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Well, it’s 2018.  Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 18 years since we all thought it was going to be the end of the world – 2000.  I can remember all of the preparations we had made to be ready for all the computer systems to start failing because of the date changes that would occur in Y2K.   People on standby, system engineers babysitting systems, backups galore.  But at midnight it was BAU.  Yeah, there were a few hiccups, but nothing that would bring down civilization as we know it.  Just change. But people fear change and often build imaginary issues to resist it.

I resisted closing my studio location for almost a year as I kept seeing the economy and technology bring down the amount of clients and increase the cost of doing business.  Not only that, but it appears that people today don’t care about actual photos and the quality of them.  Most people are content with selfies done on their phones.  Very few actually print the images either.  And, yes, phones are getting better and their images are too.  And software (apps) are making even the worst of photos presentable.  Getting professional photos taken are a waste of money in many peoples eyes. So where does this leave the professionals?  What are people willing to pay for professional photos for?  Where are they looking for a professional to take photos and in what media are they hoping to get the images?  All good questions.  But probably not easy answers.  For instance, weddings.  Wedding photographers are still in demand.  People are willing to spend money on them.  But they are only willing to spend less and the medium has changed in many ways.  Prints?  Not many.  Digital albums and video are becoming more popular.  And if they can easily be transferred to instagram, Facebook, and twitter, the better.

I worry about today’s memories.  In the past we printed everything and put it in a book that we can look at even if we don’t have power.  We can see our past memories and not worry about a disk crashing.   From my interactions with people I’d have to say that most don’t back up any of their moments. When their phone goes “belly up” they lose their past.   And with the speed of technology today, even the backups need to be backed up on the latest technology to endure the effects of time and the discontinuance of older technology.  Such a shame in my “old” opinion.   So, where does this lead us?  What does the future look like?  Is there a place for the past?  Do we just live for the moment  and only for a moment, then the moment’s gone?  I really don’t know, but I’m glad I grew up in an age where memories were important, where technology was not the focus in our lives, where we went outdoors to play and use OUR imaginations and not those of some coder who wants us to live in their imaginary world.  We got dirty, we made pretend items, we had fun.

In my opinion, the world of photography is going down the same path.  Photography as an art is becoming a product of technology and not just ability.  Snap something on your phone, run it through an app, and even Ansel Adams would be amazed with the results.  His zone system incorporated through 1’s and 0’s to perfection and without even a slight thought.   The resulting “art” joyously received by the masses on social media and the “photographer” acclaimed as a master of the craft.   Sigh…

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As I was preparing for a shoot last week I started thinking about the different venues of nudes that my clients ask for.  That day was the Glamour Nude day (here is that cycle thing again).  My first shoot was a bride who wants to give her groom a special gift for their wedding.  She brought her wedding dress and accessories and she did a “strip-tease” for the session.  She ended up totally nude for the final shots and will present the album to her husband on their wedding night.

The second shoot was a Glamour Nude session with a woman as a 10th anniversary present for her husband.  After 10 years she said that she “finally got up the courage” to do a shoot for him.  But, she told him that if she does the shoot, then he has to do one for her!

Glamour nudes, artistic nudes, and boudoir are the specialties that I’ve chosen for my business.  It’s an honor to have clients trust me with their very special photos.  I realize that they are probably going to be nervous and I make every effort to see that they relax and enjoy their shoot.  I take this all very seriously and my clients appreciate it.

At Casual Elegance Photography we never get tired of the variety of shoots we do.   From head shots to Maternity to commercial to art and glamour nudes!  Every day it’s something different.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography’s Website and contact us today for your special shoot!


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Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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Now that you’ve decided to do a boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot, for yourself or someone you love… what’s next?

Boudoir actually means a woman’s bedroom, dressing room or private sitting room.  Your boudoir photography session at Casual Elegance will reflect a sense of intimacy, sexiness, and femininity.  The key to getting your images to look great is comfort, and relaxation!  Nerves will show in the photos every time.  If you read our clients comments you will see that without exception they are comfortable and relaxed in our studio – even if they have been completely naked for artistic nude photographs! And most of them are surprised by this!  We have robes available (and recommend that you bring your own) in the studio for your use before we begin shooting and during set changes. It always surprises me that halfway through the session most women aren’t even bothering with the robes anymore! I am glad that they are that comfortable. It makes the session so much more productive.

Remember, this is new to you, but as the photographer, I have done this hundreds of times. I use digital imaging and shoot directly to the computer – so we can see the results as we shoot. I have never had anyone say that they didn’t enjoy their shoot once the photographs start appearing on the screen! Most say that they cannot believe how beautiful they look, and seeing their images on the screen helps them to relax more.  The feel empowered and sexy when they leave.

There are many things you can do prior to the photoshoot to calm yourself if you need to. Take a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, meditate… just spend some time keeping the nerves at bay.   As I mentioned before, nerves will show.  But if you just relax and look at it as an adventure, you will do well.  Then just come in and let us do the rest.  You will have fun, and get some fantastic images as a bonus!

I welcome questions and I welcome you to come in ahead of the shoot so that you can see the studio and meet with me to discuss the shoot.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography today and start your plans for an exciting shoot!

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer

Artistic Nude

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Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography


Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography!

