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Well, it’s 2018.  Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 18 years since we all thought it was going to be the end of the world – 2000.  I can remember all of the preparations we had made to be ready for all the computer systems to start failing because of the date changes that would occur in Y2K.   People on standby, system engineers babysitting systems, backups galore.  But at midnight it was BAU.  Yeah, there were a few hiccups, but nothing that would bring down civilization as we know it.  Just change. But people fear change and often build imaginary issues to resist it.

I resisted closing my studio location for almost a year as I kept seeing the economy and technology bring down the amount of clients and increase the cost of doing business.  Not only that, but it appears that people today don’t care about actual photos and the quality of them.  Most people are content with selfies done on their phones.  Very few actually print the images either.  And, yes, phones are getting better and their images are too.  And software (apps) are making even the worst of photos presentable.  Getting professional photos taken are a waste of money in many peoples eyes. So where does this leave the professionals?  What are people willing to pay for professional photos for?  Where are they looking for a professional to take photos and in what media are they hoping to get the images?  All good questions.  But probably not easy answers.  For instance, weddings.  Wedding photographers are still in demand.  People are willing to spend money on them.  But they are only willing to spend less and the medium has changed in many ways.  Prints?  Not many.  Digital albums and video are becoming more popular.  And if they can easily be transferred to instagram, Facebook, and twitter, the better.

I worry about today’s memories.  In the past we printed everything and put it in a book that we can look at even if we don’t have power.  We can see our past memories and not worry about a disk crashing.   From my interactions with people I’d have to say that most don’t back up any of their moments. When their phone goes “belly up” they lose their past.   And with the speed of technology today, even the backups need to be backed up on the latest technology to endure the effects of time and the discontinuance of older technology.  Such a shame in my “old” opinion.   So, where does this lead us?  What does the future look like?  Is there a place for the past?  Do we just live for the moment  and only for a moment, then the moment’s gone?  I really don’t know, but I’m glad I grew up in an age where memories were important, where technology was not the focus in our lives, where we went outdoors to play and use OUR imaginations and not those of some coder who wants us to live in their imaginary world.  We got dirty, we made pretend items, we had fun.

In my opinion, the world of photography is going down the same path.  Photography as an art is becoming a product of technology and not just ability.  Snap something on your phone, run it through an app, and even Ansel Adams would be amazed with the results.  His zone system incorporated through 1’s and 0’s to perfection and without even a slight thought.   The resulting “art” joyously received by the masses on social media and the “photographer” acclaimed as a master of the craft.   Sigh…

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Back several years ago Boudoir Photography was more on the fringe of the photography business. There wasn’t enough interest in it to make it a mainstay for a photography business. Casual Elegance Photography still made it one of our specialties and has remained true to providing exceptional boudoir photography for our clients to this day.

Fast forward to 2017… Boudoir photography is very common. Many photographers who had never ventured into the boudoir venue are now providing this service to their customers. In fact, the market is being saturated with boudoir photographers. It’s not difficult to get into the boudoir business, but it’s critical that you possess three essential skills. First, you have to be genuinely interested in getting the best shots for your customer. The customer is going to be nervous and shy, so you have to work with them, get them to feel comfortable, and honestly help them hit the poses. Second, you have to have a good command of lighting. Portraits and wedding photos have a different lighting setup than does boudoir. Boudoir requires sensual yet lit well lighting. It’s not something that just happens. You have to plan and practice to get the most out of the lights. And third, you have to price your services to remain in business yet compete with all of the other boudoir photographers. That’s where the biggest challenge comes in. Some boudoir photographers use a hotel or the customers home to shoot. They don’t have the expense of a studio, insurance, licensing, and utilities. So they can keep the prices very low. Others, like me, have invested in the business and have been doing this for a while. SO while our prices may be higher, you will see a difference in what we do and how we do it.

