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Why should you choose Casual Elegance for your pregnancy photos?  Many women want their “belly shots” to be at least partially nude, and although that is by no means a “requirement”, it’s something that Casual Elegance specializes in.  In addition, we are well known for our comfortable studio and relaxed shooting environment, but more importantly, for our professionalism, integrity, and for producing beautiful and lasting images of the most special time of your life.

The photographs in the maternity gallery on our website are all photos of models we have worked with on various projects over the years, who came back to us when they started their families.  They signed releases for their photos to be used on our site.  Your photographs will never be used on our website, unless you ask us to include them, and sign the appropriate releases.  Otherwise, your photos are simply that … YOUR photos. 

We recommend starting the process very early in your pregnancy, and documenting your growing belly over the full term.   One photograph on our site shows 3 “phases” of a model’s last trimester.  Within hours of the final photograph she was in the hospital, giving birth.  That’s cutting it a little TOO close, but you get the idea. 

We are happy to meet for a complimentary consultation prior to scheduling a photoshoot for you.  It gives us the opportunity to discuss ideas that you may have as to the types of photographs you want to have taken.  Give Casual Elegance Photography ® a call!

Casual Elegance Photography



Boudoir Nude Maternity

Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir, Nude, and Maternity Photography.


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I subscribe to several internet companies who provide leads for new clients. Lately I am beginning to think I need to remove myself from a few.

One, name not mentioned, sends me leads and I have to pay to send a response. They don’t give much information and the client requests are canned ones (meaning they select from specific answers). I’ve only had success with one such lead. I’m considering removing myself since 1) who knows if these are really real people, 2) the cost is fairly high for the lead, and 3) some of the questions that they ask the potential client are way to pointed and doesn’t allow for any “gray” response. I’ve spent a bunch of money responding to these leads, but I’m now looking at this with a different set of eyes – one covered in green.

So help me avoid these expenses and visit Casual Elegance Photography ® and send me a lead directly from there to book your special photo shoot.

The best in boudoir and nude photography

The best in boudoir and nude photography

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Most of the time when a couple first contacts Casual Elegance Photography ® about doing a shoot together, they have not quite decided how “daring” they plan to be with their photographs. They simply know that they want something beyond the standard couples portrait – they are looking for something more romantic, more intimate, and with more spice!

Most clients arrive with at least a couple of specific shots in mind that they want to do.  Something they have seen on my website, or one that is particularly significant to them.  I start off the photoshoot by doing those shots for them, and I do more in terms of “directing” – since they are trying to achieve a specific look or a specific pose.  After we’ve finished those shots, if they want me to stay that involved in creating their poses, I do.

There are times though, when my couples photoshoot clients prefer a more laid back shooting style.  And that’s ok too!   My shoots are pretty laid back anyway!  But while a boudoir or glamour shoot is all about getting glammed up and creating a definite look, which sometimes can require more direction as to the various poses, facial expressions, etc, the couples shoot is about capturing the true essence of their relationship.  

I find that couples really relax when they get into the shoot and see that I am willing to let them take the lead, unless they ask for my input.  I’m always happy to help with ideas of how to create a certain look, or a lighting change that can really add to their photograph.  But basically I feel that in a couples photoshoot my purpose is simply to capture their moments.  Not to try to create them.  For example, if a man is going to kiss a woman’s neck – I don’t really think I need to tell him how to do it!  In that instance, too much direction from me could steal their moment.   I prefer to “fade” into the background, and simply point my camera and shoot, so that all they are hearing is the click of the shutter, not “bend your head a little to the right – great, now lift her chin a little…”  You get the idea!  In couples photography less is definitely more!  The less “involved” I am in the process, the more relaxed and natural their photographs.   Giving couples the “creative control” over the shoot also allows them to decide where they want the shoot to go – and I just go with the flow!   Knowing they can always just give the reins back to me allows them let their hair down and just have fun with the shoot.

Once again comes the question – do you have to be nude?  Absolutely not!  You decide how revealing you want your photographs to be!  Generally when couples come to me for other than the standard couples portrait, they intend for their photographs to be at least partially nude.  Sometimes she wants to be nude, and he wants to be clothed or just bare chested – that’s great!  If you both want to be just topless, that’s fine too.  These are your photographs.  Many of our couples have done completely nude photographs in poses that left everything to the imagination – except for the fact that the viewer knows they are nude.  A simple lighting adjustment or change in the position of an arm or leg can place shadows wherever you want them to be!  Some of the most fabulous art nude portraits I’ve done for clients to hang in their homes showed nothing more than the symmetry of the lines of their bodies.

If you’ve come so far as to read this entry, you’ve probably at least considered doing a couples photoshoot.  This brings me once again to this statement – your photographs will absolutely never  be used on my website unless you ask me to use them and give me your specific, written permission.  Nor are your photographs ever sold to anyone except you.   My respect for my clients’ privacy is well known, and is one of the reasons my clients happily refer their friends to Casual Elegance Photography ®

I can only tell you that without exception my couples clients have said that once they got up the nerve to just go for it, and scheduled a photoshoot with me, they had an absolute blast doing their photographs, and not one regret later!

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Couples Artistic Nude – Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta

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Failing to plan, is planning to fail… or something like that.

Yes I know, it is only October, and the still warm temperatures don’t make anyone think about Christmas! But if you are thinking of giving your special someone a holiday gift of nude or boudoir photographs with you looking and feeling your most sexy and beautiful, be sure to schedule your shoot no later than this month or November! If you are stressed, it will show.

There are several options for great holiday gifts! Perhaps you want to create a beautiful and private artistic nude photo album with your images. Or maybe you’d prefer to give the gift that keeps on giving with a calendar featuring your romantic boudoir photographs, so that he has his own sexy pin up girl to look at all year long! One of our clients asked us to put her photographs on a deck of playing cards as a totally unique gift! I’ll bet his poker buddies shocked – that is, if they ever saw them.

Whatever your ideas, give us a call and we will do everything we can to help you create the look you want for your shoot! Boudoir, erotic, artistic nude, glamour, provocative, sexy, innocent, in lingerie or naked! You tell us how you envision your photoshoot and we will create the look around you!

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Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography

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