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This past weekend was a busy one.  Head shots, Boudoir, Couples, and Art Nudes.  The days leading up to Valentines Day are usually a little hectic as people realize that there are just a couple of weeks until the big day.  I try my best to accommodate  everyone so I shoot in the evenings and on Sundays to help get all the shoots in.

In March we will be offering some additional savings on our most popular packages.  In January and February we’ve discounted our “Intimate” series of packages and it’s been very popular.  In March we will try to bring the same savings to two more of the most popular packages.  Check back later in February to see the great deals we will have in March.

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It’s almost Valentines Day and I am getting calls every day asking if I can fit in a shoot and have the prints ready before the big day.   Right now there are about 19 days until Valentines Day.   There’s still time, but it’s getting close.  From the time of the shoot until you have images in hand ranges from 10 – 15 days depending on the number of edits, how long it takes to select the images for editing, and how long the lab takes to print the images.  But even if we can’t have images in hand, we can provide you with a CD Slide Show of either the edited images or all the proofs.  Many clients have said that they really liked having given the proof CD to their husband, boyfriend, etc. instead of prints because it allowed them to pick the images for editing.  It’s amazing the difference in selections between a man and a woman.   One client gave her husband the CD at a romantic dinner.  Her husband couldn’t wait to see the images so the whole evening had the anticipation of what that CD contained.  He was really “wowed” when he finally viewed it!!!   He was really pleased that he was part of the process too!

So if you are thinking of doing Boudoir images for Valentines Day, please book right away.  We will do our best to get you scheduled quickly.   Visit Casual Elegance Photography to see samples, read client reviews, and review the packages we already have built.

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That’s how I look at artistic nudes.  They’re a way to show the human body’s beauty, form, and sensuality.   From the time we are born until the time we die, we live in this “shell” and survive through it’s awesome design.  I don’t look at nudity as something to be ashamed of or something to “hide” because we’re not supposed to look at it.   We are humans, we have bodies, and we are all an amazing creation.

I have had clients fall in love with their images and order 16×20 prints, 11×14 prints, and an occasional 24×36 poster print of their artistic nudes, but I just had a client order a 24×36 canvas wrap print of one of their artistic nudes.  That, to me, is awesome.  We got a ton of great images from her shoot, but she decided that this particular shot was pure art and needed to be done on canvas.

Come celebrate yourself at Casual Elegance Photography!  Let us help you see your beauty, the amazing person you are, and the art you can create.

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When asked what type of photography I do, I typically say “Boudoir and Artistic Nudes”. It sometimes makes people ask what it’s like to photograph nudes. Without hesitation I normally reply that it’s difficult work. They normally say “yeah, right.” But in my opinion it’s easy to create a perfect look with clothing on the person. You can hide “flaws” and shape the person by the clothing you choose to use. When you shed your clothes you cannot hide the true body and its “flaws” (and we all have them I think) like you can with clothing. So as the photographer you have assess the person you are shooting with and use lighting, shadows, camera/shot angles, body position, and background with every shot to create an image the person will look at and say “wow, I can’t believe that’s me!” You have to see the person as the overall goal of the shot and you have to compose it all to get the best shot for them – hiding flaws, shadowing and lighting to cover and enhance, and the best angle to shoot so that the shot will flatter them. I’ve found that at times I have been so caught up in getting the shot perfect that I have run down the battery in my camera half way through the shoot and wondered why I can’t take any more shots.

Photographing the nude is not simple. it’s work! Sure, if you want snapshots of a naked person it’s easy to point and shoot. But if you want to create beautiful art you need to remember that the client has trusted you to get great images of them in a situation that many have never been in before. You have to think of their comfort, respect them and their wishes, and do all the technical things to get the image that they want. Add to that the fact that most clients are very nervous and you have a lot of multi-tasking to do. Yes, it’s work, but I love it – especially when the results are far beyond the client’s expectations! I love the challenge. The challenge of lighting the shot correctly, getting the pose to look the way the client has envisioned that it will, making the client feel comfortable, and staying on the shoot schedule. It’s a rewarding type of labor.

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