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Yesterday I did an officer portrait session in the downsized studio and it worked great! This was the part of the downsizing that I feared would be a difficult one to do. In the old suite I had an area set up all the time to do the portraits, but in the new suite I have to share every inch with any type of shoot. And because of the limited space, I have to use the areas for storage as well. But… it was really easy to set up and break down the set. I found that the way I have it set up, it actually made the images easier to shoot. I bought a wall mounted strobe arm to put the hair light on, and it can stay in place for this area of the studio. That in itself made the set up much easier than I thought it would be. So now I’m ready to take on the job of doing portraits for another local department with 90 plus members. It will be a slight challenge because of the planning part, but after yesterday, I’m ready!

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Between our personal lives and the business it’s getting to be a full week already.

We picked up a stray kitty and we’re in the process of trying to get a rescue organization to take her. She’s a sweet kitty, but we already have 6 plus a foster with special needs, so we can’t keep her. She was most likely dumped at a park near us because she doesn’t have fleas and she is very clean. She loves to be petted and has already learned that a lap is a pretty good place to sleep on. We are planning to take her to our vet tomorrow to be checked over.

The shoot schedule this week is good too. Shoots on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. And I’m working on booking another shoot for possibly Saturday. And all of these shoots have got to be done while my arm is still in its splint, so they take a little more work and are a little longer.

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My arm is feeling better every day now. I still have some pain when rotating it, but at least I’m starting to get full range with it even though I’m not yet in rehab. I’ve been doing shoots all along, but tomorrow will be my first where I may take my splint off and just tape up my arm for the shoot.

Tomorrow’s shoot will be with a model who will be doing artistic nudes so I can experiment with some lighting ideas I have had. I want to just highlight parts of the body to provide a very thin rim to it. I’ve modified my lights with Cinefoil to create very small slits of light to light her body. I also have an idea on how to light the black backdrop in a new way. I’m hoping that I can get it all done without too much difficulty or pain. 🙂

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Getting the right poses from a male is usually a little more difficult than getting them from a female in my opinion. You have to convey strength and masculinity with a male and at the same time pose them to be artistic. Today’s shoot was a good one. The model was very comfortable in their own skin and, although not a body builder, had the lines to make the images work. Since this was a shoot with a model I can actually post some images from the shoot over time. Below is one that I think worked out very nicely.

Males are starting to get into doing shoots like this. For a while it seemed like guys didn’t want to shoot nude but females never had any problem with it. Now I’m starting to get more calls from males who want to shoot nudes. And many are doing couples art nudes too.

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Despite my broken arm, Ruth and I have manages to clean out to extra suite we have and we are almost ready to hand over the keys to the landlord. It’s amazing how much junk I had in the storage rooms and never used. Most will go into a garage sale, some will go to Goodwill, and the rest will make the dumpster a new home. There are a few items that will go home with me and if needed again I will take them down to the studio when the shoot is planned.

I’ve done 4 shoots in the space we have left and it’s no problem at all. I’ve actually got more room because I consolidated a lot of the stuff onto shelves, and they are not even full. My computer was the hardest part of fitting into the move. In the old suite I had a large office and a desk where I could edit images and show clients what the editing process is all about. But now I have the computer in a much smaller space, but it has worked fine for the 4 clients I’ve shot already. I guess we really don’t need as much to do the same job.

I had a great nude couples shoot yesterday and they had a blast. We shot for over 2 hours and got a bunch of great images. Shooting in RAW with the Nikon D800 produced 3.5 Gigabytes of data! I had to go out today and get a 1TB USB drive because my internal drive was almost full. Now I can move the shoots off to the USB drive and now worry about space for a while.

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Boudoir and Nude

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I’m looking forward to a couples artistic nude shoot this week. Every time I shoot these types of shots it reminds me of Rodin’s sculptures like “The Kiss” (le baiser). I love the way the lines of a couple flow, almost like they are flowing to each other. The really great thing about these shoots is that they can show the emotion of love with just the poses and angles. Sometimes I wish I could find a pair of models who I could shoot so I have more samples for my portfolio since I never use client images.

We’ve allowed plenty of time for this shoot so that we can try different poses, angles, and lighting to get the perfect look to the shots. And this couple plans to print the images on canvas in very large sizes. So I’m glad my camera has plenty of pixels to get a nice enlargement from it (36MP).

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Couples Nude

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Well, I’ve done 3 photo shoots with my broken arm. It’s not easy, but I’ve actually been able to do them. The hardest part is holding the camera steady with one hand. I’ve learned to use my splinted forearm to steady the camera, but after 3 or so shots I have to rest it. Thank goodness I can do that while we look at the shots on the computer monitor.

This week I have a couple of shoots set up. One will be a couples artistic nude session. That will be the challenge because I like to move the lights around and doing that with one arm is not easy. 🙂

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Nude Couples

Couples Artistic Nude

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