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As a photographer there are certain shoots that excite your creative spark and make it a pleasure to do a shoot.  Today was one of the days that make me so completely happy with what I do for a living.   The client I shot with today was fully comfortable in her skin and was so empowered by the shoot.  She floated out of the studio on cloud 9 – and she deserved to!  I love it when the client/model is totally at ease and works the camera to get great images.  Photographers who read this blog will know what I mean when I say “this client made the images tell a story in every frame.”  

With all the negative things going on in Ruth and my  life right now – this shoot made me feel like life is good!

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This week I had the honor of shooting with a young lady who said she didn’t have a very good self image.  She said that she was going to “try” a boudoir session but didn’t really know if she would be happy.  Well, she called it — NOT!!!  She had a blast and I did my best to capture the real person behind the “perceived issues”.   I kid you not – this young lady is, in my opinion, Playboy material.   Not that she would ever do it, but she possessed that quality and friendly attitude that you see and “feel” when you look at the magazine.  What started out as a standard boudoir session quickly turned into a glamour nude session and we both had a blast shooting the photos.  Her husband of 8 years will be really impressed with the stuff we shot and the way she rocked the session.   This is what it’s all about for me.  I’ll never become rich money wise from photography, but I feel like a bazillionaire from the happiness and friendships that it creates.  

This coming week is going to be the week that Ruth and I clean and restock the studio.  We have been so busy that we haven’t had a chance to do a deep cleaning.  Ruth did two loads of laundry from the studio today  and we have at least one more to go.  

I know I have neglected the blog over the past few weeks, but the business has been keeping me more than busy.  I’ll try harder to keep it updated.  🙂

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