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In my experience the Pizza Delivery Drivers, many if not all, are, for the most part, disrespectful of traffic conditions and traffic control personnel. Last night while I was directing traffic around an accident I had the pleasure to witness their total disrespect for other people. Yes, there are other drivers that do the same thing, but not one pizza delivery driver took the directions to slow down and move over very well. When I’m standing 2 feet from a lane of 45 mph traffic I hope that drivers will do the right thing by slowing down to a safe speed going by me, or better yet, move over one lane. But in my experience, including last night, not one pizza delivery driver did.

And to top the evening off, I had a car coming at me in the center lane at a minimum of 30 mph. He finally realized there was an emergency vehicle there with their light bar strobes going, and a person in a high vis vest and traffic wand, and turned back into traffic within 15 yards of me almost colliding with another vehicle. Just after he passed, another motorist slowed down and yelled that the guy driving that vehicle was “wasted” and needs to be pulled over and stopped. Unfortunately, by the time I could turn around to try to get their tag number the were way to far to see it. And within 30 seconds they were out of sight since this was on a hill. So there was no way that I could radio in and let dispatch know the direction of travel (there are several roads merging just over the hill), tag number, and vehicle description (a light colored minivan).

So please do me a big favor… when you see flashing lights (yes, you have to stop texting to see the lights and you also have to pay attention to driving) SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. I really don’t want to end up a traffic fatality.



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Many of our prospective clients ask what the whole Boudoir or Nude Photographic experience is all about. In today’s digital age, many count on the comments and testimonials from others. Well, all I can say is that I have never had a client walk out of the studio unhappy. In fact, most have already started talking about their next session! It’s hard to explain the transformation that occurs from the time they walk in to the time they leave but it’s amazing in my opinion. Please take a few minutes and look over the “Testimonials” that are on our site and the reviews/comments on Yelp and Google. I think that they sum up the experience and how they felt about the session and Casual Elegance Photography ®. The testimonials on our site can be seen by clicking on the banner below. You can also visit Google and Yelp to see the reviews that have been left by our clients. Then call us today to make your appointment for a Boudoir or Nude Photo Session.

Casual Elegance Photography

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Now that you’ve decided to do a boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot, for yourself or someone you love… what’s next?

 Boudoir actually means a woman’s bedroom, dressing room or private sitting room.  Your boudoir photography session at Casual Elegance Photography ® will reflect a sense of intimacy, sexiness, and femininity.  The key to getting your images to look great is comfort, and relaxation!  Nerves will show in the photos every time.  If you read our clients comments you will see that without exception they are comfortable and relaxed in our studio – even if they have been completely naked for artistic nude photographs! And most of them are surprised by this!  We have robes available in the studio for your use before we begin shooting and during set changes, but we recommend that you bring your own rode with you to add to the comfort feeling. It always surprises me that halfway through the session most women aren’t even bothering with the robes anymore! I am glad that they are that comfortable.

Remember, this is new to you, but as the photographer, I have done this hundreds of times. I use digital imaging and shoot directly to the computer – so we can see the results as we shoot. I have never had anyone say that they didn’t enjoy their shoot once the photographs start appearing on the screen! Most say that they cannot believe how beautiful they look, and seeing their images on the screen helps them to relax more.

There are many things you can do prior to the photoshoot to calm yourself if you need to. Take a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, meditate… just spend some time keeping the nerves at bay.   Before the shoot I will send you and email that gives you hints and tips for the shoot. Then just come in and let us do the rest.  You will have fun, and get some fantastic images as a bonus!

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® today and make your boudoir appointment!

Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer

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Here we go again. This business revolves around cycles. Last month and earlier this month I didn’t have time to even think. Now it’s slow again. There are no gift giving holidays right now, and the economy is still on the rocks. But I will never completely understand these cycles.

