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I’ve done lots and lots of Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoots and they all have had one special thing in common – A hit with their husbands!   I can’t begin to tell you how many brides have called me or sent me a note after the honeymoon and expressed their thanks for a perfect gift.

A bridal boudoir session isn’t much different from a normal boudoir session, but the little differences make them unique.  For instance, one popular pose is a standing nude shot showing their back with their vail as the only piece of clothing.  I typically shoot it on a white high key backdrop to add the “wedding” look to the image.

Many of the brides select a calendar or a book as their “print” selection.  A calendar makes a special gift since the husband gets to see the bride every day all year long.  Others choose a book as the “print” selection.  There are 20 pages in a book so it’s a nice present that can be viewed over and over.  Still others want prints so that they can build their own albums and intertwine love notes and poems in the album.  The key is that any way you choose to build the final gift, it will be sure to be a hit with your love.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and review the different packages/services we offer.  And then book your session to ensure you have the greatest present ever done in time.

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Hopefully the winter weather is behind us and we can start enjoying some warm and sunny days.  And with those warm and sunny days, it’s time to get some new and sexy photos taken.  After Valentine’s Day many people forget about the idea of sexy boudoir and nude images for the one they love.  But one day a year is not enough to express your love, so think March, April, May June…   the whole year!!!

During the warm weather we get several requests to do an outdoor nude shoot.  I love doing them, but they have to be planned well.  First, the location needs to be private and secluded.  The law frowns on public nudity.  Second, we need to consider a “rain day” in the mix of dates so we have options incase of bad weather.  And third, we need to consider the location’s ability to provide a place for makeup and lighting setup.   At the studio these things are no a problem at all, but on location each has to be taken into consideration.  We’ve had clients who have had secluded pools in their yards where we have done nude outdoor photos, and other clients who have lived in the country so we can just shoot anywhere on their property.  And we know others who have shot on public land, but they are taking a risk and the shoots require several extra assistants to be lookouts, help get things done quickly, and setup/breakdown in a heartbeat.

But if you have a location and want to shoot, please let me know and we’ll start planning the shoot process.  Stop by Casual Elegance Photography and see samples of our work, review the services we offer, and read client testimonials.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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