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65 of them!   Tomorrow we will be doing an on location shoot for a corporation who wants a head shot of every employee.  When you do the math, that will be about 8 – 10 per hour which is a great pace.  The key will be to get at least 3 good shots of everyone and make it a “semi production line” to take advantage of every minute.

We do lots of head shots at Casual Elegance Photography® but this will be the largest event like this we have done.  Normally we get 1 – 3 people in a day for head shots, but 65 will be a record.  We’ll arrive to the location with our portable studio, set up, and start shooting right away.  I’m looking forward to getting great results!

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Next month Casual Elegance Photography will be offering a seminar about lighting the fine art nude.  The seminar will take place at our studio in Sandy Springs, GA and run 4 hours.  There will be a limit of five attendees so that individuals can have time to learn and shoot.  We will have a fine art nude model available for the session and the attendees will receive a release to use the images for personal promotion at no extra cost.  Refreshments will be included and each attendee will get about 30 minutes of actual shooting in addition to the classroom time.

If you would be interested in attending this seminar contact Mark Anderson (mark@casualelegancephotography.com) to learn more.

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Over the past few years we have been looking for a reasonable yet high quality provider of canvas wrap prints.  I’ve seen several companies samples but we have finally found one that I think will be great.  They take great measures to protect the client’s privacy, do a great job of customer support, have a very high quality product, and all of it is done at a reasonable price.

Canvas wrap prints can really show off a fine art shot.  And the larger, the better.  Imagine a 16×20 or larger canvas wrap print hanging in your bedroom or your private bath.  A Black & White (or color) beautiful image that expresses your beauty and femininity.  The canvas wrap takes the presentation to a whole new level – texture, classic, and rich.

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Valentines Day is almost here and I’m almost all caught up on edits and prints for my clients.   This year was really busy with last minute shoots to get Boudoir images for Valentines Day, but we managed to get them all in and get back the prints in time for the big day.

Many people don’t realize that professional photographers don’t use a 1 hour lab to get their prints done.  And for Boudoir and Glamour images, almost every selected image has to have some editing and balancing done.  So, the average time from the end of the shoot and when images are in hand varies between 5 and 15 days depending on how quickly the images are selected, how many images need editing, how much editing is needed, how long it takes for you to approve the images, and how busy the lab is.  We try to meet the clients requested turn around time but we also recommend a shoot at least 2 weeks before you need the images.

When you are planning to get that special gift done for that special someone, allow enough time to be sure you will have the gift in hand before the big day.   Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to schedule your session today!

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Lately, boudoir photography has taken off as a service now being offered by many photographers.  It’s a good way to move into adjacent spaces to grow a business, but it takes more than just a camera and a few lights.

I’ve specialized in Boudoir Photography for over 10 years and I’ve learned so many things about it.  There are several factors that must be in place to get images that really say something to the viewer.  First, the set.  The set needs to convey the feeling of intimacy.  It needs to have the elements of a woman’s bedroom or dressing room so that the viewer feels as though they are seeing something not everyone gets a chance to see.  Second, the lighting.  The lighting needs to be more than just lighting the set.  It needs to add elements of warmth, romance, and drama.  Playboy does it perfectly.  They use the lighting to create the mood, the depth in the photograph, and highlight the focus of the photo. There is always a warmth to the lighting and a mood that’s created by it.  Third, the subject.  The subject needs to be relaxed and comfortable.  This is often the hardest part for photographers who are just starting out in the boudoir business, even if they’ve been shooting weddings and portraits for years.  Many clients have never done anything like this before and are often nervous about the whole process.  It’s the photographer’s job to help them get past the nerves and feel comfortable getting these sensual images.  Even professional models need to relax for these types of shots, so you can image how hard it is for a client who has never posed for a photographer before.  It’s taken me several years to find the right balance between fun, professionalism, and friendliness to help my clients get in the zone so that they get great shots.  My studio is private and comfortable – dedicated to the boudoir business. The Makeup Artists that work with me are a blessing to this process too.  By the time the shoot starts the client, MUA, and I are a happy family.  We can then work as a team and get great images.  And last, the technical stuff.  Yes, this is where the camera and supporting technology comes in – after all of the other factors.  You need to decide how your workflow will support the shoot, what your technology needs to do to assist you, and how your creativeness will work in the overall process of the shoot.   At Casual Elegance Photography® I use technology to help make my clients more comfortable too.  My workflow process is to shoot directly to a computer that’s displaying the images as we shoot.  Once the client sees how great they are looking it has the impact of lowering the stress level and allowing the client to even help direct the next shots.  I’ve invested into wireless transmitters to send the images to the computer, a good computer that can handle the flow, a monitor that doesn’t require someone to be at a specific angle to see the iamges, and a cart so I can move the system from set to set without interruption.  Oh yea, I also put the whole thing on a UPS so even if we loose power or a cord gets unplugged, everything is safe.

So yes, it’s a good way to grow a business, but it’s not something that you can say “I’m a boudoir photographer” just because you are a photographer.  It requires the elements I discussed above, dedication to creating an atmosphere where creativity/technology/glamour all come together, a true passion for creating sensual images that the client will be in love with, and a true caring for the client’s comfort and happiness.

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Over the past couple of months I’ve learned what the down side is to having “a pinched nerve” checked out by my doctor.  After my initial visit I’ve had to take days off to visit doctors for a herniated disk in my neck and now a deviated septum just to name a couple.  I’m doing physical therapy twice a week and I’ve kept the pharmaceutical companies in business by using many medicines that have some very crazy side effects listed on the packages.  I’ve had probes stuck up my nose, shots into my spine, and more exposure to xrays and MRIs than I’ve had in my lifetime. On top of that I have a list of other doctors that my primary care doctor wants me to see such as a gastroenterologist, urologist, and a neurosurgeon.  I felt better before I visited the doctor the first time. No wonder insurance is so expensive – each visit creates several other visits to other doctors.  Even the co-pays start to add up quickly.  SO… now I’m taking a break from doctors for a while.  I’m going to get back to the business of photography and creating art from life.  I have several photo sessions planned for the next couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to them all.  I’ll be shooting maternity sessions, head shots, a couple of boudoir sessions, and an artistic nude session.  And next month I have a corporate session where I will be shooting 85 or so employee head shots in one day.  Thank goodness they will have one employee who is coordinating everything!

Once I take a rest from this medical craziness, I guess I’ll follow up with all the other doctors they say I need to see.  Who knows, maybe I can sell them some photography services while I’m there!  🙂

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