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Well, not always! At least the traffic is a lot easier to deal with when school is out.

This week is the headshot week at Casual Elegance Photography®. Like I have said numerous times, this business is cyclic. A few weeks ago it was “Calendar week” and a month or so before that it was all about “Books”. I actually enjoy these cycles because it allows me to concentrate on one particular service and get the work done a little more quickly for the clients.

Since there are so many head shots coming up, here is a bit of information about how to prepare for a headshot session (this is a condensed version of the note we send out before a session).

Please be prepared for your session by:

Getting a good nights sleep prior to the session. We want you to be fully alert and your eyes as white as possible.

Don’t starve yourself before the shoot, but don’t have a three course meal either.

Be sure your teeth are are as bright as they can be.

Drink plenty of water for a few days leading up to the shoot. It will hydrate your skin and give you an edge in the shoot.

Women, be aware of any facial hair (especially around the lip and jaw area). Consider waxing ahead of the shoot.

Men, if you plan to shoot both an unshaven look as well as a shaven look, let me know ahead of time so we can plan the time accordingly.

Arrive on time for the shoot. We have set aside the time specifically for you. Don’t arrive too early and don’t be late. If anything causes you to be running early or late please call an let us know.

Be sure to “do” your eyebrows in advance of the session. We would hate to have them all red on the day of the shoot.

If your shoot will be using a Makeup Artist Service, be sure to arrive with your face clean and makeup free.

If you will be doing your own makeup please be sure to arrive with your makeup basically done so we can start right away. And remember not to wear sunglasses on your fresh makeup – they will leave indentations and mess up the makeup. Bring your makeup to make touchups with.

If you are doing your own makeup please try to stay away from makeup with an SPF in it. They typically cause a shine.

Try to relax before the shoot so you are not all tense. Tension shows in photographs.

Stuff happens – a breakout of acne, a cut or scratch, etc. Don’t dwell on them. In post production (editing) I can usually fix them for you. I try to edit the images to give them the best look without overdoing it. Headshots must represent the real you so I try to edit like makeup would do – not create a different person.

Picking your images can sometimes be difficult. We can sit down after the shoot, pick and edit the shots you like, OR I can build a web gallery for you to select from. The plus for have a web gallery is that you can invite others to look over the unedited images and help you select the images that will “Stop the agents, casting directors, producers, directors and clients in their tracks”.

Most of all, come in with a great attitude, a willingness to get great shots, and prepare to have a fun shoot.


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What’s the difference between boudoir, glamour and nude photography?  This is a question we are asked very often.  When our clients contact us they sometimes can’t decide what type of session they want to book because they aren’t quite sure of the differences between these three types of photography.


The focus of boudoir photography and glamour photography is the subject.  As we have discussed previously, boudoir photographs generally focus on the dressing room or bedroom setting, and the subject can be dressed in lingerie, partially nude or even completely nude within that setting. 


Glamour photography is constantly evolving in terms of what the subjects wear.  Back in WWII glamour photography was known as “pinup”.  Starlets posed in swimsuits  or a glamourous evening gown with a plunging neckline, and those photographs were carried by GI’s into war.  Although they were physically alluring, the glamour photographs of the era had little or no nudity.  In later generations models posed for glamour shots in  lingerie, tinier bathing suits, or even partially nude.


Many of our clients like to do glamour photographs with a theme.  We’ve done shoots of women wearing part of their husband’s uniform (Armed forces, fireman, etc) tool belt and hardhat, or even just his shirt and tie.   One client did a whole shoot based on baking, and sent the pictures to her husband in a box of cookies.  Another did her glamour shoot wearing fur coat, formal dress, etc, in a New Year’s Eve party theme.  We shot it with old time glamour style lighting and her personality just popped off the screen. It was one of our favorite shoots of all time, and we were finding bits of confetti for weeks afterward.  The possibilities are endless in this type of photo session. 


Nude or art nude photography is a figure study.  This type of photography focuses on the human form, rather than focusing on the person or personality.  Many times the subject’s face is not in the photograph, or if it is, the face is not the main focus of the photo.  Nude photography involves lighting to accentuate the curves and angles of the body, while at the same time using shadow to diminish.  Many of our clients choose this type of photograph when they want a photo that they can have enlarged to hang on the walls of their home.


When you call us to book your photo shoot we will be happy to discuss your ideas and offer our thoughts on how best to achieve the look you want.

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Whether you need acting headshots, modeling headshots, or professional headshots for your business cards, publications, or website, you’ve come to the right place!  At Casual Elegance Photography ® we love doing headshots!  We’ve met some really interesting people from all walks of life at our headshot sessions!  And our headshot special is a great way to get professional and high quality shots at a very reasonable price!

