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Don’t wait until the last minute to get your intimate photos done for the one you love! The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start planning! Naughty or Nice – We shoot it all! We can schedule sessions for evenings if that helps.

Casual Elegance Photography ® has been providing professional and experienced intimate photography since 2000. We know how to capture the shot you and your loved one will love for years to come. We are the finest in Boudoir, Glamour, Fine Art, Maternity, and Erotic Nude photography. Come to our comfortable private studio or we can come to you with our portable studio.

Visit our website where you can read client testimonials, view our sample images, and read about the services we provide. MEN – WOMEN – COUPLES!!!!!


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Today I worked with a local model who wanted to create some artistic images with me. What we ended up deciding on were BodyScapes. A bodyscape is like a landscape in a sense, but the “land” being photographed is the body – selected areas. These can be truly beautiful expressions of sensuality as well as artistic expressions.

I love to light these in a sensual way, one light with very tight lighting. I try to light the selected area so that it creates a mood for the viewer. The shots typically look good in B&W, but there are some that look great in color. Below you will see one of my bodyscapes that I really love. The inspiration for this came to me on a flight to Paris a couple of years ago. I could see the moon, stars and the shine on the Atlantic below. I thought it would be awesome to create something like that using a body and the shots of the moon I had taken several years back. The shoot only took an hour or so, but the post processing took a few hours to get just the right look to the shot.

Bodyscapes – a way to express nudity and art in a single form.

CEP6960-Mother Earth w moon2W

Mother Earth

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I have put together this short blog to help introduce my clients to what they can expect at their artistic nude/glamour/boudoir nude photo shoot. Many people feel a little nervous at the prospect. It is natural to be a bit shy, and I fully appreciate your feelings! Remember that although it is a new experience for you, I have shot hundreds of nude women and men. You will be in a completely professional environment and treated with the utmost respect. And you’ll be surprised at how fast the “butterflies” disappear once we start shooting and you see the artistic images we are creating.

First, you are always welcome to bring someone with you to the shoot. When you arrive I will show you samples of my work, the studio facilities, and introduce you to your makeup artist if you have elected to use one. We normally sit together and go over the different images that you would like to have, and any last minute ideas for poses.

Then it is time for makeup. While you are doing your makeup or having it applied for you, I will be finalizing the studio setup. I will check on the makeup process and give any input on what might work best with the lighting I will be using. Makeup takes about 30 minutes.

Now it is time to take a test shot. Normally you will go to the restroom and change into the robe that will be waiting for you. After the test shots we are ready to begin.

When we complete a series of shots you will put your robe back on and we will review the images on the computer in the studio. If there are things we want to change, we will make corrections to the poses and shoot them again. If we are happy with the images, you will go back into the dressing/makeup area and change your outfit or just relax while I change the set. Then we start all over on the second “look”, or series of shots. By this time I guarantee you will be perfectly comfortable with your photographic experience!

When we are finished and you are getting dressed, I back up the images onto an archive CD and we may even go over a few shots to see how they will look on post production. That’s about all there is to it.

We will have fun, get beautiful images, and enjoy the shoot!

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I had an interesting situation today at one of our photoshoots. The client didn’t realize that they needed to bring lingerie and clothing to the shoot. I blame myself for not being really specific in my note as to the fact that Lingerie and clothing are very personal items and the variety of sizes/styles would be prohibitive for us to have on hand. The key to a good shoot is comfort. I have a few items at the studio, but I don’t have every size or color. I suggest that the client bring several outfits with them so that we can choose the right ones for the shoot. I also suggest that the items be ones that they are comfortable wearing. If they buy new ones for the shoot, be sure that they fit well and that they are comfortable to wear.

When I got home this evening Ruth and I decided to have a few garments available at the studio “just in case”, but I have revised our “preparation note” to discuss what the client should bring with them. I take these things personally and want to be sure that we have satisfied clients at every shoot.

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A while back we wrote about Couples Erotic Photography. We have since done several sessions for couples who want to express their sensuality and eroticism while getting high quality images in a safe comfortable environment. Once the couples relax and forget that the camera is there, they enter their own world of love and beauty. We have also done quite a few really beautiful Couples Artistic Nude sessions. I love to see the way the light plays off the two forms and creates a melting of them into one. My favorite lighting set up is a single light source with a 24×36 inch softbox with grids. It give the directionality that, in my opinion, creates a romantic yet sensual mood to the image. We have a few couples artistic nude samples on our website in Portfolio 1 – be sure to check them out. The images are of models since we never use client images unless they sign a release for us to do so.

