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Something that all us photographers do is edit images. Sometimes we just tweak the shot to get the most of the digital image, and other times clients want us to perform major “digital plastic surgery”. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to make images look awesome and always am pleased when the client is amazed at how beautiful they are, but my basic style is to keep the image as real as possible and just glam it up a bit.

Photoshop is a powerful tool. Yes, similar things could be done in the darkroom, but at least you don’t have to sniff the chemicals all day… 🙂 With all the tools in Photoshop you can do practically anything with an image including digital art. What I try to avoid is going so far with editing that the person looks plastic or not like they really look. Pores in the skin, small smile lines, forehead lines, etc. are who we are. I try to minimize the lines and pores, but I really love to keep the texture of the skin there – not make a person look like a plastic doll. I know we all want to “capture our youth” as part of a session, and I try to do that, but in my humble opinion, we are who we are and the people who love us love us for who we are. So when I edit I want that same person to love the images and feel that they are natural, just glammed up a bit. Just my style – but I will do as the client wants me to. I totally understand about removing stretch marks, scars, and things like that. I always do that unless a client says not to. Yes, I have had clients ask to keep a scar in a shot because their SIgnificant Other loves it. My goal as a photographer is the make people see themselves as beautiful as they really are with lighting, makeup, and poses. The minimal editing that I do is the icing on the cake. The problem with Photoshop is that once people see the power it has and what it can do they become addicted to it like some do to real plastic surgery.

SO… when you come to Casual Elegance Photography® , just let me know what editing you want and we’ll make a decision together to get the best look for you!

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Whatever happened to sleeping late on Saturdays? Off we go – glamour shoot this morning, CD cover shoot this afternoon and a client consult at the end of the day.

Casual Elegance Photography

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We’ve been getting a lot of phones calls from brides-to-be in the past few weeks, asking about Bridal Boudoir sessions.  Bridal Boudoir photographs are a very popular gift that women give their grooms these days.  The question we are asked most often is “What is the difference between boudoir, glamour and artistic nude photography?” All the brides who book sessions with us want to give their grooms a unique and intimate gift, but some lean more toward boudoir and glamour, and some prefer to do artistic nudes. 

Here is an explanation of these types of photographs… The focus of boudoir and glamour photography is the person and personality.  As we have discussed in other posts, boudoir photographs generally focus on the dressing room or bedroom (boudoir) setting, and the model can be dressed in lingerie, partially nude or even completely nude within that setting. 

Glamour photography is constantly evolving in terms of what the subject wears.  In WWII days, glamour photography was known as “pinup”.  Starlets posed in swimsuits or a glamourous evening gown, and those photographs went off to war with the GI’s.  Although they were physically captivating, the glamour photographs of the era had little or no nudity.  In later generations models posed for glamour shots in lingerie, smaller (and smaller) bathing suits, or even partially nude.

Many of our clients like to do “Theme Glamour”. We’ve done shoots of women wearing part of their husband’s uniform (Armed forces, fireman, policeman, etc) tool belt and hardhat, or even just his shirt and or his favorite tie.  One client wanted her shoot to have a baking theme, so we got bowls, whisks, flour, frosting, chocolate syrup… shot her wearing nothing but an apron, and she sent the pictures to her serviceman husband in a box of cookies.  Another did her glamour shoot wearing fur coat, formal dress, etc, in a New Year’s Eve party theme. We shot it with old time glamour style lighting and her personality just popped off the screen. It was one of our favorite shoots of all time.  The possibilities are endless in this type of photo session. 

Nude or art nude photography is a figure study. This type of photography focuses on the human form, rather than focusing on the person or personality.  The standard used to be that these were black and white photos, but many people today want color photos, or a few of each.  Many times the subject’s face is not in the photograph, or if it is, the face is not the main focus of the photo. Nude photography involves lighting to accentuate the curves and angles of the body, while at the same time using shadow to diminish. Many of our clients choose this type of photograph when they want a photo that they can have enlarged to hang on the walls of their home. When you call us to book your photo shoot we will be happy to discuss your ideas and offer our thoughts on how best to achieve the look you want.

And yes, in answer to the second most asked question…. you can do a combination of these styles in one session!

Casual Elegance Photography

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Atlanta has experienced a week of torrential rains unlike anything we’ve seen in the 16 years we’ve been here. Scenes on the news look like we’ve been through a tropical storm or hurricane, but the reality is that it was just 8 days of pretty steady, heavy, rain. Apparantly two weather systems met each other and then just got stuck. Lucky us!

And I do mean lucky! For the first time ever we had water in our basement – which USED to be my studio! Had this happened a few weeks ago, all my lights, cameras, computers, props – literally my entire studio would have been in the water

Meanwhile here I sit at home, making appointments for photoshoots that span the next month, knowing my studio is high and dry and ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. If I hadn’t made the decision to move I don’t know when I’d be back in business!

