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As you probably already know, in the beginning I started out taking portraits of families, children and models.  But the business evolved over time into a nude and boudoir venue of photography because that’s what my clients wanted. It’s still evolving and my clients are wanting more sensual images as well as art nudes. But it all started when a model that I was working with asked if I would shoot nudes. My smart-ass answer was “I’m not getting nude to shoot photos!” We laughed and started to discuss what she wanted to shoot. Her idea was to shoot images that were sensual as well as beautiful. That’s where it all began. We shot several times and I got the hang of it – Creating Art from Life. As the business evolved I realized that every person has a unique beauty that they can bring to the lens. And thanks to my wife Ruth, I’ve been able to see the female perspective as well as the male perspective. Her encouragement and thoughts have helped me learn at a much faster rate.

Just the other day, while shooting with an art model, we talked about the whole business of nude and boudoir photography.  They were telling me that new art students are almost embarrassed to look at the naked human form.  We talked about how the words nude, erotic,  and boudoir  have certain meaning in people’s minds. So sad. Our bodies are a work of art and we should be able to look at the human form without judging or without embarrassment. We also talked about the art that we create when photographing or drawing the human form.    As an art model they could relate to the sculptures, drawings and paintings of the great masters.  My print of Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss” (one of our favorites) caught their eye, and we talked about lighting, shadows and they told me that when they pose for art students they always makes sure that their hands are visible because students have a hard time drawing hands, and it obviously is a neccessary part of the whole.

As a photographer, I enjoyed shooting with people who have distinct features because I love texture!  The veins in hands, the hair on arms and the definition of the body just screams BLACK AND WHITE.  And even though I’m shooting with color digital, I’m envisioning what the image will look like in black and white.  In my opinion color is “eye candy”  but in black and white, it’s all about texture and forcing the viewer to look deeper.

Many of my clients have done several shoots with me. I always look forward to seeing them and working with their new ideas. I am honored that so many people trust me with getting the images that they want.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography ® today to book your special shoot. You will look back at it many years from now and say that it was one of the best things you’ve done for yourself.

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Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

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Artistic Nude

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Over the past several days I have been moving my site to a new server. The Casual Elegance Photography ® is now on the new server and up and running. Take a moment to visit and let me know what you think. I’d really appreciate any feedback.

Now, Nude Photography… Over the past coupe of months Ruth and I have been going through cancer issues. Ruth was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I was diagnosed 4 days later with Melanoma. Fast forward after all the craziness and we are both now cancer free. So needless to say, the business has suffered a little because of the lack of my availability. Last week I contact a couple of models that I know and we we did some fun shoots. I completely believe that if you don’t do something often you loose some of the creativeness that you had, so these shoots were to give me a little time to get creative and have some fun too.

I started with Rockelle and we did a shoot of a marionette levitating above the set. Unfortunately I chose a white backdrop so there was no sense of the actual levitation. The project is now on hold until we can get together again and try it once more.

Then I shot with Nicole. She is new to modeling, but did a great job. She told me that she had a great time!! We got some awesome art nudes and I got to play with a few new lighting techniques where I used spots to light up areas rather than lighting the whole body. Nicole Art Nude

They were both great shoots and I’m confident now that my surgeries have not impacted my ability to shoot.

So… visit Casual Elegance Photography and make an appointment for your special shoot today! You’ll be glad you did!

Atlanta Nude and Boudoir Photographer!

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