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Casual Elegance Photography is now offering a great new product to our clients, which will make a fantastic gift for the one you love – whether it be for a birthday, holiday, Valentine’s day… or just because.

Digital Photo Wallet! This product offers a 3.5 inch digital screen, for displaying pictures from your photo session. It includes a digital photo album, protective leather wallet, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, and more. The unit is also capable of playing music, displaying photos and text. Imagine the possibilities!!

The price for this fantastic gift, loaded with your edited photos and up to 10 “unedited” images is just $149.95. Digital photo wallet comes in either black or red (think Valentine’s Day!!) What a great way for the one you love to carry those special photos with them when they travel.

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This past week was filled with all different kinds of shoots. I’ve done Boudoir, Art Nude, Glamour Nude, Product, and Erotic shoots. That’s what I really love about this business and the venues I’ve chosen to participate in. It never seems to be the same thing day in and day out. And this coming week I’m doing a “Dude-oir” shoot – male fine art nudes and Playgirl style nudes. It’s something I’ve done several times before, but it’s not a common as a woman doing boudoir. I’m hoping to see it turn into a trend because maybe they will come back with their partner in the future and do some couples art nudes.

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Most of the images I take are either Boudoir (B-Pics), Art Nudes, Glamour Nudes, Erotic Nudes, or Couples Nudes, so it’s always nice to change things up a bit by doing some product photography for a client. Now, understand that I’m not complaining, I love shooting the nudes and creating great images for my clients – images that they will love forever. So every now and then it’s fun to open a new creative stream and do some product photography that will be used to drive business for a client. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting bottles of imported Scotch, 284 pairs of women’s shoes, hundreds of dresses for my friend who is a designer, jewelry, candles, over a hundred collectable guitars, a few cars, “deliverables” that a Mortgage Broker used in their business, and several $3M+ homes – not to mention a shoot for the American Cancer Society and one for a “home make over” in Fayetteville.

Tomorrow it will be high end jewelry. Most of the shots will be simple and clean, but the client and I discussed using some meaningful props to bring out the texture of the pieces. This is always fun to do. Create a background that expresses the meaning of the piece.

I’ll let you all know how it turns out… 🙂

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I LOVE MY JOB! It’s more than a job, it’s a passion! I love seeing the clients come in the studio all nervous and then seeing them get into the shoot as they relax and realize that it’s no big deal to be nude or in intimate clothing. There are some that have a low opinion of themselves and others who know who they are. But I love the way they all get into the shoot and give it all they’ve got to get the images. It rejoices my heart when a client says “I can do this!” and proceeds to melt the lens with stunning image after the other! Many are astounded at how they look on the monitor. Others know that they will light up the lens before they come to the studio. But one thing is for sure, every one of my clients enjoy, relax, and have fun at their photo sessions.


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