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Here we are almost the first week of December. I can’t believe how time has flown by this year. If you haven’t booked your appointment for a shoot yet you need to really soon because we are running out of time to do your Boudoir/Intimate/Nude shoot, edit, and have the images printed in time for the big day. It usually takes between 10 and 15 days after the shoot to have the prints in hand.

Last year we heard from many happy people who were the recipient of either a calendar, book, or prints that their loved one had given them. “WOW” was the theme of most emails that we received. Others were “OMG – these are HOT”, “She’s beautiful, thanks!”, and “I’m in love all over again.” The clients were thrilled at the reaction and a few have come back already for a second session. This year why not make these comments apply to you and the one you love?

Contact us today for your comfortable, private, intimate photo session at Casual Elegance Photography®. The finest in Boudoir, Intimate, Glamour, Maternity, and Nude Photography.

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And only a couple of weeks left to get your Boudoir/Intimate (and Dude-oir) images done so that you can have the prints or calendar or book back in time for Christmas! It’s almost Thanksgiving and it’s time to plan your appointment at Casual Elegance Photography®. I tell clients that they should plan about 15 or so days after the shoot for selecting, editing, approving, printing, and pickup of the image. Couple that with the fact that many businesses this year are planning an extended holiday, and you will see why the time is drawing close to be out of the “safe zone” for getting everything done before the big day.

At Casual Elegance Photography® we are committed to getting great images of you, working with you on ideas, and following through with the plans. Make your appointment today and don’t forget to ask about any specials we have going on.

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Lately I’ve done some photoshoots for local designers so that they can use the images in advertising and on their websites. A fashion shoot is usually a shoot where the model wears the clothing or jewelry and we shoot it to give a clear view of the product. But the last two shoots I’ve done were different. The designers wanted to ‘take it to the next level” and the models were partially nude in the shots. Now, when I say nude, they were, but “nothing” showed in the shots. A bare back wearing a pair of pants, bare shoulders highlighting a neckless or earrings, or an open blouse highlighting a neckless, etc. The shots were edgy, sensual, and did a great job at displaying the products. They had a european flair to them – a feel to the images like they were shot in europe where nudity isn’t something looked in a bad way.

It’s always interesting to me to see how the beauty of the human form is becoming more common place yet we hide it so no one will see it. My opinion is that if we make the unclothed human form less of a taboo and more of a normal thing we will go a long way towards people being having a much better self image. The beauty of our bodies is something that has been sculpted, drawn, painted, and photographed for centuries. Why not celebrate the beauty in our own lives?

At Casual Elegance Photography ® we help you celebrate your body. Artistic Nudes, Glamour Nudes, Glamour, Beauty, and intimate photography are our specialities. Call or email for an appointment for your photo session.

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