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Worked with a wonderful client today and got some great images. She wanted Boudoir images but ended up doing a few lightly fetish shots as well (think artistic rope). I really appreciate it when the client is just so natural and easy to work with. It makes my job so much more enjoyable and we can quickly get all the shots they want. Actually, almost all of my clients have been great to work with!

Over the next few days I have a couple of interesting shoots coming up. I’ll be doing a location shoot with a lady who wants to shoot with some cars, a model who wants to update her portfolio, a body paint shoot, and a couples nude shoot. It’s nice to be busy, but it’s nicer to be working with great clients.

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Sample Boudoir Image (Model)

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Lately I have had several requests for body paint photo shoots. It seems to be growing in popularity. In the past we have done a range of these type shoots – from a simple one piece swim suit to a full body paint of Harley Quinn. It never ceases to amaze me how cool the finished product comes out. One of the most requested paints is a Pin-Up drawing that the client wants to bring to life. I love to bring the drawing to life and try to completely recreate the original look. The hardest part is that in the drawing, the artist can depict the person sitting exactly how they want them to, but in reality many of the people can’t get into the exact position and do the same facial expression. But the images always come out great.

If you are interested in doing a Body Paint Shoot here are a few things to know when you contact us for a session.

1. What design or look do you want to have painted on you?
2. Are you comfortable with being nude while being painted?
3. Do you have any allergies?
4. When do you need the final product by?
5. What size prints do you want?

These may seem like simple questions, but I get calls often where the client doesn’t know exactly what they want. This list helps them decide on the shoot they want to do.

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Body Paint

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I had a very interesting shoot a couple of months back. A client had used a photographer for her wedding that was a good deal as far as cost. She had not checked to see if the photographer was a real business, had insurance, etc. but their previous work looked really nice. Well… not one of the photos of the wedding turned out. Seems the photographer had the camera set wrong and the photos were all out of sync. The client wanted me to take a few shots of them so they would at least have some of her gown and his tux.

A few posts back I wrote about a client who called me and asked a series of questions before even considering Casual Elegance Photography ®. I’m a firm believer in knowing the business you are dealing with, especially when the images are very important to you. This goes for Boudoir images too. I’ve had few clients come to me after having paid another boudoir photographer for a shoot. They were very disappointed in the photos and felt like they had wasted their money. At Casual Elegance Photography® I am so confident that you will love the images that I offer a guarantee. I’ve never had anyone who wasn’t completely satisfied with the exception of one client who, when they walked in the door, said “I have NEVER liked any photos of me and probably never will.” Although she wasn’t “completely” satisfied, she did like several of the shots and said that it was the first time. I did not charge her for the shoot and refunded her deposit.

When shopping for a photographer ask questions, look at samples of previous shoots, and if you feel like you need to, ask for references. I also recommend meeting with the photographer ahead of the shoot to be sure that your personalities will work well to get the images you want.

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I had an interesting phone call from a perspective client about Boudoir Photography. She wanted to know her options as far as the location of the photo shoot. I told her that the most common choice was to shoot at my studio on one of my boudoir sets and the second most common choice was to shoot in a hotel room. She said that she wanted something different – to shoot in the woods. This caught me by surprise because I was thinking traditional Boudoir when she asked. Typically Boudoir (meaning a women’s private dressing area) is shot in a “bedroom or dressing room” setting. But she wanted the Boudoir shots taken outdoors in the woods. She had a vision of wearing lingerie and see through flowing gowns while using mother nature as the backdrop. What I realized was that the word “Boudoir” was associated with the clothing and not the location. That’s interesting because other clients have said that they consider Boudoir as shots they are clothed in rather than the setting. Nudes can be anywhere and it doesn’t change the meaning, but I am learning that Boudoir is more of a style of clothing rather than the setting it’s shot in. So now when I get a question about Boudoir I try to get an understanding of exactly what the client thinks of as Boudoir. As to the client wanting to shoot in the woods, she has a friend with lots of land and is in the process of getting permission to use the property and do the shoot there. I’m glad I have a small generator for power and a set of lights that have battery packs. I’ll probably shoot wirelessly to my iPad so that we can see the results as we shoot. I’m looking forward to hearing back from her, but even if I don’t I now have some ideas that I’d like to try to shoot someday.

Casual Elegance Photography®

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When I started Casual Elegance Photography® ten years ago I did mainly portraits. Within the first 2 years the models and clients I worked with started asking if I would do Boudoir and Nude Photography, so I added it to the venues of my photography. It quickly took over my business and more than 90% of my shoots were either boudoir or nude sessions. For the past 8 years I have specialized in Intimate Photography – Boudoir, Nude, and Couples. I got calls from new clients on a daily basis saying that they have always wanted to do a boudoir or nude session but didn’t know any photographers who did them. Things are different now. It’s great to see that Boudoir is no longer taboo. Photographers who only shot weddings or photographers who only shot families are now offering boudoir as one of their services. Every day I see new names popping up on the internet of photographers who offer boudoir sessions. In the past year there has been a big increase in the number of photographers who are now boudoir photographers. Many only offer their services at your location or a hotel, and some are traveling photographers who do shoots in cities across the country. At Casual Elegance Photography® I have dedicated my studio to boudoir photography. It’s what I love to shoot. I have sets and areas specifically to shoot the images on. I also offer location shoots, but what I have found is that the clients who come to me for their images prefer the studio over a hotel or home. The makeup artists who are part of the team are all experts in glamour makeup and all have formal education in makeup application. Our goal is to combine our expertise to create the best images for the clients.

So when you decide that you’d like to do a Boudoir or Nude photo shoot, contact Casual Elegance Photography® to plan your personalized session.