Check out my website and give me a call to set up your appointment today!
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I know so many couples who have wanted nude pictures of themselves but wanted them to have a classic and classy look to them. They had tried taking their own photos with a camera on timer, but were not getting the classy results they wanted.

Casual Elegance Photography ® started offering this venue of services a few years back.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and “shooting” many couples who have come to us from all over the country, and from all walks of life (you’d be surprised!) 

None of them have wanted the exact same style, and all of them have been delighted with the results from their shoot because we personalize it to their requirements.

Check our website (NOTE: all photos on our website are with model or client written permission only! ), read our testimonials, and give us a call to schedule an appointment or come in for a consultation!
Casual Elegance Photography

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Why should you choose Casual Elegance Photography for your Boudoir, Glamour, or Artistic Nude photographs? First, check our website and I think that will give you the most important answer to that question. Then read on…

I feel that the most important element to getting gorgeous results is the comfort of the client. Anyone can take a shot of a woman standing in a room, wearing lingerie, or sitting on a sofa wearing lingerie, but lately I’ve seen a lot of shots where it looks like just that – like anyone took the photos! The women look totally out of their comfort zone and there is nothing to “glam up” the shot in terms of accessories, props, sets… So the shots just fall flat. Here are some of the most important factors to a great photoshoot and outstanding photos.

Makeup, makeup, makeup! I always highly recommend that my boudoir and glamour nude clients have their makeup professionally done. The makeup artists Casual Elegance Photography uses are skilled in applying makeup specifically for our style of photoshoots. Makeup for photography is very different than “everyday” makeup. Suffice it to say that how your makeup looks can make or break the photoshoot.

The next most important part of the boudoir shoot… Sets! A beautiful set helps my clients to relax because the minute they see how the set pops up on the screen, and how gorgeous they look in it, it puts them at ease. We have thought about it at length and have purchased several different bedding sets as well as curtains, lamps, and screens to be able to build a set at a moment’s notice that will work with the clients attire. We also have accessories to add to those sets which come up beautifully in the shots and lend a “playboy” atmosphere to the photographs. We feel so strongly about the importance of the environment for a successful boudoir or glamour nude image, that we have built an entire room devoted to just that.

One of our commercial clients has even given us several varieties of new lingerie so that if something a client brings for their shoot just doesn’t give them the look they want, they aren’t stuck without any other alternatives. In later blogs we’ll discuss lighting, camera angles and other elements of a successful boudoir or glamour nude shoot.

Here is a sample of one of our sessions and one of our sets.

Boudoir, glamour and artistic nude images make great gifts for a variety of occasions! Visit our website and give us a call to schedule an appointment soon!
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It’s not too early to plan for some “special” holiday photos. Let Casual Elegance Photography® help you create some hot images to warm things up during the holiday season. We’ve been providing the finest in intimate photography since 2000 and we are very experienced in getting the shots that will be cherished for years. Our comfortable and private studio is located in Sandy Springs (Atlanta, GA).

Don’t wait until the last minute – schedule your appointment soon. Click the banner below to go to our website where you will find samples of our work, client testimonials, pricing/services, and our contact information.

Casual Elegance Photography® – The finest in Boudoir, Glamour, Maternity, Fine Art, and Intimate Photography. MEN – WOMEN – COUPLES

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We did a client couples shoot recently. The images we got were AWESOME, EROTIC, and BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes I really wish that I could use the images as samples of my work, but I make a commitment to my clients that none of their images will ever be used. Oh well, maybe I’ll find the perfect models to shoot with me one day… 🙂

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Since opening the new studio in early August we have had 4 clients come to us from other states for photoshoots. This is a huge compliment, and we are always surprised to hear how far reaching our work has become. Not to mention being extremely flattered that clients are willing to travel to us for their sessions! Some come because of referrals from other clients, and others simply find our website when searching for someone to do their Boudoir, Glamour, Maternity, or artistic nude shoots. When they see the quality and classic nature of our shots, and read our Client Testimonials, they tell us they wouldn’t go anywhere else! Nice!!
Our commercial work is increasing too – perhaps a sign that the economy is turning around. Whatever the reason we are very happy to be keeping busy!

Casual Elegance Photography

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After months of searching for “just the right location” for Casual Elegance Photography’s new studio, and all our hard work to make sure it gave our clients a private and comfortable environment for their photo sessions, we still held our breath when we opened the doors and started shooting there.

So we have been delighted with the feedback we are getting from our clients – in all areas. Boudoir, Glamour, Artistic nudes, Maternity, Commercial – new clients and repeat clients, as well as our makeup artists, all have had wonderful things to say about our new “digs”.

If you’d like to schedule a shoot – visit our website and send us an email or give us a call.
Casual Elegance Photography

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