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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young lady who does body painting. She wanted to work with me to get some images for her portfolio and to show me her work. Well yesterday we did the photo shoot and it was a fun time. She brought a model with her who she had painted before so that made it a little easier since the model was already familiar with the process. I am always amazed at the whole transformation from the model being nude to when they look like they are covered in clothing or something.

The actual painting take most of the time of the shoot, and the actual photographing takes only a few minutes. It’s not like shooting a fashion shoot where there are several outfits and changes. With a body painting, there is only one “outfit” and only so many poses that can be done.

Casual Elegance Photography® offers body painting as a service. We’ve had several clients come in for it and the shoots have been great. If this is something that you would be interested in doing please contact me for a quote. Visit us online at Casual Elegance Photography® for samples and more information.

Painting by Ash Boogey, Model - Marian, Casual Elegance Photography®

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Over the past several weeks I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with my artistic nude lighting. I’m a big fan of a single light technique that can create shadows and highlights in order to create a mood. My favorite single light setup is a Beauty Dish on a 300WS monolight high and at 90º to the subject. The light doesn’t wrap around like it does with a softbox so I get crisp changes from dark to light. This setup can help lengthen, make slender, or create focus for the shot. The key is to meter the lighting so you can be sure that it’s at a height and distance to do exactly what you see it doing in your mind.

Artistic Nude

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see several samples of this type of setup.

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I did an Artistic Nude session last week that I just now have had a chance to really go over the images that we captured. I can’t believe the number of excellent images that we got! I used 3 different lighting techniques to get the right look and feel to the images – we were after a classic and classy look, but a bit more emotion in the images. First we did a classic one light technique. In my opinion this way of lighting creates a mysterious look to the images, more romantic in nature. The light blends then fades as it passes over the body.

The second lighting setup was a two rim light technique. My feeling is that this setup can give the image a unique beauty, highlighting the edges of the body yet shadowing all the places where you want to create hidden beauty. I really like this setup especially when the subject is fluid in their posing.

The last setup was just a modification of the rim lighting setup – adding a slight fill light to the mix. The fill light opens up many of the shadows and adds a “milky” softness to the image. It’s still artistic, but adds a slight bit more glamour look to the shot. These images are not just about form and figure, but have the added “about the person” look within them.

I’m looking forward to my next shoot with this client/model. We plan to try another few lighting setups and get more great images.

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