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Yesterday I sent an artistic nude photo to my backup lab to be printed. (see below). They refused to print it because they said it was porn. So the debate goes on. I have my own definition of what porn is and what it’s not. I think it’s easier to define what it’s not, than what it is. Even the Supreme Court has never come up with a true definition.

I just get upset when something as beautiful as the human body, posed well, lit well, and captured well as a piece of art is defined by someone as porn. Yes, you can pose, light, and capture porn (if you can define it), but the image that I sent to be printed, in my opinion, is just art. A romantic artistic image of love. So what do you think? What defines porn to you? What is the border that needs to be crossed from art to porn in your opinion? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® and see porn or art today. 🙂 Then make your appointment to have images taken of you.


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I get many requests from clients to have nude photos taken out doors. They can be very beautiful and sensual, but there are a few things the clients need to know. First, if you get caught you stand a very good chance of being arrested. Does it always happen?, no, but it can. Second, the place where the shoot takes place has to lend itself to privacy to avoid point one above. Public parks and other areas like that are not always the best choice. Is it possible to shoot at a public park, like near a waterfall?, yes, it’s possible but it’s risky. The other piece is that it takes a crew. One up trail with a handy talkie and one down trail with a handy talkie, and someone near the client with a coverup that can be handed to them quickly. I’ve heard of law enforcement asking to view the images on the camera if they suspect that the person was nude, and I’ve heard of photographers who will quickly change the card if the law shows up (the spare card has shots at the location with a swim suit on).

So what’s the answer? Well, the best place to shoot is on private property in a location where you are away from prying eyes. I’d love to have a few local locations that I could use, but I haven’t found any yet.

If you have a place that you want to shoot outdoor nudes, I will be very pleased to take them for you. Just contact me and we can work together to make the arrangements and get the shots you want.


Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls

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I really enjoy doing couples intimate shoots. I enjoy that they relax and are their real selves. The couple that I photographed today loved the images we got and they enjoyed the session. As they were leaving she said “I really like you. You made the shoot fun, no pressure, and easy to enjoy”. I was flattered. But that’s what it’s all about. No pressure, mix in a some fun and joking, and get the shots that they enjoy.

Check our WEBSITE and make your appoint for your couples shoot today!!!

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When I started Casual Elegance Photography® in 2000 I did it as a part time business and shot mainly out of my home. That’s the way it was until the beginning of 2008 when we decided that we needed a studio and I took this on full time. Ruth and I searched high and low to find just the right setting for the studio of our dreams. Because we specialize in Boudoir Photography, our selection needed to be in a quiet area and needed to feel like home. We found it in early February 2008 in Sandy Springs GA. It was only about 700 square feet and used to be a conference room and call center. Although it wasn’t perfect, we could see the possibilities and signed a 2 year lease. We made our goal to create a studio that was homey, comfortable, and private. As business grew so did the amount of stuff we needed, so when the suite next door became available we made the decision to lease it also and expand. We now had 1500 sq feet. Even though it’s not all usable for photography, it still worked out great because we know there would become a time that we needed it for other things.

Fast forward to 2014… well the economy is taking it’s toll. People don’t have the discretionary funds to spend like they did, and costs keep going up. The country is feeling the effects of the slow economy. The business is feeling it too. Those upgrades that we want to make will have to wait. Perhaps later this year, but not right now. That’s the thing with business, you have to plan and then manage to the ups and downs.

It’s been several years since we have raised our prices. We’ve managed to keep them low by cutting things that we really didn’t need like a landline, subscriptions, etc. Unfortunately we have cut out everything we had the control over and the expenses keep rising. This is a two edged sword – raise prices and risk losing business or don’t raise prices and close the doors. So we are compromising and raising the prices but giving more for the money. Over the next few days I will be revising our packages to give you more value and a larger selection.

Please visit Casual Elegance Photograph® and check out our new value pricing! We appreciate your past business and hope you will come shoot with us again.

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

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Over the past couple of months we’ve added mobile recognition code to our site so that when a person without Flash wants to view the site, it automatically takes them to the HTML version so that they can view practically everything. In today’s environment with iPads, iPhones, smart phones, and tablets, we needed a way to allow seamless viewing of our site. But to see the site in its fullest, it’s best viewed on a laptop or desktop with Flash. There are slide shows and additional content that we had a hard time porting to the HTML site.

I’m considering using a WordPress theme as the basis of the website and hosting it on Fatcow where we host the site now. It’s going to take a while to build it, but I’m hopeful that it will make the viewing great for everyone.

The main focus of Casual Elegance Photography® is Boudoir and Nude photography. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t do other venues of photography too. I started CEP doing headshots and portraits. I still do many headshots and portraits as well as maternity and commercial product photography. If you have a need for any type of photography, just ask.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® and let us know what you think of the site. While you are there, look over our services, review our client testimonials, and take a peek at the samples of or past work. Then make your appointment using our contact page.


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Nude, Boudoir, Glamour, Erotic and Sensual Photography – Casual Elegance Photography is the number one choice in Atlanta!

Casual Elegance Photography has earned a reputation in the photographic industry since the year 2000 for providing clients across the United States, and as far away as Europe, with a comfortable, professional environment for their Boudoir, Glamour, and Artistic Nude photo sessions, and for the outstanding results that are produced.

The Photographer:  Atlanta boudoir photographer Mark Anderson, owner of Casual Elegance Photography, is a published artistic and commercial photographer based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.

