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It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been thinking about how hot it’s been lately. But in the nice air conditioned studio you can turn up the HEAT without sweating! A few recent shoots have been very HOT ones! Their boyfriends / husbands are going to be very pleased with the results and their temperature may increase while viewing.

I’m always amazed by my clients. They come in nervous and leave on top of the world. Once they are comfortable they get into the shoot and we produce some awesome results. It helps that we shoot directly to the computer and see the shots instantly as we are shooting without having to look at them on the back of the camera. And I appreciate that they have chosen a male photographer to take their images. The reasons vary, but the most common is that they want shots that their husbands / boyfriends will like, and not just images that are shot from a female perspective. We collaborate on ideas and discuss what we need to do to get them “on film”. It’s a fully interactive session.

So if you are thinking about getting some HOT images, contact me today and make an appointment to discuss your ideas for a shoot.

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The best in boudoir and nude photography

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