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I had a very interesting conversation last week with a client who had come in to do Artistic Nudes and Playboy style nudes for a book for her husband.

She told me that she had done a photo shoot back a few months ago with a female photographer. The images were beautiful, but they lacked the excitement that she truly wanted for her husband. She came to me because she wanted a male perspective and she loved the samples on my site. Why we were talking, she told me that she was a bit more nervous doing a shoot with a male photographer, but that I had made her feel comfortable and sexy during the shoot. She didn’t get that feeling with the other photographer that she had chosen. She explained that her nerves quickly disappeared while having her makeup done because she felt like part of a family as we all talked about different subjects. And her nerves completely disappeared as she viewed each image on the monitor as we shot.

There are sites where people can ask for quotes on a photo shoot. Some ask what gender you would like for the photographer. Based on this client plus the hundreds of others who have chosen Casual Elegance Photography ® I would suggest answering “It doesn’t matter”, and base your decision on the past work of the photographer and the “vibe” you get when you discuss a shoot. And, please don’t make a decision based on price alone. You get what you pay for.

One other thing, if you book a shoot solely on line, be sure that you do your research. Look over comments and testimonials. Many times you will get a feel for the way the photographer works. And if you call the photographer, you can ask questions that will help make your decision. My phone number is on my website and in my ads. I love to get calls from potential clients and answer all of their questions. I even offer free consultations prior to making a decision.

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