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Everybody thinks of erotic in a different way.  To some it could be a photo of a pair of high heels and long legs, to others it might be an explicit image.  But one thing most everyone can agree upon is that an erotic image is sensual.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many clients over the years who want something different in terms of erotic.  It’s always interesting to listen to them describe the term erotic and their ideas of what the shot should look like.  I’ve had some describe a complete story that they want to capture in a single frame, while others have a specific shot in mind.   The key though, is that it’s different to everyone.

Each year I enter an Erotic Art Contest.  I’ve been fortunate to have had photos published globally in their book 2 out of 3 years.   I’m hoping for the same this year – maybe even more.  🙂  The book is a collection of the art that’s submitted to the contest and I enjoy seeing what others consider erotic and what the judges think of the art.   Several of my clients have looked through the copies of the books I have at the studio and a few have even asked where they can buy the books.   I keep them at the studio as an inspiration to clients who want to do an erotic shoot but don’t have any ideas of what erotic is to them.  At least the books can help us get some ideas of what they like.

Visit our website and book your appointment for an erotic shoot today!


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Most of the time when a couple first contacts Casual Elegance Photography® about doing a shoot together, they have not quite decided how “daring” they plan to be with their photographs. They simply know that they want something beyond the standard couples portrait – they are looking for something more romantic, more intimate, and with more spice!

Most clients arrive with at least a couple of specific shots in mind that they want to do.  Something they have seen on my website, or one that is particularly significant to them.  I start off the photoshoot by doing those shots for them, and I do more in terms of “directing” – since they are trying to achieve a specific look or a specific pose.  After we’ve finished those shots, if they want me to stay that involved in creating their poses, I do.

There are times though, when my couples photoshoot clients prefer a more laid back shooting style.  And that’s ok too!   My shoots are pretty laid back anyway!  But while a boudoir or glamour shoot is all about getting glammed up and creating a definite look, which sometimes can require more direction as to the various poses, facial expressions, etc, the couples shoot is about capturing the true essence of their relationship.

I find that couples really relax when they get into the shoot and see that I am willing to let them take the lead, unless they ask for my input.  I’m always happy to help with ideas of how to create a certain look, or a lighting change that can really add to their photograph.  But basically I feel that in a couples photoshoot my purpose is simply to capture their moments.  Not to try to create them.  For example, if a man is going to kiss a woman’s neck – I don’t really think I need to tell him how to do it!  In that instance, too much direction from me could steal their moment.   I prefer to “fade” into the background, and simply point my camera and shoot, so that all they are hearing is the click of the shutter, not “bend your head a little to the right – great, now lift her chin a little…”  You get the idea!  In couples photography less is definitely more!  The less “involved” I am in the process, the more relaxed and natural their photographs.   Giving couples the “creative control” over the shoot also allows them to decide where they want the shoot to go – and I just go with the flow!   Knowing they can always just give the reins back to me allows them let their hair down and just have fun with the shoot.

Once again comes the question – do you have to be nude?  Absolutely not!  You decide how revealing you want your photographs to be!  Generally when couples come to me for other than the standard couples portrait, they intend for their photographs to be at least partially nude.  Sometimes she wants to be nude, and he wants to be clothed or just bare chested – that’s great!  If you both want to be just topless, that’s fine too.  These are your photographs.  Many of our couples have done completely nude photographs in poses that left everything to the imagination – except for the fact that the viewer knows they are nude.  A simple lighting adjustment or change in the position of an arm or leg can place shadows wherever you want them to be!  Some of the most fabulous art nude portraits I’ve done for clients to hang in their homes showed nothing more than the symmetry of the lines of their bodies.

If you’ve come so far as to read this entry, you’ve probably at least considered doing a couples photoshoot.  This brings me once again to this statement – your photographs will absolutely never be used on my website unless you ask me to use them and give me your specific, written permission.  Nor are your photographs ever sold to anyone except you.   My respect for my clients’ privacy is well known, and is one of the reasons my clients happily refer their friends to Casual Elegance Photography ®.