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It’s true that most of our sessions revolve around special occasions during the year. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. But we also have clients, both women and men, who come in for a shoot just because they want to feel good about themselves. Sometimes they will say it’s for their significant other, but then they say that it’s also for themselves. They’ve worked hard for the look they now have and want to celebrate it by capturing it forever. An Artistic Nude or Intimate photo session is a great way to capture the hard work and beauty of their body. Over the past few months we have had several “just for me” photo shoots. I’ve worked with people who just want to do the shoot to check it off their “bucket list “, I’ve worked with people who have been working out hard to get a great body, and I’ve worked with people who just want to document their beauty forever. The common theme for the shoots has been “I am doing this for myself, but my (significant other) will enjoy the results too”.

At Casual Elegance Photography we encourage you to feel good about yourself, and we try to show you how great you really look!!! From beginning to end, our sessions are both relaxed and exciting. We shoot directly to the computer so you see the shots as we shoot them, and we work diligently to get images that have a “wow” factor. When you finish your session we want you to be walking tall and all encouraged about how great you look. Empowered!

Treat yourself (or your significant other) to a wonderful experience. Call today to make an appointment for an artistic nude or Intimate Photo Session! You will be glad you did!

Casual Elegance Photography® – “Creating Art from Life”

Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer Casual Elegance Photography®

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When I started Casual Elegance Photography® 17 years ago I did mainly portraits. Within the first 2 years the models and clients I worked with started asking if I would do Boudoir and Nude Photography, so I added it to the venues of my photography. It quickly took over my business and more than 90% of my shoots were either boudoir or nude sessions. For the past 12 years I have specialized in Intimate Photography – Boudoir, Nude, and Couples. I got calls from new clients on a daily basis saying that they have always wanted to do a boudoir or nude session but didn’t know any photographers who did them. Things are different now. It’s great to see that Boudoir is no longer taboo. Photographers who only shot weddings or photographers who only shot families are now offering boudoir as one of their speciality services. Every day I see new names popping up on the internet of photographers who offer boudoir sessions at unbelievably low prices. In the past 3 years there has been a big increase in the number of photographers who are now boudoir photographers. Many only offer their services at your location or a hotel, and some are traveling photographers who do shoots in cities across the country. At Casual Elegance Photography® I have dedicated my studio to boudoir and nude photography. It’s what I love to shoot and what I have dedicated my talents to. I have sets and areas specifically to shoot the these images on. I also offer location shoots, but what I have found is that the clients who come to me for their images prefer the studio over a hotel or home. The makeup artists who are part of the team are all experts in glamour makeup and all have formal education in makeup application. Our goal is to combine our expertise to create the best images for the clients.

Now with the saturation of the market with boudoir photographers, the photographers who have the costs of a studio, pay for insurance and business permits, and maintain a host of equipment, are seeing their business collapsing. Just like the internet has destroyed the brick and mortar businesses, the photographers who have no overhead are impacting the brick and mortar photographers. At Casual Elegance Photography, I’m in the process of closing the doors. It breaks my heart to do it, but this down cycle and my health has taken its toll. I’m hoping that business grows in this month and next, but I’m preparing for the worst. Stay tuned, we maven have a “going out of business” sale.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography® to plan your personalized session.

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Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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Over the past several days I have been moving my site to a new server. The Casual Elegance Photography ® is now on the new server and up and running. Take a moment to visit and let me know what you think. I’d really appreciate any feedback.

Now, Nude Photography… Over the past coupe of months Ruth and I have been going through cancer issues. Ruth was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I was diagnosed 4 days later with Melanoma. Fast forward after all the craziness and we are both now cancer free. So needless to say, the business has suffered a little because of the lack of my availability. Last week I contact a couple of models that I know and we we did some fun shoots. I completely believe that if you don’t do something often you loose some of the creativeness that you had, so these shoots were to give me a little time to get creative and have some fun too.

I started with Rockelle and we did a shoot of a marionette levitating above the set. Unfortunately I chose a white backdrop so there was no sense of the actual levitation. The project is now on hold until we can get together again and try it once more.

Then I shot with Nicole. She is new to modeling, but did a great job. She told me that she had a great time!! We got some awesome art nudes and I got to play with a few new lighting techniques where I used spots to light up areas rather than lighting the whole body. Nicole Art Nude

They were both great shoots and I’m confident now that my surgeries have not impacted my ability to shoot.

So… visit Casual Elegance Photography and make an appointment for your special shoot today! You’ll be glad you did!

Atlanta Nude and Boudoir Photographer!

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Why should you choose Casual Elegance for your pregnancy photos?  Many women want their “belly shots” to be at least partially nude, and although that is by no means a “requirement”, it’s something that Casual Elegance specializes in.  In addition, we are well known for our comfortable studio and relaxed shooting environment, but more importantly, for our professionalism, integrity, and for producing beautiful and lasting images of the most special time of your life.

The photographs in the maternity gallery on our website are all photos of models we have worked with on various projects over the years, who came back to us when they started their families.  They signed releases for their photos to be used on our site.  Your photographs will never be used on our website, unless you ask us to include them, and sign the appropriate releases.  Otherwise, your photos are simply that … YOUR photos. 

We recommend starting the process very early in your pregnancy, and documenting your growing belly over the full term.   One photograph on our site shows 3 “phases” of a model’s last trimester.  Within hours of the final photograph she was in the hospital, giving birth.  That’s cutting it a little TOO close, but you get the idea. 

We are happy to meet for a complimentary consultation prior to scheduling a photoshoot for you.  It gives us the opportunity to discuss ideas that you may have as to the types of photographs you want to have taken.  Give Casual Elegance Photography ® a call!

Casual Elegance Photography



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Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir, Nude, and Maternity Photography.

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