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As predicted, the search for a unique Valentine gift has brought a crush of clients to the studio this month. To make sure everybody has their gifts in hand by February 14th, I’m even breaking my cardinal rule of leaving Sunday open for family time, with back-to-back shoots all weekend.

Gotta love the creativity of my clients though! They’ve really come up with some great, fun ideas for their “Valentine theme” boudoir or glamour nude photos. So now it’s back to the editing room for me! Time’s a-wasting!!

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    Had a fantastic photoshoot today with a model who had shot art nudes with me a couple of years back. This time she needed maternity photographs, and our entire session rocked! I felt like I could not take a bad shot of this woman! Actually, about halfway through the shoot I had both mommy and daddy on the set, and again – lit up the room! The camera loved them and we got some fantastic results!! We did a variety of “looks” – some clothed, some partially nude, and some nudes. Check our website in the next few days for some samples!  (2-5-09 – Shots are on our site – Sample below)
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Yesterday we finally got the time to install a Studio Rail System in our Boudoir room. What a difference it makes not to have to deal with stands and cords on the floor. We wish the ceilings were higher but the rail system is still going to work fine. We did our first shoot today with the new system and the lighting was so easy to modify to get the exact look we wanted. I can’t wait to do a Glamour Nude session in the room to see how well we can light the subject from different angles.

Okay. So what the heck is a Studio Rail System? The system mounts rails, rollers, and a device to raise or lower the lights on the ceiling. It allows me to move the lights around without stands and with all the cords up at the ceiling. Now I can use a bunch more space to even put in a dressing table as part of the set. This is going to be fun!!!

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Valentine’s Day will be here in 37 days. That may seem like a long time away, but remember how fast the holidays got here after Thanksgiving?
If you are looking for the ultimate in a romantic, sexy, and totally intimate gift for the one you love, consider doing Boudoir, Glamour or Nude photographs.

Your images can be given as prints up to 24 X 36 or even larger on canvas, a CD, or we can make a 12-month calendar containing 13 images (cover plus 12 months). These are extremely popular with our many clients who have loved ones in the Armed Forces, as well as with our brides who are looking for a unique wedding or first anniversary gift. Calendars are a great gift in that they keep giving all year long.

We highly suggest booking early because the entire process takes at least two weeks once you have completed your photoshoot. Lately we’ve had a lot of clients come to us together, each doing an individual shoot, and it turns into a real “girls night out” atmosphere – lots of fun, laughs and beautiful images. So round up your friends and check out our website, testimonials, and Boudoir FAQ’s, then give us a call and schedule an appointment for an all around great time!

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Okay, I’m all for progress and technology. I’ve had a computer since the late 70’s and I’ve always been on the “bleeding edge” when it came to new and cool things. But lately I’ve been thinking about the cameras we use for our photography and the size of the manuals that come with them. Yes, I love digital photography for a number of reasons, but at the same time I really have begun to wonder where it will all end.

Years ago you had to have some concept of the controls on the camera to take a photo and have it come out exposed correctly. And if you wanted to get creative you had to know a little more such as the relationship between the aperture and the shutter speed to create what you were thinking of creating – DOF/Stop Motion. If your camera didn’t have a meter in it you needed to have one with you or know things like the “sunny 16” rule. It took a little understanding to do things right. Today’s cameras come with manuals that can take days to digest so that you can set the camera up to shoot like you want it to – in my case, like some of the older cameras did. And even if you don’t want to read the manuals there are modes on the camera that can help you bypass the reading all together. I know some people who have never taken the mode dial off of AUTO – not even to try out Program mode. 🙂

Today there are cameras that can tell if someone wasn’t smiling or ones that know if the person blinked, and even ones that compose the scene for you. They figure out everything and make you an instant success at photography – or do they? In my humble opinion when you take the “photographer” and personal creative thoughts out of the equation you don’t end up with a photo, just a snapshot. Yes, technically it may be perfectly exposed, everyone is smiling, no one has blinked, and the scene is perfectly balanced according to the rule of thirds or whatever the camera has built into it’s processor, but have you really created it or have the engineers at the camera manufacturer done that? There are times when you just want to capture the moment, but I really feel that most people think that’s all there is to photography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the digital cameras we have here at Casual Elegance Photography ® and we don’t often use the film cameras we have, but I’m just starting to feel like there is something missing as cameras get more and more automated. It’s sort of like going from assembler code to C++ or something. Yes, it takes the mundane work out of it, but it also takes the cool tricks away from you. I’m all over technology but I like to get back to basics to create things. I even use filters on the digital cameras. Lots of people I know have said why not just add the filter in Photoshop? I guess I like attempting to create the image right out of the camera.

Where did I come up with the thoughts for this blog? Well, we just got a Nikon D700. The book and the
“pocket guide” together are about 1.5″ thick – yes, it comes with a pocket guide that you can carry with you so that the heavy manual can stay back at the shop. That’s a lot of information compared to the book I have for my Nikkormat Ftn that I bought back in 1971. It’s been a couple of weeks since we got the D700 but I haven’t gotten the camera fine tuned yet. I admit I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, but my goal this week is to get it set up the way I like to shoot with it. There are certain things I like to have set in the camera for my style of shooting and my D200 has them exactly like I want them. So the D700 will be my challenge to do this week – make it a basic camera that takes exceptional images.

So what are your thoughts on the progress of cameras today? Do you think the future of photography will be automated to the point that the camera becomes the photographer and the photographer of today is the tripod of the future? It’s an interesting dilemma that we face, and in my opinion, a change we are going see whether or not we are ready for it.

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