I can only tell you that without exception my couples clients have said that once they got up the nerve to just go for it, and scheduled a photoshoot with me, they had an absolute blast doing their photographs, and not one regret later!
Casual Elegance Photography

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Casual Elegance Photography is the finest in Boudoir, Glamour, Maternity, Intimate, and Nude Photography in the Atlanta Area. We offer full service photography sessions at great prices. We’ve been proudly serving the Atlanta Area for over 10 years. Our clients come for all around the country and some have come from other countries as well. If you visit our website you can see samples of our work, read our client testimonials, and review our services and packages. You can also read our FAQs about our sessions.

“Creating Art from Life” is not just a motto, it’s what we do every day. Professional and Experienced – our work is award winning. Let us capture the images you have been thinking about for a long time.

Casual Elegance Photography – your source for Intimate Photography.


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Many clients have suggested that I put a Before and After gallery on my site. They said that it would give clients an idea of how important a makeup artist is to the shoot, and an idea of what edits are all about. Well we now have a before and after gallery in Portfolio 1. I tried to put a wide variety of images in the gallery and will add more over time to show makeup and editing even more. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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Nude Photography

I’ve been asked by many people what it’s like to photograph nudes. Without hesitation I normally reply that it’s difficult work. Why? In my opinion it’s very easy to correct flaws with clothing on the person. When you shed your clothes you cannot hide flaws (and we all have them I think) like you usually do. So as the photographer you have to be thinking about lighting, angles, body position, and background with every shot. You see the client’s beauty as the overall goal of the shot and you compose to get the best shot for them – hiding flaws, shadowing and lighting to cover and enhance. I’ve found that at times I have been so caught up in getting the shot that I have run down the battery in my camera and wondered why I can’t take any more shots. 🙂

Photographing a nude is work! You need to remember that the client has trusted you to get great images of them in a situation many have never been in before. You have to think of their comfort, respect their wishes, and do all the technical things to get the image they want. It’s work, but I love it – especially when the results are far beyond the client’s expectation!

Read our client testimonials on our website to see what our clients have thought of their experience at Casual Elegance Photography!

Casual Elegance Photography

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Okay, this blog is not about photography.  It has to do with my observations.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but have we become slaves to it?   Let’s just take a look at the Cellular Phone (Cell Phone).  In years past we would look forward the the “windshield time” of a drive.  It was the time you could listen to music, listen to talk radio, drive quietly, or think about the day at hand – planning, gathering ideas.  Fast forward to today…  Now we HAVE TO have someone on the phone to keep us company as we drive.  Either that or we need to be texting so that we are not alone.  And even if there is another person in the car, it’s probable that both are on the phone at the same time.   What have we done to our alone time?   When did the cell phone become our master and make it that we cannot be alone for even a short drive?   Why do we have this deep need to talk and text when we are alone?  Are we so afraid that alone means forgotten?

I remember several years ago when I was a CE for IBM and I had a pager.  It would go off and I would have to find a phone booth (remember them????) to call dispatch and find out what they wanted.  But the time I was in the car was my time.  Years later I would drive from Boca Raton Florida to Miami every day.  I looked forward to the drive.  I was alone – no one to interrupt my thoughts.  I listened to a motivational radio station and it would pump me up for the day.  I didn’t need to talk to anyone except my own mind – it was alone time.  But today, how many of us can say they have alone time?   Even if you don’t initiate a phone conversation, how many can let the phone ring and go to voice mail (yes, that’s what it’s there for)?  How many can truly enjoy the solitude of a drive – alone and enjoying the company?

