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Today was a light day here at Casual Elegance Photography®. We had a short Boudoir Session and a few client’s images to edit and prepare for the Lab. It’s nice to have a light day now and then. It gives us a chance to do the little things like maintenance on our equipment (two lights needed some work and all the cameras needed to have their sensors cleaned), clean up around the studio, and file the paperwork. We even got a minute to figure out a new way to hang the curtains in the Boudoir Room so it’s easier to change them at a moments notice.

Lennox Miller - Model (similar to the shots we did today with a client)

Lennox Miller - Model (similar to the shots we did today with a client)

Casual Elegance Photography


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I had the opportunity to shoot with an old friend – Kester Cockrell – last week. Kester and I have been shooting together for years – for our own fun, for clients, for Kester’s own business Dream Friends and for her modeling portfolio. But she’s been living out of the US for awhile so it’s been been a couple of years since I’ve seen her.  

The purpose of the photoshoot was pinup, but as soon as I saw Kester I had to switch gears to headshots.  She arrived with her normally blonde hair now a fantastic shade of red.  I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to get some new headshots of her for my website!  I love shooting with Kester - it is always effortless on my part as she is a true professional.


During that shoot she realized what station I had playing on the radio - Dave FM 92.9, and commented that one of the things she missed most while out of the country was listening being able to listen to "Dave" - she couldn't even get it on the computer.  I don’t know what it is about that station – Ruth and I discovered one of their programs (then called Acoustic Sunrise) a couple of years ago on a Sunday morning.  The station plays a variety of rock music and, on what is now called Acoustic Sunday, they play what they describe as "a toned down collection of vintage music, coffee house specialties, acoustic and live versions of your Dave FM favorites".  We love it, and make a point to listen every Sunday morning, and I always have the station playing in the studio. At almost every photoshoot someone will say “What station is this?  I love it!”  That was our own reaction the first time we heard it ourselves.  Ruth’s favorite is Mara Davis -- who does a segment called "Radio Free Lunch" at the noon hour of her segment on weekdays.  It's especially interesting because it is listener-driven, and can contain just about any form of music that relates to whatever Mara designates as the topic or theme of the day.  But Ruth loves her because she says Mara always makes her laugh when she sings.  I remember the first time we heard her - we both burst out laughing.  Lets just say that Mara sings with what can only be described as unabashed exhuberance and joy.  If you’ve ever heard her sing, you know why that is all we are going to say about her singing talent.  Ya gotta love Mara! 

Kester and I eventually moved on to our pinup shoot.  Another blog will follow about that! 

SIDE NOTE: The only thing we are disappointed in with DaveFM is that when they are doing their great job of Acoustic Sunrise, they now stop and put the Whatever Sport Pre-Game Program Show on! How totally wrong is that!!! Why not just wait till noon and put the game on? Personally I don't see why a music station wants to stop the music to have sports on their station. We have gotten to the point that B98.5 is going to be our new station since 92.9 Dave FM isn't serious about their music. It's a shame because Dave-FM was a great station until they became the sports network.





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We received our official certificate from the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office).  We are now Casual Elegance Photography®  – yes, that’s right, we now have a registered trademark on the name we have been doing business under for almost 9 years.   We’re extremely proud of this and proud of what the name Casual Elegance Photography represents – the utmost of professionalism in every venue of photography we serve – headshots, model portfolios, commercial, maternity, editorial, in addition to our specialties of boudoir, glamour and fine art nudes.  CASUAL ELEGANCE PHOTOGRAPHY® is now a registered trademark in the United States!!!! When we began Casual Elegance Photography in the year 2000 we never imagined we would come so far in what feels like such a short amount of time. Thanks to all of you, our family, friends, and most of all our wonderful and loyal clients for your continued support in all of our endeavors with Casual Elegance Photography®!

Please take a moment to visit our website and see samples of our work and our clients’ testimonials.  Casual Elegance Photography

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