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Our artistic nudes sessions are what I like to think of as a celebration of the human form. Our bodies are a work of art – a wonderful expression of our humanity. Why not capture it in a beautiful way, something classic, classy, and artistic.

Many of my clients come in for a Boudoir session and after looking at some samples I have of Artistic Nudes, decide to “give it a try” and get some art nudes taken too. When they see their images come up on the in house monitor, they cannot believe how beautiful they look and how artistic the images are. Most of the time they are done with either one light or two so that the images present a good combination of shadows and highlights. Other times I use lights and reflectors to create additional depth or mood to the shots. But the key is that the images are works of art that have a look that celebrates the human form. I’ve had clients order gallery wrapped images as large as 24″x36″ to display over their bed. Other clients have had smaller ones framed in a series to display in their bath or bedroom. They see how beautiful they look and want display them.

Give us a call and make your appointment for shoot today. Casual Elegance Photography ® – Atlanta Boudoir and Atlanta Nude Photographer.

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Even though we are known for our high quality Boudoir and Intimate images, Casual Elegance Photography ® also has a great reputation for Head Shots. It’s something we do a lot of. At Casual Elegance Photography we have earned a reputation in the Atlanta area for great headshots (models, corporate, personal, and acting). Check out our headshot specials…

HEADSHOTS (Personal, Corporate, Acting, Models)
Includes ½ hour session time and 2 portfolio ready images of your selection on a CD with a release to use the images and to have them printed. In addition we include web sized versions of the 2 images on the CD for you so that you can send them over the internet as you need to. Additional portfolio ready images are available at an extra charge. HAIR AND MAKEUP MUST BE DONE AND READY BEFORE THE SHOOT BECAUSE OF THE LIMITED TIME.

HEADSHOTS With Makeup Artist (Personal, Corporate, Acting, Models)
Includes 1 hour session time, Makeup Artist Paint & Go Services, and 2 portfolio ready images of your selection on a CD with a release to use the images and to have them printed. In addition we include web sized versions of the 2 images on the CD for you. Additional portfolio ready images are available at and additional charge.

Here is a sample of an Actors Headshot we’ve done. (TV, Stage, and Movie Actor Gregory Alan Williams)

© Casual Elegance Photography

© Casual Elegance Photography

Casual Elegance Photography

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Boudoir photography at Casual Elegance Photography ® is not “your grandmother’s boudoir”. Gone are the days of too much makeup and uncomfortable looking poses. We create beautiful, natural looking poses that not only look comfortable, they arecomfortable, and they work well for a variety of body types, making every woman look and feel beautiful and sexy. This instantly puts our clients at ease when they see their photographs pop up on the computer screen as we shoot!

Our studio is comfortable and the shooting environment is not only relaxed, but focused completely on our clients. Our goal is to make them look and feel fabulous without that outdated “overdone” look that many boudoir photographers produced years ago. We want them to look real. Really beautiful, really comfortable, really sexy!

Woman have hundreds and hundreds of different reasons that they want to do boudoir photographs. The reason we hear the most: “I just want to give myself a present – something to make me feel good about ME!”
So who are today’s boudoir clients? You would be SO surprised – we’ve had brides to be, school teachers, harried mothers of several children who just wanted to pamper themselves and feel glamorous for a day, we’ve had wives of servicemen, women serving in the armed forces, grandmothers, and yes, even wives of clergy! Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful!

Our clients range in age all the way from their 20’s to their 60’s. Yes, we’ve had many clients in their 50’s and 60’s. They come in with the attitude that after years of wanting to do it, they are going to go for the gusto!!

Check out our website for some samples of today’s boudoir at Casual Elegance. If you are still hesitant about “taking the plunge” be sure to read our client testimonials!

Casual Elegance Photography

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“Welcome Home” is such a simple phrase.  It takes very little effort to say.

Last year when the traveling “Wall” (Vietnam Memorial Wall) was in Roswell, Ruth and I went to see it.  We arrived, parked our car in the parking area, and started to walk to the site where the Wall was erected.  As we were walking a young man in a golf cart stopped and asked us if we needed a lift to the Wall.  If was hot that day so we said yes.  As we were driving down the paths the young man and I started talking.  One thing led to another and I mentioned that I had served in Vietnam.  At that point he stopped the cart, turned to me and said “Welcome Home – thank you for serving our country”.   It was the first time I had ever heard those words directed to me.  I had come home to protests, people call me and the other troops “killers”, people throwing eggs at the solders who had served our nation and were finally home.  The cart drivers words still echo in my head – “Welcome Home”.   Just two simple words that can mean so very much to someone who is finally home to the country they have fought for.