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Now that you’ve decided to do a boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot, for yourself or someone you love… what’s next?

 Boudoir actually means a woman’s bedroom, dressing room or private sitting room.  Your boudoir photography session at Casual Elegance will reflect a sense of intimacy, sexiness, and femininity.  The key to getting your images to look great is comfort, and relaxation!  Nerves will show in the photos every time.  If you read our clients comments you will see that without exception they are comfortable and relaxed in our studio – even if they have been completely naked for artistic nude photographs! And most of them are surprised by this!  We have robes available in the studio for your use before we begin shooting and during set changes, but we always recommend to bring your own robe with you because it will be familiar and comfortable to you. It always surprises me that halfway through the session most women aren’t even bothering with the robes anymore! I am glad that they are that comfortable because we get exceptional images as the comfort level goes up.

Remember, this is new to you, but as the photographer, I have done this hundreds of times. I use digital imaging and shoot directly to the computer – so we can see the results as we shoot. I have never had anyone say that they didn’t enjoy their shoot once the photographs start appearing on the screen! Most say that they cannot believe how beautiful they look, and seeing their images on the screen helps them to relax more.

There are many things you can do prior to the photoshoot to calm yourself if you need to. Take a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, meditate… just spend some time keeping the nerves at bay.   Then just come in and let us do the rest.  From the moment you arrive you will start to feel like part of the family. You will have fun, and get some fantastic images as a bonus!

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to read the testimonials, view samples of our work, and set up your appointment today! You can also read our Boudoir FAQs on our links page.

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Many clients call to talk about a Boudoir session and ask if there are any age limits. My standard answer is “yes – 18 on the young side and 140 on the older side”. George Burns once said that if you live to 100 you have it made because very few people die after the age of 100.

Boudoir photography is not just for the young, it’s something that many women have wanted to do all their lives but never have, so in their late 50’s and 60’s they decide that they want to add it to their “bucket list”. A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting a boudoir session for a lady who was 66 years old. She had been working out for several years and felt she was in the best shape of her life. She booked a boudoir session but ended up doing both Boudoir and Artistic Nudes. The look on her face as she saw the first art nude images appear on the monitor will be with me forever. Lisa even had to re-do her makeup because her tears made streaks on her face. She said to me “this is the greatest gift anyone could give to them self!”

I’m finding that more and more women are treating themselves to a boudoir session just because they want to. Not because it’s a gift for someone, but because they want to feel good about themselves. I love the opportunity to be a part of it and feel honored that they have chosen me as their photographer.

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I know so many couples who have wanted nude pictures of themselves but wanted them to have a classic and classy look to them. They had tried taking their own photos with a camera on timer, but were not getting the classy results they wanted. The can’t ask their friends to take the photos either.

At Casual Elegance Photography ® we started offering this venue of services a few years back.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and “shooting” with many couples who have come to us from all over the country, and from all walks of life (you’d be surprised!). The sessions are always fun and every couple has enjoyed their photo shoot.  

None of the couples have wanted the exact same style, but all of them have been delighted with the results from their shoot because we personalize it to their requirements. We discuss the looks they want, the emotion they want in the images, and how the lighting will look. Then we plan the shots to get the most out of the session.

Check our website (NOTE: all photos on our website are with model or client written permission only! ), read our testimonials, and give us a call to schedule an appointment or come in for a consultation!
Casual Elegance Photography

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This past week I did a photo shoot with a male client who wanted some classy classic artistic nudes that he could have framed (or wrapped) for his home. In the planning stages we discussed the several options for shots and he decided on creating images where we were recreating some well known sculptures. I’ve done these types of shoot before and even have a few of them models I have worked with. Since I don’t use client images (unless they sign a release to do so) I am sometimes limited in what I can show perspective clients so that they can get and idea of what the shots might look like.

We decided on 3 different poses that would give him the 3 prints that he wanted. All three will be turned into Black & White, and all three were shot on a black backdrop with the used of one or two lights. One of the poses was “The Thinker” by Rodin. Below is a sample of a model I shot back a while ago in the same pose. The client’s pose was actually better in several ways because he had studied the pose before the shoot. I was amazed that we got the perfect image on the very first frame we shot! Pose, lighting, angle, exposure – all the photo gods were in sync and we got a fabulous shot!

Thinking of creating art? Contact me to discuss a shoot custom built for you. Casual Elegance Photography – Creating Art from Life!

"The Thinker" Recreated

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Where has the time gone? It feels like Memorial Day was just the other week.

I did a head shot shoot today with a new model. One of the reasons I keep my prices low on head shots is because I went it to be affordable for a model, actor, or anyone that is just starting out. I believe that it’s hard enough to start in the business and that in today’s economy people just don’t have the big bucks to spend to get quality headshots. So my pricing takes that into account. Besides, I actually enjoy doing head shots. It gives me a chance to meet new talent and for them to learn a thing or two about working with a photographer. I always advise them to get an agent before they spend lots of money on a portfolio because the ultimate decision about the model/actor’s venue will be by the agent. And if the portfolio doesn’t match their ideas, it will be a waste of money. I’m sure that I lose business by not selling a portfolio package, but I feel better knowing that I am being honest about it.

Next week will be a crazy one. I have a few personal things happening so I’ve got to plan any business related things carefully. I’m getting a Blue Light (PDT) treatment on my entire head to try to get rid of some cancer, so that will tie up an entire day and maybe a little of the next day if I’m still sore. But at least I will be doing what I can to get rid of this stuff. 🙂

If you need head shots please give me a call. You can’t beat the price for the quality of images that you will receive! Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to see samples of my work and read the client testimonials.

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