So, now that the business is slow I’m going to offer a special priced deal that will only be seen on this blog. You will get a 2 hour session, makeup artist paint & go services, and 6 edited images on a CD with a release to print for just $299. That’s a 40% discount from our standard pricing (which is already a good deal). So, if you have been thinking of a session or know anyone who has been thinking of a session (let them know), contact Casual Elegance Photography ® and schedule a session today. But you have to mention the “Cycles Special Deal” to get this special price.

Artistic Nude

Art Nude

Atlanta Nude Photography

Atlanta Nude Photography

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A couple of weeks ago my Nikon D800 started getting blank frames (totally black) every 10 or so shots. At first I thought it was just that the strobes didn’t go off, but that wasn’t it. So, as a Nikon Professional, I sent it back to Nikon for repair and started using my D700 backup camera.

Nikon Professionals are supposed to receive priority service. But Nikon didn’t read my letter that was sent with the camera. I have an extended Nikon warranty but they were going to charge me because they failed to read the note. It took 4 days and several phone calls and updates to my service request to finally get someone to listen and say “oh, yes, I see that you have a warranty”. This is my first experience with Nikon not being on the ball. Every other time I have sent something in for repair it’s gone smoothly. This time it took well over 2 weeks to finally get my camera back. Looks like they replaced a few parts, tuned it up, adjusted several things, and cleaned it. So now I’m ready to start shooing with it again.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® today and make an appointment for your Boudoir or Nude photo session.

Sample of a Product Shot for Pleasant ECigs at Shem Creek.


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I get many inquiries about Boudoir photography. But most of the time, the next question is “what about nude photography?”

Many clients want to do both boudoir and nudes in a shoot. Many photographers won’t shoot nudes, and if they do, they don’t really advertise that they do. I’m proud of my nude photography business. I respect my clients and I offer a service that they want but are many times nervous of doing. I can honestly say that I have never had a client be disappointed in their shoot nor fail to have fun while shooting. We work together to get awesome images that they will love forever. I have been offering and shooting nude photography for 14 years. I take pride in the wonderful client relationship we have, and I take pride in the images that we create together. I’ve shot images that are pure works of art to images that look like the pages of mens magazines. I’ve had some very strange requests for images and then I’ve had some that might have seemed like a strange request and have turned out to be fantastic when shot. My days are never dull when I’m shooting boudoir or nudes.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® and make an appointment for your Boudoir and Nude session today.

Artistic Nude

Art Nude

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Over the past year I have been taking the officer portraits for two local police departments and local fire departments. These men and women protect and serve our communities and I feel that they should have a professional portrait to honor them. They put themselves in harms way to keep us safe and save our lives. Too often they are taken for granted and many times not appreciated at all. Having gotten to know many of them I can safely say that they are great people who have a strong commitment to the communities.

Next time it’s raining and cold, or 100 degrees outside, think of how they are out in the weather doing their job while we are sitting in our comfortable air-conditioned offices. Sure they have a car with A/C, but many of them don’t make it cold so that there isn’t a big transition to the outside. That holds true for the winter months too. And their daily life has so many ups and downs. One call may be a welfare check on a person who their family called in to 911 because they haven’t heard from them in a week, and the next call could be a child who was a victim child abuse. From a traffic stop to a accident with fatal injuries. From a cat caught in a tree to a fully engulfed house fire. From a simple tree down to an accident with entrapment. The men and women of law enforcement and fire have dedicated themselves to helping others.

I have a new born appreciation of what they do. I volunteer around 100 hours a month to one of the local police departments and I love working with them. During my shifts with the PD I also get the opportunity to interact with the FD when we are both on scene at the same time. Last week I worked an accident on a major roadway. Both PD and Fire were on scene. We always cover each others back so that no one gets hurt. And the great guys of the FD always make sure that they have plenty of cold water so we don’t get dehydrated. 🙂

Every photo session for these heros is a good one for me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy taking the images knowing that if anything were to happen to any of them, there would be a fitting image of them and not a phone camera photo that doesn’t do them justice.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® today.

The image below is my test target and Officer Portrait area. I use the target so that I can ensure color and lighting accuracy when I am editing the images.

Test Shot for Officer Portraits.  Color Balance and Lighting target

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