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You’ve been on the go all summer shuttling the kids here and there, doing all the things necessary to keep the family going, and trying to maintain “you”.   But school is back in session and it’s time to do something  for yourself – A Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Yes, most of the time a boudoir shoot is for someone else, but this time it’s for you.  You need to revitalize yourself and do something different and fun.  Our clients tell us that a boudoir shoot is an uplifting experience.  Many start out as a gift for someone special and rapidly turn into a gift for themselves.  They say that they feel empowered by the experience and some even say it has changed their view on how they feel about themselves.  I’ve seen women who are shy in the beginning become so engrossed in the whole shoot that they don’t want the shoot to end.  They see how awesome they look (I shoot directly to the computer so we see every shot as we shoot it) and love what they see.  It’s amazing to be a part of the whole awakening and to see the “butterfly” emerge.

Our shoots are always fun.  Even when clients start out nervous they always end with confidence and being at ease.  The environment we provide is professional, safe, and fun.  We are not new to the boudoir business.  It’s been our primary venue of photography since 2000, and you don’t get the comments and reviews we get if you’re not doing something right.  We take pride in capturing the images we get, the confidence we try to instill in our clients, and the friendships we make.  This business is not about money or fame – it’s about making the client comfortable, feeling great about themselves and being totally satisfied with the whole process.

So, with the kids back in school, pick out some outfits that you feel sexy in, pick up the phone, and call us today to make your appointment for a “YOU” Boudoir Photo Shoot.   Visit Casual Elegance Photography® online to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and view our services.

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We live in a technology age where we have control over things that would have been difficult at best in years past to do.  Although almost everything that we can do via Photoshop today was possible in the past, it’s less difficult to do today thanks to technology.

I use Photoshop to edit images for my clients after we’ve shot and they’ve selected their images.  Since I’m in the business of beauty and glamour I try to bring out the best in the person while retaining the qualities that make them who they are.   Sometimes it’s a difficult balance but I’ve been successful thus far.

In Photoshop there are several ways to do almost everything you can do, but I have a base flow that I use on every image.  Starting with a Levels balance to the final step of Sharpening,  I use the technology to remove the imperfections that the client and I have discussed, perform the touchups that they’ve asked for, and applied the “magic” that will take a great shot to an extraordinary one with the goal of bringing out the beauty and glamour the client wants to see.  Sure, I can completely create a different person, but that’s not something I want to do and I have shown my clients what I will do.  That’s where I don’t like the technology – where you make something that’s not real out of something that’s beautiful the way it is.   I’m sure you have seen magazines where the Hollywood stars look amazing and then see a photo of them without the “Magic” being done.   Even popular mens magazine edit images to create the exact look they think their readers will want to see.  But when a wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend comes to my studio for images, they want to look glamourous and beautiful for the one who the images are for and not look like an entirely different person.   That’s what makes the technology great – you can do things in moderation.  And…  you don’t have to sniff the chemicals while doing it.

So thanks to the technology behind the scenes, “magic” can be done and beauty/glamour can be presented while still retaining the true beauty and glamour of the image.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see some of our BEFORE AND AFTER images.   Then amy your appointment for your Photoshoot!


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