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When I was young my dad didn’t ever really close his business. Being in the Plumbing and Heating / Heating Fuel business, it was something that couldn’t always wait for a day or two. So on Labor Day we always had something to do. And since I was off of school, I always tagged along. I learned a lot about the business, but eventually never ended up in the business. My brother went on to take the business over after my dad retired.

Well this Labor Day, I’m doing my labor today, Sunday, instead of tomorrow Labor Day. I’m doing a shoot today and then grilling burgers and dogs with my wife and parents in law tomorrow. Most Labor Days in the recent past have been spent at the beach, but this year we had to cut back because of the cost of health insurance, so we are spending it at home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I know many of my readers are not in the US, but I wish you a wonderful US holiday in spirit!

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The family - well almost... still 1 more  after this photo was taken several years ago.

The family – well almost… still 1 more after this photo was taken several years ago.

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Over the past several weeks I’ve been working with the local LE and Fire departments to do their officer portraits. Tomorrow I have the 3rd shoot with the fire fighters and a makeup shoot with one if the LE officers. These portraits are special in that they will be used for awards or in the event of death. They are a great tribute to the officers.

Today I did head shots for a person who’s business said he needed an update.

I actually enjoy shooting head shots and portraits. I enjoy the interaction with the people and getting shots that make them look great. I’ve devoted a section of the studio for the LE and Fire portraits because I want the all to be consistent. I can change it at a moments notice if I have to, but I like the fact that I have it ready at all times.

If you need head shots, I have a special price that can’t be beat. $65 for a half hour in the studio and 2 edited images on a CD with a release to use and print. It’s great for businesses, personal, and actors/models.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography® today and make an appointment for your Head Shot or portrait session.

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Every now and then I do a TFP (trade my time and talent for the time and talent of a model) to get new images for my site. When I do, I require a model release so that there is no question that we are both allowed to use the images and that the model is of legal age to do suggestive images. This is standard in the industry.

Last week I advertised that I need a couple of models for a TFP artistic nude shoot. I got several responses and many had additional questions, all good ones. One couple asked to meet with me and discuss the shoot, so we agreed to meet at my studio. They arrived on time and we talked about the poses I want to capture and that this will be a professional shoot, not a sleazy shoot. They said that they were totally good with the ideas and ready to shoot.

Fast forward two days… I emailed them some dates/times that I have availability. They responded with the best date for them. I put them on the schedule. I then emailed them with a request for the information that I would need for a model release and told them that the information is just kept on file so that if there was any question about their ages or their agreement to use the images, there would be a record of the shoot. The answer I got back was “we don’t want to give out our names or address.” I sent back “then we don’t have a shoot scheduled” Shoot cancelled! I don’t take chances and I follow the rules. I’m not going to put myself in a position of getting sued or put on the defensive with a legal issue. This is only the second time anyone has refused to provide the information. Most will ask about what I do with the information and I again tell them that it’s only kept on file and not used for anything else. Most are perfectly fine with that. I’ll never understand, especially after a physical meeting, why people are afraid to give their names and address for a model release for a shoot where they will get beautiful images from. I can understand if the “photographer” was just someone who they met somewhere and agreed to do a shoot at a motel or something, but they came to my studio, viewed samples of my past work, discussed the poses I want to capture, and even commented on the quality of the photos I have hanging in the studio. Oh well… I won’t give up, but I am going to be VERY selective when I do TFP again.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® today. If you are interested in a TFP session send me an email and I’ll keep you in mind for my next TFP project. If you want a shoot dedicated to you and for you, send me a note to make an appointment.

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Couples Nude

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Actually it’s a very common question we get at Casual Elegance Photography ®. Many of our clients come in and say they don’t want to do any nudes. Then, after seeing the sample images I have in the studio, have a change of mind and decide to do artistic nudes. Without exception they all love the way they look in their art nude images. It usually gives them more confidence and when we start the boudoir images they are relaxed and ready to get some beautiful images.

I’m very glad that I invested into the software and hardware to allow the images to be shot directly to the computer and display on the monitor as we shoot. Looking at an image on the back of a camera just doesn’t give the client the feeling that they get when it’s full size on a 19″ screen. I use a CRT monitor because I like the fact that it can be seen from more angles than a LCD or LED screen. I know that LED/LCD screens are more common now, and that they have come a long way since the beginning, but I still feel that the CRT screen works best in my situation. I have 2 more CRT monitors sitting in storage just incase one goes bad.

So, when you are ready to Nude or Not Nude, visit Casual Elegance Photography ® and make an appointment for your special photo session.



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Yesterday’s couple was a no show. They found me through my ad on CL so I don’t always count on the person to show up. Every now and then I advertise on CL to get some new images for my site. I don’t use client photos, so I need to do a trade for time and talent to get the images. I’ve had some success on CL, but this is the third person(s) to not show up and not call. Others have bailed out, but they’ve called and explained why. The only reason a no show bothers me is because I have to hold the time on the schedule, set the studio up for the shoot, and wait for them to show. I usually wait 30 minutes before counting them as a no show because of Atlanta traffic. But after 30 minutes, I shut the studio down and leave if I don’t have any other shoots.

I’m surprised by this couple. We have been communicating, they have given me their information for the model release, and they seemed excited to be doing the shoot. I always wonder why they’re a no show when they seem to really be into the whole shoot. Well… another day, another shoot… 🙂

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Nude Couples

Couples Artistic Nude – Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta

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