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Today Shelby Bleu (a model friend) and I worked together to do a body painting shoot. We selected a Pinup drawing that we both agreed would be something fun to recreate. We selected a drawing by Al Moore that was in his 1950 Calendar.

As Shelby was applying her makeup I prepared the studio to look close to what the drawing looked like. Once she and the studio were ready the body painting began. For this simple of an “outfit” we decided to paint it using brushes. Painting took about 1 hour to complete and then it was time to recreate the drawing, and add a little artistic expression to it.

The thing about body painting is that the preparation takes a lot longer than the actual shoot. once we had the lighting right and the pose correct (or as close as we could get – remember that these are drawings we are recreating so the pose may not really be possible to do), we started shooting. I shot about 20 or so frames to get the shot we liked. We tried a few other poses (ad hoc) to get some additional images. The shoot took about 25 minutes and we only had to shoot about 50 frames.

Below is a sample of the images we got. She is completely nude, just body paint.

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Body Paint

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I had a very interesting conversation with a client today. I’ve never thought about it the way she explained it to me, but it does make sense. She said that she originally thought that she wanted to shoot with a female photographer like a lot of women do, But when she really thought about it and looked at the images I have on my site, she decided that she wanted me as a male photographer to shoot her images. Why? Her explanation was sort of like this… If she shoots with a female photographer she will get images that appeal to a woman. Images that she would love, but not necessarily the images her husband would like. But shooting with me (after seeing that my work has both elements to it) she felt like she would get images that she would like and others that her husband would like. Her feeling was that she wanted a wide gamut of images to pick from. Naughty to sexy to ones a man will drool over. She felt that a female wouldn’t get the images that her husband would do a double take when he saw them.

When I am shooting I try to keep both viewpoints in mind. I shoot a variety of ideas. Ones that are “romantic” and others that are just plain “sexy mens magazine” shots. We all know that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – but capturing both views is something that I love to do.

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Well that cyclic thing is going on again. This week I’ve had several calls from couples who want to do some artistic nudes together. Couples shoots are really great shoots. There are lots of great classic poses that can be done – ones that show their connection of love. The pose that always comes to mind is the one I call “the dip”. You’ve all seen a dance where the guy dips the woman at the end of the dance. Well imagine that same pose, nude, a single light gently illuminating their shoulders and drifting softly over their bodies. Artistic, classic, and classy. A friend of mine is a ballroom dancer and she has said that her and her partner will come in sometime to do that pose – then I can put it as a sample on my website. I don’t use client images on my site so I rely on models that I work with to get images for my site.

Stay tuned and visit Casual Elegance Photography® – then book your couples shoot today!

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As I mentioned in my last post, there are more processes that a photographer can take advantage of. One is Work Flow. Although not always thought of as a process, it fits perfectly. A process is definable and repeatable and produces that same desired results. By building a basic workflow you can easily avoid the common problems of forgetting a step or losing things. For instance, if your workflow starts by backing up the original images to 2 different drives, you have a good chance that you won’t lose the images should a drive crash. My workflow starts with the photo shoot. As the images are shot, they are put on the main drive for the shooting system. When the shoot is done or I have to change batteries for any reason, the images are backed up onto a USB Flash drive. There are times I backup 2 times during a shoot. The images are never erased until the next step in my workflow is done – putting the images on 3 separate RAID 1 drive pairs. Once verified, the images are erased from the shooting system to give me more room for the next shoot. When I need space on the Flash Drives I erase shoots from them. These are just two examples of my workflow process. The key is that I have this workflow documented and flow charted so it becomes natural for me to follow it.

I’ll discuss more about this workflow in upcoming blogs.

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Having come from a corporate background I value the power of processes (repeatable with the same results). I decided long ago that I would build email templates to help clients know more before a photo session. Over the past several months I have been refining the templates so that I have at least one for each type of photography that I offer. For many I have several templates – how to prepare, how to select the images, FAQs, etc. They are very handy to send to clients so they have a better understanding about the shoot in general, what they need to do before the shoot, and what to expect after the shoot. I also have templates for the information I usually have to ask of a client before the shoot. This allows me to get the same information without having to remember every little thing I need to ask.

This is just one way that a process can be beneficial to a business. In future blogs I will discuss other ways that processes can help.

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In the past few weeks there’s been a run on headshots for actors! Many have been coming to us from GregAlan Williams’ Actors Breakthrough classes here in Atlanta. Greg is a master in his craft and has appeared on many TV shows and Movies.

The key with a good headshot is to project the right image. Many actors have several different headshots and each one is a bit different so they can be used when submitting to different casting calls.

At Casual Elegance Photography® we have a a few different headshot packages that are priced competitively. Our most popular package is $65 (plus tax) and provides 1/2 hour in the studio with 2 images on a CD and a release for use. We’ve kept the price low because we know how important headshots are and we want to make sure you can afford them.

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We were contacted by an author a couple of weeks ago about shooting a cover for a romance novel that he had written. Rather than having the publisher create a cover for him he wanted his creativeness to come through and decided to shoot a cover with his ideas. We worked with him to understand his vision and to figure out a way to create it. We discussed poses, props, settings, wardrobe, casting, etc. and then set a date for the shoot. Well, the shoot took place yesterday at the studio. We had to transform the reception area to an executive’s office. I spent several hours moving furniture in and out of the room, but it was worth it. The model arrived a few minutes early so we could discuss the wardrobe and poses. The author, the model, and I built a shoot plan and we were ready to start. The shoot took a life of its own as we shot – one pose lead to another and then another so that we had several ideas for the author to choose from as his cover. He’s going to use some of the other images within the book too. All I can say is the cover and book are going to be HOT! When it’s released I’ll post more information about it so you can see for yourself!

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Most of our sessions revolve around special occasions during the year. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But we are seeing a new trend building – the “just because” photo session. Just because “I Love You”, just because “you needed a pick me up”, just because “I wanted to do something for myself”… A Boudoir or Intimate photo session is a great way to say them all and a great way to feel wonderful about yourself.

At Casual Elegance Photography we encourage you to feel good about yourself, and we show you how great you really look!!! From beginning to end, our sessions are both relaxed and exciting. We shoot directly to the computer so you see the shots as we shoot them, and we work diligently to get images that have a “wow” factor.

Treat yourself (or your significant other) to a wonderful experience. Call today to make an appointment for a Boudoir or Intimate Photo Session!

Casual Elegance Photography® – “Creating Art from Life”

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