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It’s the time of year when many weddings take place.  Last year and this year we’ve been seeing a trend where  more brides want to give their grooms a gift of bridal boudoir images.  Some want boudoir images, some want artistic nudes, some want both.  But all want a unique gift that their groom will be totally blown away with.  

The key to great bridal boudoir images (better known as B Pics) is to relax and enjoy the shoot.  Bring a friend along to help and encourage you if you want.  The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better the images will come out.  If you read our testimonials you will see that without exception, the clients who have done these types of shoots were very pleased and really enjoyed the shoot.   

So, if you are getting married or just want to do a boudoir (or nude) shoot for you or your loved one, give us a call or send us an email to schedule a session.   You’ll be glad you did.


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Well this week has given me the opportunity to actually get some editing done without interruption. Not may shoots planned this week so I’ve taken the time to edit a few images for my site. In the next week or so we will add a few more art nudes, some boudoir and glamour nudes, a few body painted shots, and several head shots. I’m also planning to add a few fashion shots we did for CP Fusao – clothing designer.

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Spring has sprung and here we are heading into the most popular time of year for weddings.  We’re already starting to get calls about the very popular groom’s gift of bridal boudoir photos, or B-pics as they are known these days.


The premise of Bridal boudoir is giving the groom a gift of photos showing his bride in her wedding lingerie – maybe even with her veil, but without the gown.  Another common groom’s gift is a series of images in the glamour category or glamour nude category. 


The summer wedding season will be here before you know it so plan ahead and book your appointment now.

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On Tuesday of this week we shot with Christine of CP Fusao. She brought in her Fusion line of garments. Well… the stars must have been aligned and the photo gods must have liked what they saw because the shoot went great!!! We had 2 models, 2 stylists, and a great makeup artist/hair stylist. When I say that this was a great shoot I really mean it. It seemed that we couldn’t get a bad shot if we tried. One model had a look that you would see on ANTM and could easily do high fashion. She rocked! I hope to see her going much further in her career.

As I’ve said before, a good team makes the difference. When everyone does their part and we all work together, a shoot goes great.

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