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Need a Unique Gift for your special someone this Holiday Season? How about an intimate, elegant and tasteful gift of YOU? One that keeps on giving all year long! At Casual Elegance Photography ® we specialize in boudoir and artistic nude photoshoots and can create an 11X17 wall calendar with 13 of your favorite images for you to give as that very special gift. Our calendars can start on any month you choose – which makes it a great holiday, birthday or anniversary gift.

Last holiday season our calendars were very popular and the feedback about them was great. I hope to see some of my past clients come back for a new year of photos. Calendars are a great way to keep you on the mind of someone all year long. They can be used to visually create the mood for the month, to call attention to a special date, or just say I Love You.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to book your shoot today. This Holiday Season, make it a very special on with a Boudoir Calendar!

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I’ve had several clients request my Calendar Package lately. A calendar is a great way to keep you on the mind of the person the calendar is for. You get to select 13 images – 12 months and one for the cover, add by-lines to the page, and select the image for each month. Important dates such as an anniversary, holiday, or birthday can be the theme for the month’s image. Many clients bring an outfit for each month and have a complete plan in mind. Others bring a few outfits and we shoot with the months in mind. It’s always fun to shoot and there have been times when we all are cracking up with the ideas. What I like best about calendar shoot is that I can envision the recipient turning the pages and getting a surprise each month (no fair cheating and looking ahead… ). A calendar is a great way to show how much you love and care for someone.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to schedule your Calendar Package today!

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I enjoy rainy days. I like the way the cloud cover lights everything evenly. When it’s really sunny, the highlights and shadows can create some interesting effects, but they play havoc on the balance within a photo. On rainy days I can use some off camera lighting to create a great mood to a shot or I can use the natural effect of a soft light. The even lighting of the day lets me create the effect I want. It’s sometimes a challenge to get the light just right, but when it is, the shots are fantastic.

But the lighting isn’t all I like about rainy days. I love to see the rain splatter on the ground or bounce in a puddle. It’s an opportunity to see how many interesting photos you can take. I also love the way wildlife reacts to the rain too. We have a hawk that comes to our yard often, but the hawk seems to come here more on rainy days than it does on dry days. I’ve been able to shoot images of the hawk all dripping wet with a drop of water at the tip of it’s beak.

So when it’s raining out, look at it as an opportunity to do photography in a unique way. An opportunity to try new ideas and to think differently about the photos you can take.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to make an appoint for a photo session!

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Last week I did a photo shoot with some good friends and their family. It’s always fun to do a shoot with friends, but when kids are involved it’s even more fun! Children have a way of getting into a shoot like no adult can. They’re not shy or critical of the images, and they just plain have fun. In these days children are very accustomed to seeing the images right away – a far cry from when I was a child. I think that’s one of the reasons that kids have more fun at a shoot. It’s not like they are posed, the photographer takes some photos, and weeks later they see the results. It was a formal process then, not a light and lively session like it is today. At my studio they see the images on a 19″ monitor almost as we shoot them. Their antics and silliness are captured and displayed in a matter of seconds. I believe that this has an impact on the overall mood of the shoot. The parents and children have fun, we capture the true nature of being a child, and we get images that will be the memories of tomorrow. Although we do some posed photos, the majority of the shoot is unplanned images of the interactions between the kids and parents. The real thing. A family of real people and not a posed stiff portrait. Yes, portraits do have their place, but the images of the real family are sometimes priceless.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to make an appointment today.

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I’d like to dispel some myths many people have about boudoir and nude photography.

  1. Boudoir does not necessarily mean nude. You can wear clothing or lingerie, or you can be nude. It’s up to you.
  2. Boudoir does not mean Porn. Boudoir is a romantic, sensual, and sexy type of photography but it’s not porn. The images capture the essence of beauty and femininity – soft and romantic – sexy and playful – classy and classic.
  3. Nude does not mean Porn. Tasteful artistic and even glamour nude can be a beautiful expression of sensuality and is not porn.
  4. Boudoir photography can be simple or complex in nature. It’s up to you and your personal preferences.
  5. Did I mention that Boudoir, Art Nude, and Glamour Nude are not Porn?

At Casual Elegance Photography we believe that the human form is a beautiful piece of art in itself. Whether clothed or nude, we capture sensual, sexy, and romantic images that express the beauty that’s you.  We try to make the images classy yet sexy, while bringing out  the real you.   We’ve been shooting Boudoir images for many years and have the professionalism and experience to capture the images that you want in a way that you will love them.   We strive to provide you with a wonderful experience that you will have fond memories of forever.   Our goal is to exceed your expectations while making your comfort our focus.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and make your appointment for a photo session today!

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Cars and trucks have come a long way in the last few decades, but for all the great innovations there is a downside to the technology they load inside of the vehicles. Years ago it was a lot simpler to diagnose a problem and it was a much more mechanical environment. Now the computers in the vehicles control almost everything and almost everything has some electronics in them. To diagnose a problem it takes a computer or a code reading device (that costs $100 or more – and you may never need to use it again). I liked it better when a multimeter, some jumper wires, and a wiring diagram to solve most any electrical problem. And if the vehicle didn’t start, all you needed to find the problem fell down to one of Fuel, Air, Ignition. Now it could be any sensor or relay or the computer that is causing the issue.

And years ago, to replace a part it didn’t mean you had to take half the vehicle apart to get to it. This is where serviceability comes in. I think that the designers of the vehicles should have to replace every part to see how easily they can be replaced. In my past life I worked in a position where we monitored serviceability and made recommend changed before the product was finalized and manufactured. Yesterday I had to replace a starter on my truck. To replace it I had to use a pry bar to get it far enough over to move past a piece of the engine. If the designer had to try to replace it, I bet they would have made the part different so that it would just slip out.

Now on to customer service. In today’s environment you want to keep as many customers as you can. But at my local Pepboys the manager must have missed that class. I didn’t know the starter was bad so I suspected that the battery was the problem. I brought the battery in to be tested there since I had purchased it there 2 years ago. Before he even thought about testing it he noticed a little water on the top of the battery. He asked if I had added water to the battery and I answered yes, that I had topped off a cell with a little bit of distilled water. He immediately launched into “you have voided the warranty and it would present a hazard to test it”. Now mind you, this battery doesn’t say it’s a maintenance free one, and the caps on the top pop off to fill it with water if necessary. Still he held firm and wouldn’t test it for me. When I asked to see the warranty since it didn’t come with any documentation he showed me the sign that says you can’t return electrical parts – even though I wasn’t returning it. He wouldn’t help me in any way. I called the customer no-service number and spoke to a young lady who listened to my story. She said that he was the one to make the decision and she would contact him. Within 20 minutes he called me and said that he would test the battery himself because he didn’t want to endanger any of his employees with a battery that was “added water”. I took the battery in and he tested it. It tested good. He acted like he was doing me a favor by testing it.

Long story short – I purchased a starter from another parts store and it still wouldn’t start. So I took the battery to them to be tested. Guess what! The battery tested bad, so I bought a new battery from them and everything now works. So, because the Pepboys manager chose to give me a hard time (by the way, I have purchased tons of stuff from them in the past 18 years including about 10 batteries), they have lost a customer forever. I know that I’m only one small customer, but I can’t give my business to a place that doesn’t earn it.

Well,that’s it for today… visit Casual Elegance Photography ® where I hope to earn your business.

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