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I received a call from a potential client back a while ago and I was actually very delighted that she had such a good list of questions for me before she would hire a photographer – especially one that was going to take intimate photos for her. She had done her homework and said that she wanted to be sure she was dealing with a professional and a real business. Here are some of the questions she asked.

1. Do you have a business license? (yes – in Sandy Springs where my studio is)
2. Are you a corporation and in which state? (yes – Mark L. Anderson, LLC – Georgia – DBA Casual Elegance Photography®)
3. Do you have insurance? (yes – liability and loss of property)
4. When did you start the business? (2000)
5. Do you have a Website? – she was referred by a friend (yes – casualelegancephotography.com)
6. Do you have a studio? Can I meet with you ahead of the shoot and see your studio? (yes – I encourage that. It’s always a good idea to see if you click with someone.)
7. Do you have a Makeup Artist? (yes – I utilize the services of several in the area but work closely with 3 – all licensed estheticians. They all believe in cleanliness and ensure their equipment and products are cleaned between uses.)
8. Can I bring someone to the shoot with me? (YES – I highly encourage you to do that)
9. Will my photos be sold or used by you? ( NO! I do not use client images. If a client wants me to use an image I require them to sign an agreement for me to do so. I don’t even allow anyone other than the client to order prints or a CD)

She had a bunch more questions but they were related to the process, the shoot, and the timing. As I said, I was delighted that she was taking the task of hiring a photographer so seriously and I gladly answered her questions. It made me very happy that I had followed all the right steps to build my business correctly, and that Casual Elegance Photography® had all the right answers.

Visit our website to learn more about Casual Elegance Photography® and read our client testimonials.

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LOL – that’s what one of my clients said that they wanted to tell clients who are considering Casual Elegance Photography ® for a photoshoot. But in reality that’s exactly what many clients experience. Many say it’s an empowering and liberating experience to shoot art or glamour nudes. I’ve had women say that they wished they had done a shoot years ago and would have if they had only known how cool it was to do. One client, age 58, said that she finally knew what it’s like to take control of her life and express herself in a way she never thought she could. Her husband was thrilled with the images and he even wrote me a note thanking me for making her feel that good. But I’m not the one who makes someone feel good about them self, I’m just the catalyst that enables them to see how sexy and beautiful they really are. I encourage them to be the person they really are. I encourage them to show their true feelings for the one who is going to view the images. And I encourage them to call upon true emotion to get the look they want someone to see. I consider myself lucky to be able to be part of the capture process of the images that assist in the overall “feel good” process.

So visit the Casual Elegance Photography® website and make your appointment to “take your clothes off and shoot!” 🙂

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I know it’s only July and it’s hot outside, but now is the time to start planning for those Holiday and Special Occasion Photo Gifts. Why? Well first of all you want to be sure that you have everything you need for the shoot such as outfits. You should be shopping for the ones you want now and putting together a little book of poses to use them in. Second, everyone wants to look their best for the shots so that sometimes requires a couple of months of workouts, etc. And third, if you start planning now then you won’t forget and then remember just a couple of weeks away. We have several great gift ideas such as:

Our calendars. They contain 13 images (cover plus a different image for each month) and you can create a caption for each of your photographs if you wish, to make the gift even more special. You can select to start the calendar on any date and have it run for 12 months. The lab we use for our calendars will print up to Playboy style nudes, and works fast to get these beautiful calendars back to us with record speed, but we book up quickly during the holiday season, and editing of photos takes time to ensure they are picture perfect.

Our Hard Cover Books. Each book can have 20 or more pages of the images of your choice. One client had the cover done in black with the words “(husbands name)’s Little Black Book. Each photo had a theme that they both shared.

Our Electronic Photo Book. These cool little “wallets” are a great way to share the images with a loved one so they can take them on trips with them. The come in ether red or black and make an excellent gift as a add on to any session.

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This is an older post but it’s a good one to repost as a reminder.

A phone call I received yesterday reminded me to write a little blurb about the timing of doing a photoshoot when you have a deadline in mind for needing your prints!  If you’re doing a boudoir, glamour, or artistic nude photoshoot as a gift for a certain occasion, be sure to schedule it with enough time to have your prints back.  We work with a small professional lab that works only with professional photographers.  They produce outstanding quality prints, and require about 8 to 10 business days to turn around a job, depending on job size. Planning ahead is always the best option, BUT if you have a last minute “lightbulb moment” about giving a gift of beautiful and romantic photographs to your special someone – have no fear – we can still make it happen!

In yesterday’s case, the request was for a boudoir, art nude session, with prints for a birthday gift – and the birthday is this Saturday!  Since there is no way to have the prints back by then, we’re doing the shoot today, and then I will edit the shots and have them on a CD to be given as a “teaser”, with the prints to follow in a few days. 

Over the years we have found that our clients are thrilled to discover that they have that option when they’ve waited a bit too long to schedule, or have come up with the idea at the last moment.   So if you are thinking of doing boudoir or nude photographs remember to call for an appointment with plenty of time to spare.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to schedule your shoot today!

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