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I know, I know, Christmas has yet to come, but a little bit of planning can make a big difference.   Right now I am still getting last minute requests for a photoshoot and prints before Christmas which is just 9 days away.  That’s a tight schedule to meet.  I do what I can, but when you are “creating” the perfect gift, time is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

So that’s why I’m saying to start planning for your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Images Gift now.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relax and know that you have everything in place for your photo session?  I generally tell people to plan 4 weeks from when you need the prints in hand.  Two weeks for the post shoot processing, and 2 weeks notice before the shoot.  That gives you a good comfort zone to have everything ready.

In addition to scheduling your session there are several things you need to plan for ahead of the session depending on what the output of the session is.  If it’s a Calendar, you should have in mind the outfits and theme for each month.  Several clients have gotten real creative with their calendar themes, while others have opted not to have any theme.  I personally like the themed approach.  For instance, on client had a patriotic swim suit so I put up my 6′ x 10′ American Flag and we shot her in a classic pin-up pose in front of it.  She also had Christmas attire, New Years Eve party attire, and a Valentines Day idea.   Her calendar turned out great and her husband got 12 months of fantastic images to see daily.

If you are considering a Hardcover Book as the gift, some things to consider are the cover wording, the order of the photos in the book, and any special touches that would make the book even more special.  Each image in a 10″x10″ book is cropped to 8×10 (or 10×10 if the image lends itself to the crop). There are 20 pages in the book.  So when we shoot we will try to get as many different poses and outfits in as we can in the time allotted.  Books are fun to shoot and to prepare for, but they take a little extra planning to ensure that they come out great.

So over the next couple of weeks enjoy the holidays.  But come January, start planning early for your Boudoir Valentines Day Photo Session and contact me early to confirm a date.

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