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Now that you have seen the movie or read the books, you have an interest in the “Bondage World.” But… you are a bit nervous but would like to give your loved one some awesome images that would pique their interest. But where do you find a photographer who will capture the images for you and make sure you are safe as well? Casual Elegance Photography!

We have been providing the highest quality in Boudoir, Nude, and Erotic imaging for more than a decade! We have a comfortable studio in a small private business park where you can relax and be comfortable shooting the images that dreams are made of. We know how to make the images look authentic while giving you the knowledge that you are not really bound. In other words, we make it look real but it’s not.

Many of our clients have come to us because they had no idea if they would like this new venue for them, but wanted to give it a try even if only a pretend session. They put their trust in Casual Elegance Photography and were not disappointed. I remember one client who, after we did the first set of images, got totally into character and created some super erotic images that her husband was speechless when looking at them. She said his jaw dropped when he saw the first photo and then… well, the rest is client / photographer confidential. 🙂

The key to success is to call or email us with your ideas. Then we can work together to plan your shoot, put together the things we need to make it a success, and then shoot the images that you want. Contact Casual Elegance Photography today and let’s make this “50 shades of gray” dream come true – or at least look true!

Bound but Safe

The best in boudoir and nude photography

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Now that you’ve decided to do a boudoir and/or artistic nude photoshoot, for yourself or someone you love… what’s next? Well, first of all, call or email Casual Elegance Photography (Atlanta’s Premier Boudoir and Nude photography studio) and make an appointment for your shoot!

 Boudoir actually means a woman’s bedroom, dressing room or private sitting room.  Your boudoir photography session at Casual Elegance Photography will reflect a sense of intimacy, sexiness, and femininity.  Boudoir can be fully clothed or fully nude, the choice is yours. The key to getting your images to look great though is comfort, and relaxation!  Nerves will show in the photos every time.  If you read our clients comments you will see that without exception they are comfortable and relaxed in our studio – even if they have been completely naked for artistic nude photographs! And most of them are surprised by this!  We have robes available in the studio for your use before we begin shooting and during set changes. It always surprises me that halfway through the session most women aren’t even bothering with the robes anymore! I am glad that they are that comfortable, it’s going to make their photos so much better.

Remember, this is new to you, but as the photographer, I have done this hundreds of times. I use digital imaging and shoot directly to the computer – so we can see the results as we shoot. I have never had anyone say that they didn’t enjoy their shoot once the photographs start appearing on the screen! Most say that they cannot believe how beautiful they look, and seeing their images on the screen helps them to relax more. I love it when a client get into the shoot and comes up with variations of a shot once they see it on the screen. It always helps to have two heads thinking about poses.

There are many things you can do prior to the photoshoot to calm yourself if you need to. Take a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, meditate… just spend some time keeping the nerves at bay. And while enroute to the studio, listen to some music that makes you feel good. Music has a way of calming your nerves.  Then just come in and let us do the rest.  The studio is small but it has everything we need to create some awesome images. We have a bedroom set and a large shooting room that we can set up for other ideas. We also have a makeup area and client dressing area in addition to our restroom, so w you can come in and make your self at home. And if you have your own music on a CD, we have a CD player too.

So, come in, make your self at home, and you will have fun, and get some fantastic images as a bonus!

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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Back several years ago Boudoir Photography was more on the fringe of the photography business. There wasn’t enough interest in it to make it a mainstay for a photography business. Casual Elegance Photography still made it one of our specialties and has remained true to providing exceptional boudoir photography for our clients to this day.

Fast forward to 2017… Boudoir photography is very common. Many photographers who had never ventured into the boudoir venue are now providing this service to their customers. In fact, the market is being saturated with boudoir photographers. It’s not difficult to get into the boudoir business, but it’s critical that you possess three essential skills. First, you have to be genuinely interested in getting the best shots for your customer. The customer is going to be nervous and shy, so you have to work with them, get them to feel comfortable, and honestly help them hit the poses. Second, you have to have a good command of lighting. Portraits and wedding photos have a different lighting setup than does boudoir. Boudoir requires sensual yet lit well lighting. It’s not something that just happens. You have to plan and practice to get the most out of the lights. And third, you have to price your services to remain in business yet compete with all of the other boudoir photographers. That’s where the biggest challenge comes in. Some boudoir photographers use a hotel or the customers home to shoot. They don’t have the expense of a studio, insurance, licensing, and utilities. So they can keep the prices very low. Others, like me, have invested in the business and have been doing this for a while. SO while our prices may be higher, you will see a difference in what we do and how we do it.

The decision is the customers. At Casual Elegance Photography I can honestly say that we will do every reasonable thing to make your photoshoot a fun and successful shoot. We pride ourselves on getting the shots you want and on making you comfortable throughout the shoot.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography today where you can see sample of our work and read our customer testimonials. Then call to schedule your appointment with Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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