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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog but it’s not due to lack of wanting to, but rather lack of time. It’s been a very busy few weeks at Casual Elegance Photography ® and most of the stuff I’ve been doing is Calendars and Books. Both Calendars and Books take a lot of time to complete. First there’s the selection of the images (20 for a book and 13 for a calendar). Then comes the editing and cropping to get the most out of the images and placement on the intended media. Once that’s complete the client must decide on the order in the book or the month for each shot in the calendar. Next comes captions for each month if it’s a calendar and the cover wording if it’s a book. I think you get the picture… it takes planning, coordination, good communications, and time to produce the product. And when you have 3 or so going at the same time it keeps me hopping. 🙂

Over the next week or so I have several shoots planned – a couple’s artistic nude session, a fashion shoot, a boudoir session, and a few headshot sessions. There is always something happening at Casual Elegance Photography ®. And we are trying to sneak in a trip to the mountains to see the fall foliage as well as a trip to Florida to help our son with some wiring issues on Trilogy.

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Over the past week and into next week the hot items are Hardcover Books and Calendars. As I have said many times, this business is cyclic. And it’s a lot of fun shooting the images for the clients who are asking for them. The keys to success is that a good shoot plan is in place with room for “variation on a theme” shots, and makeup artist services are employed.

I love it when a client has themes in mind for each month of a calendar or when the client has a theme that will run the length of the photo book. It’s not at all uncommon that as we shoot several of the client ideas that we get other inspiration and come up with shots that are “off the chart!”

When you think of shooting a calendar here are a few things you should think about…

1. A theme for each month
2. Possibly a caption for each month
3. What outfits will you need to accomplish the theme for each month
4. What you want the cover to say and the image you want on it
5. When do you want the calendar to start (you are not limited to January as the start)

Once you decide those items we should discuss your thoughts, come up with a shoot plan, then plan your session.

In a future Blog I will discuss the ways you can prepare for a shoot and how to make the shoot very productive. 🙂


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