Now couple all of this with the responsibility of parenting.   It really makes me sad to see a mother with their child at the supermarket – her on the phone not enjoying the time with the child.  I have to wonder why many parents even have children.  The children are supposed to be the wonderful part of your life but you act as if the “friend” you are talking to is way more important.  Is there an urgency to talk to someone other than your child?   I realize that you just picked your child up from daycare and that you have “things” to take care of, but what about your child?  Don’t you think that they are happy to see you and they want to have your attention?   Wouldn’t you like to hear about their day, the things they did, the things they want to talk about?  I guess the answer is no.  I see you on your cell phone with your best friend, laughing, talking about someone (yes, you are loud and everyone can hear you), and discussing personal things that you would never normally do in a public setting.  But, you have this important need to use  your cell phone and that makes it all okay.  Meanwhile your child has to entertain them self while you are “busy” doing important things.

I love technology, but as a human, I know that it’s my responsibility to use it wisely.  I’d love to see the cell phone companies make the phone useless when it’s moving (except 911) so that texting and talking wouldn’t be possible while driving. If you have something urgent, you’d have to pull over to talk or text  – I bet that would make a difference.   And I wish that everyone would really access their “need” to always be on the phone, their need of another voice when they could have some alone time, and the need to ignore their children who look up to them and will probably do the same things in their lives.  Attitudes are caught, not taught.  Our children learn from us.  What are your children learning???

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Okay, Fact, we live in a great country.  We have our freedom and we can express our views openly under our constitution.  So why not celebrate “Your Personal Freedom”  with a boudoir, glamour, or nude photoshoot.  I’m talking about the freedom to look at yourself in the nude and say “I’m beautiful!!!”

Lately I’ve been shooting with clients in their mid 40’s through their mid 50’s and it’s amazing to me how great they are at expressing themselves and living life to the fullest.  I LOVE these shoots!  The clients are wonderful, the whole team works as one, and we get exceptional results.   What I love the most is when we take the first few shots and the images appear on the monitor – I love the look on the client’s face and the words “wow, I can’t believe that’s really me!!!”   It’s a real rush for me, the team, and the client!

So… celebrate your “freedom” and book an appointment with Casual Elegance Photography ® for your “Freedom Shoot”.

PS – We have a gigantic American Flag to help with the theme.  In addition we give a military family discount to those who have loved ones who are part of our armed forces.  As a Vietnam Vet, I appreciate the families and our soldiers.

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Watching the news last night, Ruth and I got talking about how this oil spill affects so many lives, and so many livelihoods.  The biggest tragedy of course, is the impact on the people who live on the coast and make their living from the sea.  Many are experiencing the loss of the life work of several generations of their families.  Something they hoped would continue on with their own children and grandchildren. The impact on the environment  is going to be devastating for years to come as well.  The water, the beaches, the wildlife, the marshes, fish, insects – the list goes on and on.

But what we talked about last night was the trickle down effect of this disaster.  This will affect all sorts of people, and professions.  The vacation industry – vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, all the way down to the lifeguards and the guy who sells the beach toys and souvenirs.  None of us will be spared from the effects of this catastrophe.

How many beach weddings are planned for this summer?  A wedding encompasses many different venues – catering, bakery, florist, equipment rental – you get the picture.  And speaking of pictures – it also will affect the photography industry.  Not just for weddings – but the beach is a very popular choice for family portraits, as well as model portfolio photographs, nature photography, and fashion photography.  There are some photographers whose sole source of income are beach shoots. They use the beach instead of a studio!

Ruth and I are scuba divers and animal lovers, and the images we are seeing on the news lately, as the oil starts to have a major impact on the wildlife, breaks our hearts. We can’t even bring ourselves to think of what the coral reefs in the keys, so beautiful and majestic, with their beautiful waving sea fans and other marine life that teems along the reefs, will look like if the oil washes over them.  Many of the reefs there reach out of the water at low tide.  It is almost unimaginable.  Our family enjoys a wonderful beach vacation in Orange Beach AL every summer – with its snow white sands, and abundance of little crabs that try to evade the nets of our giggling grandkids every evening.  It is heartbreaking to think we may have enjoyed our last such vacation for years to come. Over time we will know the true effects of this disaster including the economic impact it will have on everyone from all walks of life.  It is the saddest of situations.

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