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In spite of a “small setback” of Mark falling off a ladder and crashing his body into the concrete driveway, shattering an elbow, the plans for the new studio move forward! We picked up the keys on Friday, and got all the rooms measured and drawn out on paper for Mark to design the layout that will work best for his photography.

There’s plenty of room to expand the boudoir set, and we’re looking forward to having room to spare instead of trying to figure out how to make everything fit!

This week will be devoted to trying to keep Mark from doing too much while he recuperates, and to follow-up appointments with his ortho surgeon and a neurosurgeon. We will keep you posted as everything progresses with Mark and with the new studio! Thanks to all our dear friends for their concern, prayers, and well wishes!

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After months of “soul searching”, going over and over the pros and cons of moving our studio, and being especially focused on maintaining the comfort factor of our clients, we’ve decided to take the plunge and move Casual Elegance Photography. We’re taking a short lease on a new place, so that if we find that the new studio doesn’t fit our clients needs, we can come back to our current home based studio. But we have finally found a new location that will allow for the growth of Casual Elegance, and one that we feel very good about.

We wanted a place that would be just as comfortable for our clients as our present studio, but larger and brighter, and with higher ceilings that would give Mark more versatility with his shooting. The business is growing and we are getting more requests for headshots, model portfolios and commercial work.

Ruth came along to visit all the possible locations for the studio and to give Mark a woman’s perspective on the “feel” of the places, and she agreed that we will be able to make this new studio just as warm and inviting for our clients as our current one.

The new studio will be on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, which is just a bit farther south than our current location. We hope to be ready to rock and roll by the end of August or beginning of September.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be taking pictures and posting them so that you can see the progress as we transform the space into an even better photographic experience for you.

Now if we can just get Mark out of the hospital (broken elbow which required surgery complete with plates and screws) maybe we can get this show on the road.

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Boudoir photography at Casual Elegance is not “your grandmother’s boudoir”. Gone are the days of too much makeup and uncomfortable looking poses. We create beautiful, natural looking poses that not only look comfortable, they are comfortable, and they work well for a variety of body types, making every woman look and feel beautiful and sexy. This instantly puts our clients at ease when they see their photographs pop up on the computer screen as we shoot!

Our studio is comfortable and the shooting environment is not only relaxed, but focused completely on our clients. Our goal is to make them look and feel fabulous without that outdated “overdone” look that many boudoir photographers produced years ago. We want them to look real. Really beautiful, really comfortable, really sexy!

Woman have hundreds and hundreds of different reasons that they want to do boudoir photographs. The reason we hear the most: “I just want to give myself a present – something to make me feel good about ME!”
So who are today’s boudoir clients? You would be SO surprised – we’ve had brides to be, school teachers, harried mothers of several children who just wanted to pamper themselves and feel glamorous for a day, we’ve had wives of servicemen, women serving in the armed forces, grandmothers, and yes, even wives of clergy! Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful!

Our clients range in age all the way from their 20’s to their 60’s. Yes, we’ve had many clients in their 50’s and 60’s. They come in with the attitude that after years of wanting to do it, they are going to go for the gusto!!

Check out our website for some samples of today’s boudoir at Casual Elegance. If you are still hesitant about “taking the plunge” be sure to read our client testimonials!

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Today we did an Engagement Photo session with a great couple. Since it was a nice day out we decided to shoot them in a close by park that makes a great backdrop for these types of images. It’s refreshing to get out of the studio and do some outdoor location shooting for a change. We were fortunate that the sun cooperated today and the shots came out great. The location we shot at has a few little walk bridges, climbable trees, paths, and a nice lawn area. I’ve done several shoot there of our grandkids, clients, and models. Alway a nice place to shoot!

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Great shoot today with a client who is over 45. She lit up the lens!!! Boudoir photography is not just for the young and for those with “perfect” bodies. We all bring something special to a shoot. I love to work with the natural beauty each of us has and it’s a great feeling when you capture images that make us all go “wow”!!!! The older I get the more I appreciate the relaxed nature of my clients who entrust me to get the images they can love over time. I really like to sit and talk a few minutes before the shoot and talk about “the world.” As the shoot progresses we normally get a chance to laugh and talk about all sorts of things. I Love My Job!!!

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July 4th is Independence Day here in the US. We celebrate the day with fireworks and cookouts. At Casual Elegance Photography ® we celebrate independence in a few ways. First, we celebrate this wonderful nation and give our thanks to those who are defending and protecting us and our way of life. Second, we celebrate every day by providing a discount to the families of those who are serving our nation. And third, a Casual Elegance Photography ® philosophy is that we should celebrate our independence from clothing. 🙂 For the finest in Glamour, Boudoir, and Artistic NUDE photography, contact us.

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Today was “Photo Pickup Day” for our clients from last week. We try our best to get images completed and back to our clients in a couple of weeks.

We had two clients pick up their images and another two elect that we send them to them in another state. We try to accommodate our clients and do what we can to make it easy to get their prints.

Well, tomorrow we have shoots all day – we love shooting!!!

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