day – with that glow that comes from the happiness within! Great shoot!


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Memorial Day weekend is in full swing – kicking off all sorts of summer activities as we head into June, which we all know is synonomous with brides and weddings! Here at Casual Elegance we’re definitely seeing a new trend with today’s brides! They want to do glamour, boudoir or artistic nude photoshoots so that they can present their man with an album of beautiful, sensual photographs of themselves. A truly unique, one-of-a kind, and very intimate wedding gift.

We especially enjoy seeing how excited our brides are when they come in to pick up their prints! It’s hard for them to wait for the wedding to give their groom his gift! Many brides call us at a later date and say that he was so blown away by the photos that they now want to come in for a couples shoot! Visit our website www.casualelegancephotography.com for samples of this type of photography. And no, we absolutely never will use a client’s photographs on our website (or anywhere else), without their consent!!!

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Lately many of our prospective clients ask what the whole Boudoir or Nude Photographic experience is all about. Well, all I can say is that I have never had a client walk out of the studio unhappy. In fact, most have already started talking about their next session! It’s hard to explain the transformation that occurs from the time they walk in to the time they leave but it’s amazing in my opinion. Please take a few minutes and look over the “Testimonials” that are on our site. I think that they sum up the experience and how they felt about the session. The testimonials can be seen by clicking on the banner below.

Casual Elegance Photography

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Our family is very grateful to everyone for your prayers when our little Payton Emily was taken to the NICU several hours after her birth last Friday. She had stopped breathing and turned blue… the doctors attributed it to her struggle with large amounts of mucous. Fortunately she had only that one episode. They put her on IV feedings plus all sorts of wires to monitor oxygen levels, pulse etc. When they decided to stop the IV feedings and give her a bottle, she was so starving by her second bottle feeding that she tried to suck down the bottle without breathing. Mark was in the NICU at the time, with our son Dave, and when her oxygen levels dropped dramatically and set off all sorts of alarms, it kind of freaked old Poppy out 🙂 But she was fine as soon as they took the bottle away and rubbed her chest to get her to take a breath.

She is doing fine now, and was allowed to leave the hospital on Mother’s Day, which was a perfect gift for her Mommy! Big sister Sydney was ecstatic, since she had not experienced any of the things her parents had told her would happen once the baby arrived – no rooming in, holding her sister, helping with feedings or diaper changes. She was pretty heartbroken about the whole thing. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to do any of those things, and thought it meant that “I’m not a big sister anymore!”

Now that everyone is settled in at home she is a wonderful big sister. Her singing is the only thing that stops Payton’s crying (we thought it was a fluke the first time, but it works every time) and she is a big help to her mom – running to grab a diaper or burp cloth, putting the pacifier in Payton’s mouth when she fusses. She will be a great big sister in the years to come!

Thanks again to all of you for all of your concern!!!

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Our newest granddaughter arrived yesterday at 5:15pm (Central Time). 8 pounds, 1 ounce, 20 inches.

Mom, Dad, big sister Sydney, and Payton are doing well…

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Dusty is getting very uncomfortable.  Having lots of contractions and back pain.  The good news for her is she is 90% effaced and nearly 4 cm dilated already.  Hopefully this will make it an easy labor when it does happen!  If our little sweetPEA (Payton Emily Anderson) doesn’t arrive this week of her own accord, Dusty will be induced on Monday the 12th.

Big Sister Sydney is impatient, now that it is, afterall, MAY, which she has known for 9 months was when her little sister would arrive.  She has asked every day for the past month whether it was May yet, and on May 1, when they finally answered “yes” – her first comment was “Well, is Payton coming out of your belly now?”  She is happy this week, knowing that within a week her sister will definitely be here.

Mark is hoping that the baby waits just a little longer as he has a few shoots scheduled in the next couple of days.  He has always been there to capture each grandchild’s first photograph, so naturally he doesn’t want?to miss the big event.  Grandma will be heading to AL without him for sure, if he’s in a shoot when the time comes! There is always such a special feeling surrounding the arrival of a new baby!  I can’t wait!!!!

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