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June has been an exciting month.  Several Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir shoots, a few artistic Nude shoots, a Dude-oir shoot, and a bunch of headshots.  Oh yea, and a really cool calendar shoot.

What I really like about the bridal boudoir shoots is the ideas for shots that the brides to be come up with.  I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see the groom’s face as he looks through the images.  In the images I try to make the Bride to be look like a Playboy model by using pose, lighting, angle, and expression to create the overall image.  Then, using the themes that they’ve come in with, we create images that will “knock his socks off”.

The artist nudes are my passion.  I love to use light and shadow to create images that have an impact to them.  Rim lighting, a single spot, soft rounded lighting…  they all come into play with the artistic nudes.  Many times the client wants them in Black & White, but some love the highlighted color of the skin and leave them in color for the final prints.

Next month has several shoots booked for boudoir, art nudes, and couples sessions.  I’m looking forward to getting great shots for the clients and to having them experience a fantastic photo shoot at Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer.

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I think that sometimes we miss the real important point of family portraits.  Should they be perfect photos in the perfect pose of the perfect family?  Or do we want them to be US with the love, fun, and reality we share?

I’ve done a few family portraits lately that I felt like it was of the real family, not the proper posed shots we have all seen on the walls of homes and windows of photographers.  The recent family portraits I’ve taken were just real life fun images that showed the bond between all the family members.  The didn’t have matching outfits, they didn’t have an exceptionally perfect pose, and they didn’t all have the perfect “Colgate” smile.  What they did have was a good time, a natural fun family interaction, and they got some exceptional images that showed who they really are.

The point I’m trying to make is that we are sometimes too critical of the photos we have taken.  I have found that most people look for the “flaws” and miss the good parts.  When one child isn’t doing the perfect pose, but the image is of their real personality, that’s the best shot in my opinion.  I can remember many photo sessions I’ve done with my kids and their families where one or more of the kids were doing something different.  I look at the images today and still get a smile on my face – “yep, that’s so and so…”

So the next time you do a family portrait session think of these few suggestions.  1. Don’t go into the shoot with a mental image of the perfect shot in mind.  Have a general idea of what you want, but don’t have a rigid plan in mind.  2.  Relax and be a family.  Don’t make it a shoot where the kids have to be perfect.  Let them have a little fun and let the whole family be themselves.  3.  Don’t overlook the best images – the ones that show who you really are and how you were as a family.  Years from now you will be able to look back at the photos and think to yourself “yep, that’s so and so…”

Sydney and Payton posing for their Christmas Photos

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Well, at least it is to me…   I get a lot of requests for Bridal Boudoir photo shoots in late May and early June.  It’s the most popular month for weddings and bridal boudoir is a growing trend.  At Casual Elegance Photography® we specialize in Boudoir and Nude Photography.  It’s been our main business since 2000 and we have learned how to get the images that our clients are looking for.  There are a lot of newcomers to the Boudoir business lately, but I feel that if you want the best, go to someone who has been doing it for a while.  It’s a specialty that’s unlike wedding photography or portrait photography.  Many of the newcomers have been shooting weddings and portraits for years and have entered the boudoir business as another way to make money.  That’s a normal business practice, but in some ways it’s like a General Practitioner (MD) taking on Heart Surgery because it’s a way to make money.  Sure, “photography is photography”, but there is much more to it than just the technical side of photography.  Client comfort, client instruction for posing, special lighting, special sets, etc. are as much a part of the boudoir business as the technical details.   As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been shooting nudes and boudoir since 2000.  I’d like to say that I’ve been successful in doing all the things that it takes to get great images and making the client feel good about the experience.   We are proud of the way Casual Elegance Photography ® has earned the trust and confidence of our clients, and for the reputation we have earned in the business.  Every shoot is taken personally.  From the first contact to the delivery of the final product, Casual Elegance Photography ® has shown that we can earn the business.

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