Mark is well known for his talent at putting his clients immediately at ease with his easy going and laid back manner. His studio is set up to have a comfortable, and homelike feel, which results in a relaxed setting. He loves to collaborate with his clients – mixing their ideas with his own, to produce a truly spectacular result! Whether you are an individual, or a couple who just wants to create a special gift for someone else, or a memento for yourselves, schedule your appointment today!

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When you hear or read the word erotic, what images does it conger up for you? I can almost guarantee that it’s different for everyone. Everyone has a different view of what erotic means. Sure, there is an official definition (of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire), but what we see in our minds doesn’t always fill that definition. So how does this impact the photos that we take? Well, as a photographer I need to understand what you consider erotic. Then I need you to explain what the person the images are for thinks is erotic. Once I understand, I need to try to blend the two so that I capture an image that both will love. It’s not always easy.

Below is an “erotic” image. It may not be my definition of erotic, but it met both the client’s and the client’s husbands thoughts. First, the husband really loves her legs and he has a thing about sexy shoes. She loves the curves of her legs and the romantic thoughts of a rose. Together the images meets both requirements. Add the red gel to the background and it’s a perfect blend of ideas.

Others feel that erotic means sex – pure sex and almost porn (although that word is a whole new can of worms). I asked one client what erotic means to her and described an image that, well, was very explicit and graphic. But again, it’s what she sees in her mind that makes the difference.

Each year I enter and erotic art contest. It’s always a challenge to come up with ideas that will get the judges attention. Some of the images I’ve sent in, that I thought were erotic, were not selected. Other images that I had no real opinion of, were selected. So each time I shoot for the contest I have to think of all the possibilities that the word erotic means to different people and try to combine them into one thought.

So what images come to mind when you think of erotic? I’d love to know your thoughts.

And, when you are ready to have your ideas brought out in a print, contact Casual Elegance Photography® and let us help you bring it out.

Erotic or Not?

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Did you know that May is National Boudoir Month? It’s not but it should be!!! So many weddings take place in June that May should be the month that brides-to-be plan to set up their special unique gift present for their husbands-to-be – a Boudoir (B-Pics) photo album, calendar, or book. Based on the feedback I’ve received, it’s a present that the grooms really have loved!

At Casual Elegance Photography we offer several options for the bride-to-be. A calendar is a great way to keep him on your mind every day of the year. Our 12 month calendars can start on any month, so you are not limited to a January – December calendar. Each month’s photo can have a theme for that month. For instance, February can have a Valentine’s Day theme and July can have an Independence Day theme. And these can be as spicy or mild as you want. Some brides have been REALLY creative! And we include a CD with the images so you will always have them well after the calendar is out of date.

Our 10×10 inch hard cover book is a lasting tribute to you and the groom. The book can come with up to 20 images arranged as you want them to be. Plus you can design a cover that fits the mood of the book. Once client called “Michael’s Little Black Book” and we made the cover black with white letting in a brush script. We also added a red rose in the background.

Others choose to build their own compilation of the images. A client bought a 12×12 inch scrapbook (wooden covers) and ordered 12 8×12 prints to fill it with. Between each print, she mad a page with a poem or other special meaning item. Totally a gift of love. And one that we will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and plan a shoot in the month of May. Mention this blog and receive an 8×12 print for 50% off our web prices.

Casual Elegance Photography®

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Many of my clients tell me that they like to stay in their comfort zone but they want to stretch it out so that they can experience something different. They come in the studio nervous but leave totally please with themselves and the fact that they did something both daring and empowering.

When we start the shoot we typically start with art nudes if the client has elected to do nudes at all. Why? We don’t want a lot of clothing lines on the skin. Everyone knows how long it takes to get those lines from tight clothing to go away, and although editing can take them almost completely out, it makes sense to have as many of the “flaws” out of the way when we start the shoot. At first the client is typically scared and apprehensive about becoming nude, but after they see how beautiful they look on the monitor, that feeling goes away rather quickly. I see this happen so many times that the makeup artists and I joke with the client and tell them that after a few shots they won’t have any nerves about the shoot. I’ve seen clients coverup between shots at first, then over time, the robe stays on the floor.

So what about your comfort zone? Mild or wild? At Casual Elegance Photography we leave it totally up to you. We’ll suggest poses that will work for your body type and personality, but the final poses are your decision. I’ve worked with clients who have very specific ideas and limits, and I’ve worked with clients who were up for anything and asked for ideas that a man would really like. I try to balance my recommendations between what a woman likes and what a man likes. They ARE different for the most part. Most of my clients have told me that they came to a male photographer so they will get a male perspective to the shots. But again, I try to shoot both perspectives. My wife has told me many times what a woman want to see in a shot and why. I try to put that knowledge into my thought train as I shoot so we get a well rounded shoot.

Are you ready? Want to check off that bucket list item? Willing to step out of your everyday comfort zone? Then contact Casual Elegance Photography® today and take yourself to that next level! You won’t be disappointed and, who knows, you just might learn something new about yourself.



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Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift for your husband? Try a Boudoir, Glamour or Nude photoshoot for a one of a kind gift

If you are looking for a unique gift for your hubby this year for Father’s Day, check out our Boudoir, Glamour, and Fine Art Nude photography galleries for some examples of gifts that keep on giving for years to come!

Your options are endless… and your shoot can be subdued or it can be daring… it is all up to you! Many of our clients want to do their Boudoir photoshoots wearing different types of lingerie in every shot. Some choose to do “implied” nudity, where we shoot the photographs so that nothing shows, but the viewer has the impression that you are completely nude, and some of our clients choose to do an Artistic Nude shoot.
At Casual Elegance we want what you want! So give Mark a call and let’s talk! We have several packages available, and custom packages can be put together if you have specific needs!

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