When you decide to book your Couples Nude Photography session give us a call. I’m sure we can capture images that you will love forever.

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When you think about being a model what do you really think about? Looking pretty on camera, being a supermodel, fame, glory, stardom??? Or do you think of the work it takes, the dedication to the career, the hard hours of being on set, or the commitment to yourself?

Modeling isn’t just showing up to a photoshoot and looking pretty. You have to have the same disciplines as an athlete, a body builder, a corporate executive, or just about anyone who has to be at the top of their game all day every day. You need to know how you look in any given pose. You need to know how to give a certain look to the camera that expresses the idea that the client wants expressed. You need to practice – not just practice, but perfect practice. It’s not just a few hours of modeling and then back to fun. You have only one product to sell – YOU! If the product you sell is only a part time product, the word will soon get out and your doors of opportunity will close. You need to be at the top of your game all the time.

Does what I just wrote scare you? Does it offend you? Well then, maybe you need to really step back and assess the whole modeling career. Yes, modeling for fun can be something that is cool to do and you can really feel good about it, but when you want to step into the paying world of modeling you need to ask yourself the question “is this what I want to devote my career to, and am I willing to sacrifice other things to get it?”

Hopefully this “reality check” will get you to think.

Please visit our website to see samples of our work.

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We did a fantastic Bridal Boudoir session on Saturday. It was a surprise for the Bride from all of the bridesmaids. SHE LOVED IT!!!! She was so excited and she lit up the camera. We started with artistic nudes and then went to boudoir and “Playboy” style nudes. One of the bridesmaids came with her and she too was super excited at the images we were capturing!!!! Lisa, the MUA, was excited too!!! This was one of those sessions where it all came together to get some really great stuff that’s sure to excite her fiance!! She’s going to have her wedding photographer take shots of him looking at them for the first time! 🙂 I can’t wait to see them!

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In the past few weeks we have booked at least 4 Bridal Boudoir shoots. This trend seems to be growing and we’re happy to see it. The feedback we have received from the brides who have shot with us is “WOW – he was floored!!!” “His jaw dropped and he really loved them, especially the one we shot last, you know the one I’m talking about” “He absolutely LOVED THEM”.

In a typical B-Pic shoot we try a bunch of poses – teasing ones, pure sexy ones, fun ones, and classic ones. Sometimes the bride to be wants to do a striptease as we capture the stages of it. Other times just the placement of the lingerie or props such as sheets can tease and create a feeling of wanting to see more. It’s all a matter of what the bride to be wants to say in the shots. We have had brides bring in their veil and shoot with it and nothing else or with some white lingerie. Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

We’re loving this new trend. Call us or email us today to schedule your Bridal Boudoir Shoot!

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Today I looked at my two newest issues of W magazine that I get for the studio. I have to say that I am impressed with the way the magazine is following some of the European magazines and featuring the body as part of the ad – not hiding it. I’m a believer that our human forms are art. I love the shapes, contours, textures, and shadows we all create. Using that in advertising is just a natural extension of the clothing we all wear. In Europe nudity is not looked at as being offensive, but rather a part of the natural way things are. I have to take my hat off to W and applaud their openness to something as natural as the human body. While I’m at it, my hat’s off to Dove for showing women as natural as can be – nude, beautiful, empowered and not Photoshopped.

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I had the pleasure of shooting with a wonderful client a few days ago. Since I come from a corporate background I send out a survey after each shoot to see what I did right and what I can improve upon. The survey also has a place to write comments.

Here is what she had to say…
“There are only three men in my life that have made me feel absolutely beautiful and Mark Anderson is one of them! Thank you so much Mark for reminding me what all women should know about themselves – we are all beautiful! You have a unique ability to capture individual style and radiance. You give your clients time . . . you listen and look with attentive ear and eye and as a result, you capture our story. What a gift! ”

This is what it’s all about for me. I’ll never be rich in the money sense, but I’m rich in the rewards of making people feel good about themselves and seeing how they light up the lens!

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