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This blog has nothing to do with photography, but I need to get this out on the internet. (SOAPBOX – ON)

I have a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe LE with 74K miles on it. The truck has been treated very well and has never been abused. In fact, I had never towed anything larger than a small trailer with some pine straw on it, and only used the 4 wheel drive a couple of times. The Transmission had a Catastrophic Metal Failure and the transmission quit working. Mind you, this is at 74K miles… The dealer charged me $2984 for a remanufactured transmission and installed it a week ago.

Since then I have visited the Edmund’s Forum and was blown away by the number of other Tahoe’s, Yukons, and Suburbans who have experienced low miles transmission failures. It appears that there is a problem that GM should have issued a recall for but didn’t.

I contacted the GM Customer assistance center, told them the story, and after being asked if I owned any other GM products and if I was going to but a new car soon, they said the vehicle is too old and they won’t do anything about it. So I contacted the Executive Escalation department and told them the whole story again. After several days I received an answer – NO, the vehicle is too old. But they were going to offer me a “Vehicle Loyalty” coupon to buy a new Chevrolet! Just what I am going to do… NOT!!!!

If anyone has a Tahoe, Yukon, or Suburban that has had transmission problems, and would like to contact me so I can build a list of dissatisfied customers, please visit my website and send me a message. I’m hoping to get enough names and information to present it to the GM Execs and hopefully get some relief for the owners who have paid out good money for a defective product.



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When I think of studio that does general photography verses a studio that has a specialty I think of it in terms of the medical profession. When you have a cold or the flu you would go to a general practitioner. But if you needed to have a heart transplant your choice would be a specialist – someone who understands the complete subject, keeps up on the latest procedures, and knows how to do the job from beginning to end. It’s not that different with photography. While a general studio can produce excellent results, they tend to have a general photographic focus without being focused on a particular venue of photography. It’s somewhat similar to going to the restaurant that has 45 pages of different foods and ordering an Italian plate – The food is normally good, but not quite what you would experience at a specialty Italian restaurant.

At Casual Elegance Photography® we specialize in Sensual Photography. Call it Boudoir, Art Nudes, Intimate, or Glamour photography, it all boils down to sensual in nature. We understand the business and we understand what you want. We keep up with new techniques as well as continually researching what works best and how to get the best images for you based on what you have communicated to us. We understand that you will be nervous and that this may be very new for you, but we work with you to help you overcome the nerves and get those relaxed and sexy shots (just read the testimonials). We realize that everyone is different and that’s why we specialize – you’re not here to get a family portrait, so there are several things we make sure we don’t overlook. For instance, we have robes in our studio for you to use incase you forget to bring one. We provide a comfortable area for you to put your stuff and get dressed in. We have the latest in technology so you can see the images as we shoot them – therefore allowing you to see how beautiful you are looking as we shoot. Our studio isn’t they typical cold impersonal environment you may have encountered in the past – we pride ourselves on our personal attention to detail and the at home atmosphere of our studio. We even make sure our refrigerator is stocked with water and soft drinks so if you get thirsty it’s there for you.

So when considering Sensual images, consider Casual Elegance Photography®. You’ll be glad you did.

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Lately my clients have been selecting the Hardcover Book Package that I offer at Casual Elegance Photography®. This package give the client plenty of time to get many different images, makeup artist services, and a selection of 3 different size books. A book is a great way to present the images to a loved one and also a great way to preserve the memories forever.

I have a sample book at the studio as well as the optional presentation box that completes the whole package. I also have a sample calendar for those who would like to see how nicely the calendar can keep them on the mind of the one who receives it.

Visit our Website to view sample images, read the testimonials, and review the different packages we have available.

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