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Unlike the wedding photography business, the boudoir business (at least my business) isn’t booked a year in advance.  Most of my clients book their session about 2 to 4 weeks in advance.  But lately I’m getting bookings 8 to 10 weeks in advance.  It’s nice to have a bit more time to prep for a shoot and to make sure that everything is in place for the shoot.  But it’s not a necessity.  I normally recommend 3 to 4 weeks in advance but have had shoots book less than a week in advance.  They all have gone well.

The reason I wanted to mention this is because clients are always amazed when they call and find out that they don’t have to book months in advance and that they don’t have to wait for months to get their images.  I suspect that the wedding business, because of the sheer volume, has given people the idea that they need to book all photography far in advance.  It’s a good idea, but again, it’s not a necessity in my boudoir business.

When you are planning for a boudoir session I recommend that you be sure to leave enough time to get everything in place for the shoot.  Some clients order lingerie or outfits online and they need to consider the shipping time as well as the possibility that they may need to exchange something.   Some clients want to “get in shape” for the shoot and that may take a few weeks to do.  And still other clients want to plan it for a time when they don’t have any other commitments.   So it’s best to get out a calendar and set up a timeframe that will work for you.  Allow a few alternative dates/times so we can work together to get your session booked at a date/time that will work for you.  Once you have that, then call me so that we can figure out if it’s doable.  Also remember that weekends book faster than weekdays, and that afternoons book faster than mornings.   I try my best to accommodate my client’s schedules, but there are times when there are conflicts.  There could be a conflict with the makeup artist’s schedule or that I am not available, or both.  But I will try my hardest to make it happen for you.   🙂  I try not to plan a lot of shoots for any given day because I like to devote my full attention to each shoot and not worry about the time.  I try to allow time on both ends of the shoot so that there’s no pressure about time.  It also gives me the time to setup and cleanup before and after the shoots.  This is not a volume driven business for me – it’s all about the client and attention to their session.

So if you are thinking of doing a session with Casual Elegance Photography®, take a look at the packages I offer and then give me a call.   By the way, the Intimate Plus Package is on sale in October for $30 off.  It’s one of my most popular packages and makes an outstanding gift for yourself and your loved one.


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In the past several weeks I’ve had a lot of calls about Body Painting.  Many of the callers wanted to know what it’s all about, and others were just shopping for a price.   The thing about body painting is that it’s all about the time it takes to do the work.  It’s a cost of labor price point.

A body painting session takes a few hours.  First, the makeup artist does the client’s makeup.  This can take 30 to 45 minutes.  Then comes the body paint.  The artist typically sketches out the pattern that will be painted.  Once that’s complete the painting begins.   Depending on the complexity, the colors have to be mixed, several different layers need to be put on, and then everything has to be refined to make it look real.  A full body floral pattern can take upwards of t hours to finish.   It’s a long process but  it looks awesome when it’s done.

Once the painting is done the photo shoot begins.  Typically it’s a quick shoot because there are just so many poses that work with the theme of the body paint.  I try to get several differently lit shots from different angles, and a variation of the poses.   I just did a session for a client and the images looked FANTASTIC!   It was hard to believe that she wasn’t really wearing clothes!

If you are considering a body painting session here are some items to be aware of.

Utilizing body paints:

1.             Requires the Client to prepare for the shoot by washing using a soap that does not contain a moisturizer or body sheen.

2.             Requires that Client not apply anything to their skin after they wash.  

3.             Requires that the Client trim or remove all hair from areas that will be painted.  

4.             Requires the Client to be nude in the areas to be painted during the painting process which can take up to several hours.

5.             Requires the Client to be painted using brushes and/or air brushes.  Stencils may be used for certain items.

6.             Body paints may stain the skin and take several days to completely disappear. Client understands and agrees to this.

7.             Body painting will be done by the artist and assisted by the photographer if needed.  

8.             Body painting may not look like a cloth item and will be the artist’s interpretation of the design requested.

9.             Logos and emblems may not be exactly like the original. 


Client also understands that body paints may cause a reaction to the skin.  It’s the Client’s responsibility to test the paint before the shoot to ensure there are no reactions.  If desired the Client may come by the studio ahead of time to have a small test spot painted as a test. 

At Casual Elegance Photography’s Studio we have a shower where the client can wash off the body paint if they want to before they leave.   Our Body Paint Packages include a 1/2 hour photo session and 2 edited 8×12 prints (or 2 edited images on CD).  Prices range from $300 and up.   It’s actually a very economical price since you will be getting your makeup done, a body painted “outfit”, a photo shoot, and  prints.   Besides that, you will have a great experience and a lot of fun.   🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to make your appointment today!  

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