A few weeks ago Ruth and I were in Helen, GA on a mini-vacation.  We stopped in a store that sold bumper stickers (some really cool ones), and t-shirts.  I noticed a room with Military decals, etc. went in to find one for my truck.  As I was looking around a gentleman came up to me to see if he could help me find something.  I told him I was looking for a Vietnam Veteran Decal for my truck.  His first words were “Welcome Home”.  I can’t begin to tell you how it felt. I could only think of two words – Thank You.   I felt that finally our country is realizing that no matter which war you served in, you served this great country and did your part to protect what we all love – our freedom.

The men and women who serve this great country are all heroes.  They sacrifice so very much to defend our way of life and to defend the rights of people worldwide to have the freedom to live.  I believe that everyone who has served this nation, no matter which conflict, war, police action they were a part of, deserves to hear the words “Welcome Home and thank you for serving our country”.  I’ve said it a thousand times and written it in emails.  As a country, we the citizens owe the men and women who by no choice of their own, serve and fight for our freedom no matter where it is, the simple courtesy of saying a very simple phrase from our hearts “Welcome Home” .

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This past week I did a photo shoot with a male client who wanted some classy classic artistic nudes that he could have framed (or wrapped) for his home. In the planning stages we discussed the several options for shots and he decided on creating images where we were recreating some well known sculptures. I’ve done this type of shoot before and even have a few of them on my site of models I have worked with. Since I don’t use client images (unless they sign a release to do so) I am sometimes limited in what I can show perspective clients so that they can get an idea of what the shots might look like.

We decided on 3 different poses that would give him the 3 prints that he wanted. All three will be turned into Black & White, and all three were shot on a black backdrop with the use of one or two lights. One of the poses was “The Thinker” by Rodin. Below is a sample of a model I shot back awhile ago in the same pose. The client’s pose was actually better in several ways because he had studied the pose before the shoot. I was amazed that we got the perfect image on the very first frame we shot! Pose, lighting, angle, exposure – all the photo gods were in sync and we got a fabulous shot!

Thinking of creating art? Contact me to discuss a shoot custom built for you. Casual Elegance Photography – Creating Art from Life!

Recreating "The Thinker"

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When I think of Glamour Nude Photography I think of Playboy style images. In my opinion, Playboy and its photographers are the masters of lighting. They use light to create depth, remove distractions, point the viewer to specific areas, and to create the whole dream.

At Casual Elegance Photography I use several of their lighting techniques, but I add my own twist to it. I love the soft rich sunset glow across the skin, the clean crisp lighting of the features, and the overall depth of small spot lights on the background. It adds a romantic and sexy flair to the shots and gives the viewer a sense of being in a very posh environment. I use several strobes to accomplish this effect which really differs from my one light technique that I use for artistic nudes. I would say that I like less lights for the most part, but when creating great GLamour Nudes, the more lights the better it seems. 🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to see samples of my work, client tstimonials, and the packages I offer.

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As I was preparing for my first shoot the other day I started thinking about the different venues of nudes that my clients ask for.  It was the Glamour Nude day (here is that cycle thing again).  My first shoot was a bride who wants to give her groom a special gift for their wedding.  She brought her wedding dress and accessories and she did a “strip-tease” for the session.  She ended up totally nude for the final shots and plans to present the album to her husband on their wedding night. Sometimes it’s known as Bridal Boudoir and lately it’s known as B-Pics. I still consider it Glamour and Glamour Nude.

My second shoot was a Glamour Nude session with a woman as a 10th anniversary present for her husband.  After 10 years she said that she “finally got up the courage” to do a shoot for him.  But, she told him that if she does the shoot then he has to do one for her! It may sound strange, but this is happening more and more. I call it “Dude-oir” photography.

When I try to explain the differences in the types of “Glamour” photography I use the following as my guide (just my way of thinking).

Glamour – Basically beauty shots. Can be a head shot, or even a full shot. I think old Hollywood.
Glamour Nude – I think Playboy when I think of Glamour Nude.
Boudoir – These can be anything from fully clothed to fully nude. I usually think a little bit old Hollywood with a Playboy-ish flair to them. They can even blend into the Glamour category.
Art Nude – I think form, figure, lights and shadows, about the celebration of the human form, not about the face or glamour. Things you may see in sculpture or in an art gallery.  

At Casual Elegance Photography ® we never get tired of the variety of shoots we do.   From head shots to Maternity to commercial to art and glamour nudes!  Every day it’s something different and with different clients from all over the world.

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