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It’s true that most of our sessions revolve around special occasions during the year. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. But we also have clients, both women and men, who come in for a shoot just because they want to feel good about themselves. Sometimes they will say it’s for their significant other, but then they say that it’s also for themselves. They’ve worked hard for the look they now have and want to celebrate it by capturing it forever. An Artistic Nude or Intimate photo session is a great way to capture the hard work and beauty of their body. Over the past few months we have had several “just for me” photo shoots. I’ve worked with people who just want to do the shoot to check it off their “bucket list “, I’ve worked with people who have been working out hard to get a great body, and I’ve worked with people who just want to document their beauty forever. The common theme for the shoots has been “I am doing this for myself, but my (significant other) will enjoy the results too”.

At Casual Elegance Photography we encourage you to feel good about yourself, and we try to show you how great you really look!!! From beginning to end, our sessions are both relaxed and exciting. We shoot directly to the computer so you see the shots as we shoot them, and we work diligently to get images that have a “wow” factor. When you finish your session we want you to be walking tall and all encouraged about how great you look. Empowered!

Treat yourself (or your significant other) to a wonderful experience. Call today to make an appointment for an artistic nude or Intimate Photo Session! You will be glad you did!

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When I started Casual Elegance Photography® 17 years ago I did mainly portraits. Within the first 2 years the models and clients I worked with started asking if I would do Boudoir and Nude Photography, so I added it to the venues of my photography. It quickly took over my business and more than 90% of my shoots were either boudoir or nude sessions. For the past 12 years I have specialized in Intimate Photography – Boudoir, Nude, and Couples. I got calls from new clients on a daily basis saying that they have always wanted to do a boudoir or nude session but didn’t know any photographers who did them. Things are different now. It’s great to see that Boudoir is no longer taboo. Photographers who only shot weddings or photographers who only shot families are now offering boudoir as one of their speciality services. Every day I see new names popping up on the internet of photographers who offer boudoir sessions at unbelievably low prices. In the past 3 years there has been a big increase in the number of photographers who are now boudoir photographers. Many only offer their services at your location or a hotel, and some are traveling photographers who do shoots in cities across the country. At Casual Elegance Photography® I have dedicated my studio to boudoir and nude photography. It’s what I love to shoot and what I have dedicated my talents to. I have sets and areas specifically to shoot the these images on. I also offer location shoots, but what I have found is that the clients who come to me for their images prefer the studio over a hotel or home. The makeup artists who are part of the team are all experts in glamour makeup and all have formal education in makeup application. Our goal is to combine our expertise to create the best images for the clients.

Now with the saturation of the market with boudoir photographers, the photographers who have the costs of a studio, pay for insurance and business permits, and maintain a host of equipment, are seeing their business collapsing. Just like the internet has destroyed the brick and mortar businesses, the photographers who have no overhead are impacting the brick and mortar photographers. At Casual Elegance Photography, I’m in the process of closing the doors. It breaks my heart to do it, but this down cycle and my health has taken its toll. I’m hoping that business grows in this month and next, but I’m preparing for the worst. Stay tuned, we maven have a “going out of business” sale.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography® to plan your personalized session.

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Yes, Casual Elegance Photography has the ability to shoot on location. It can be a home, a business, or a hotel. We try to accommodate our clients by providing many different options for their shoot. One of the last times we did a shoot on location it was with a car, a Corvette and the client was modeling with it nude! Talk about some awesome images!!!! She rocked the shots with her great poses and her outstanding expressions and body language. All I can say is that the images could sell anyone on the benefits of owning a Corvette! Now I am going to see if I can find a model to pose with my 911SC Weissach Edition (once I get it back to great condition) so we can post the images on our blog and website! Contact us below to set up your shoot!

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On Location

Amanda – On location shoot

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If you have read our blog so far you will know that I started out taking portraits of families, children and models.  But the business evolved over time into a nude and boudoir venue of photography because that’s what our clients wanted.

Just last week, while shooting a male art model (there are not as many male nude models as female), we talked about the whole business of nude and boudoir photography.  He was telling me that new art students are almost embarrassed to look at the naked human form.  We talked about how the words nude, erotic,  and boudoir  have certain meaning in people’s minds.  But we also talked about the art that we create when photographing or drawing the human form.    As an art model he could relate to the sculptures, drawings and paintings of the great masters.  The print we have in the studio of Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss” (one of our favorites) caught his eye, and we talked about lighting, shadows and he told me that when he poses for art students he always makes sure that his hands are visible because students have a hard time drawing hands, and it obviously is a neccessary part of the whole. It’s such a shame that our society has labeled nude as porn. No wonder so many young men and women have a negative opinion of themselves. And our society has also labeled individuals who pose nude as bad people. I look at them as very self confident and as people who treasure the beauty of the human body.

As a photographer, I enjoyed shooting with him because I love texture!  The veins in his hands, the hair on his arms and the definition of his body just screamed BLACK AND WHITE.  And even though I’m shooting with color digital, I’m envisioning what the image will look like in black and white.  In my opinion color is “eye candy”  but in black and white, it’s all about texture. And when shooting females, the same things apply. The difference is the texture is less but the form and curves make the overall image a work of art.

It was a great shoot and some images may end up on the website because he was thrilled with the results we were getting, and said he’d be happy for us to use the images on our site. I don’t use client images on my site unless they offer and they sign a release – this is non-negotionable. I take my clients privacy seriously. So after he signed a release and insisted that he was very comfortable in using his images, I added a couple to my site.

Have a peek at Casual Elegance Photography and see my work with the human form! Let me know what you think!

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