Unlike the boudoir or glamour photograph, where we use more dramatic lighting and editing techniques, the headshot is pretty straight forward.  Your headshot should let your clients or potential employers see what you really look like, and give some insight into your personality. 

Let’s concentrate on the acting headshot for a moment.  While other professionals might use their headshot on their business card or website, the acting headshot really IS the business card and ad campaign of an actor.  Coupled with your resume, your headshots should give casting directors insight into your personality and abilities, and make them want you over the others. 

It’s a good idea when having acting headshots done to show yourself in a variety of “characters”.  So rather than just smiling for the camera, do some acting with your expressions!   Let’s say that you are going for a part of a rather nerdy character.  Make yourself look like a nerd for the photograph.  Auditioning for the role of someone in law enforcement?  Use your acting skills to suggest the part in the photograph. 

A casting director wants to see a photograph that shows what you really look like.  It needs to show your facial features accurately, and clearly.  And they want to see what you look like now, not years ago, so keep your headshots current!

We’ll discuss other types of headshots (modeling, professional, personal) in later blogs.  Keep checking back for more.  We look forward to booking a headshot session with you soon!

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I have put together this short blog to help introduce my clients to what they can expect at their artistic nude/glamour nude photo shoot. Many people feel a little nervous at the prospect. It is natural to be a bit shy, and I fully appreciate your feelings! Remember that although it is a new experience for you, I have shot hundreds of nude women and men. You will be in a completely professional environment and treated with the utmost respect. And you’ll be surprised at how fast the “butterflies” disappear once we start shooting and you see the artistic images we are creating.

First, you are always welcome to bring someone with you to the shoot. When you arrive I will show you samples of my work, the studio facilities, and introduce you to your makeup artist if you have elected to use one. We normally sit together and go over the different images that you would like to have, and any last minute ideas for poses.

Then it is time for makeup. Normally you will go to the restroom and change into the robe that will be waiting for you so you won’t have to take cloths off over the makeup. While you are doing your makeup or having it applied for you, I will be finalizing the studio setup. I will check on the makeup process and give any input on what might work best with the lighting I will be using. Makeup takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Now it is time to take a test shot. We do this to be sure that the makeup is correct for the shoot. Then after the test shots we are ready to begin.

We start with the full nude images because we don’t want clothing line on your skin. As we complete a series of shots you will put your robe back on and we will review the images on the computer in the studio. If there are things we want to change, we will make corrections to the poses and shoot them again. If we are happy with the images, you will go back into the dressing/makeup area and get ready for the next series of shots while I change the set. Then we start all over on the second “look”, or series of shots. By this time I guarantee you will be perfectly comfortable with your photographic experience! You will already know how wonderful the images are coming out since you have seen them as we shoot.

When we are finished and you are getting dressed, I back up the images onto thumb drive. We will go to my office if we have time where I will show you how I edit an image so it will help you select your images knowing what takes place next. That’s about all there is to it.

We will have fun, get beautiful images, and enjoy the shoot!



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One thing I get a lot of requests for are headshots, but in the past few months I have been getting requests for body shots in addition to head shots. I think it’s because there are more and more contests coming to town. The clients want to submit images to the contest in hopes of getting picked and a head shot is only half of what they need. So I’ve been modifying my headshot package to include one headshot and one body shot under the standard pricing. I try to be sensitive to client needs and want to earn their business.

Lately, in addition, there have been several request for “simply sexy” shots. Basically non-nude sexy shots for dating sites and social media sites. I always enjoy these shoots because I love the way the clients have fun in the shoots. I’ve had clients do a winter theme in the summer, summer themes in the winter, and just plain fun themes all year round. It a pleasure to work in this fun environment! 🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to view samples of my work, client testimonials, and my services/pricing. I look forward to working with you soon!

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Many of my clients say they want to shoot nudes, but they are not sure which style of nudes they want to shoot. Most end up shooting two different styles – Artistic and Glamour. So, what’s the difference?

My feeling is that Artistic Nudes are all about the form and beauty of the human body. The poses, the lighting, and the feeling of the images are all about displaying the human form in a majestic way – a way that’s both artistic and natural. Many times they are either shot in Black & White or they are converted to Black & White in post production. My opinion is that B&W brings out the focus on the beauty of the shot rather than using the allure of color to capture the viewer’s attention.

Glamour nudes are a more sensual expression of beauty. The ultimate in Glamour Nude photography is, in my opinion, Playboy images. The lighting, the poses, the overall draw of the image is the beauty and sensuality of the subject. The images can arouse the senses or they can just make the viewer say “wow!” They show the beauty of the human body as well as the sensual/sexual nature of it too.

Each of the packages I offer can include both styles of images. The difference in the packages are the amount of time, additional services, and the size/number of prints. But the key is that you can choose to do any style(s) you want to do in any package.

Visit Casual ELegance Photography® – Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir Photography Studio.

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