The decision is the customers. At Casual Elegance Photography I can honestly say that we will do every reasonable thing to make your photoshoot a fun and successful shoot. We pride ourselves on getting the shots you want and on making you comfortable throughout the shoot.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography today where you can see sample of our work and read our customer testimonials. Then call to schedule your appointment with Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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Well, I did a stupid thing. As I was stepping over a baby gate that keeps one of our cats in a room (she is way too plump to jump), I caught my foot, fell to the floor, and broke my arm. It seem like every time I move the studio this happens. Last time was when we were moving into our present studio. Ruth and I had to do it all with just her and my one arm. Now that we are moving into just one suite there (the original suite we started with) it’s happening again. I’m lucky that it’s my left arm this time, I’m right handed, so it will be easier than last time.

The biggest issue will be shooting. I’m sure I can do it, but I won’t be my normal self and shoots will take a little longer. I’m going to take notes this time. I may be able to write a best seller titled “One are shooter”. 🙂

Casual Elegance Photography ®


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I can’t wait until I can find a safe and secure place to shoot some summertime nudes outdoors. A few years back I shot some in my back yard, but that was when I had my studio in my home. And a few years ago I did a photoshoot for a client in the driveway of her home. No neighbors were home and the street was a very quiet one. We moved her classic car out to the driveway and she posed nude with it. We got some great shots and her husband was thrilled to get a book with the images in it. Last time I heard from her she said he looks at the book often!

Shooting outdoor nudes is a great way to celebrate the beauty of the human body in a natural setting. But it has to be a safe and secure place. You don’t want the public to be walking by, and you don’t want the law to get calls about it. The best place is on private property that’s off the main roads and in a location that’s not easy to see. I wish that I knew someplace like that, but sadly I don’t. Well, at least not yet. I’m planning a couple of days to research locations and visit them to see what I can come up with.

Even though we don’t have an outdoor venue yet, you can still come in and get your boudoir and nude shots in our comfortable, safe and secure studio. Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® and make an appointment today!

Would be a great place for Outdoor Nudes

Amicalola Falls

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Everyone can do something that helps their community. As a photographer I have 2 communities that I volunteer in. In the community where my studio is I take the police officer portraits at no charge and I volunteer many hours per month with the police department assisting officers. In the community that I live in I take the officer portraits at no charge and when they ask for volunteers I usually jump right in and help. I believe that it’s good to support the community in any way you can. There’s always something that needs to be done and could use volunteers. For instance, in August there’s National Night Out. It’s a great event and lots of fun. I’ll be volunteering in the community that I live in and helping the police distribute information throughout the evening. It’s not hard work, but it’s something that will help the city.

I enjoy doing these things and am always thinking of other ways to help. I’ve got several different photo projects in mind and hopefully will get them done this summer.

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Spring has sprung and here we are heading into the most popular time of year for weddings.  We’re already starting to get calls about the very popular groom’s gift of bridal boudoir photos, or B-pics as they are known these days.


The premise of Bridal boudoir is giving the groom a gift of photos (or a book or calendar) showing his bride in her wedding lingerie – maybe even with her veil, but without the gown. Some brides want an image from behind wearing only the veil and nothing else.  Another common groom’s gift is a series of images in the glamour category or glamour nude category. Imagine the grooms delight when he opens the album and sees his bride looking like a Playboy playmate. With our lighting and poses we know how to get the images he will completely enjoy and love for years to come.  


The summer wedding season will be here before you know it so plan ahead and book your appointment now. Contact Casual Elegance Photography® today!

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

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I think that every photographer comes up with a special idea that they MUST shoot. It may just be a lighting idea, or a pose idea, or a location idea, but it eats away at you until you can complete the task.

Yesterday was one of my many “idea days” where I had planned to shoot a few new lighting and posing ideas. I had my studio ready, stick drawings of the poses with where I wanted to lights to hit (yes, stick drawings. I’m not a artist in that respect), and all my light modifiers ready to swap around as I shot the images and changed the poses. But the model never showed and I didn’t get a chance to shoot the ideas. I was a bit disappointed, but I’ll plan something again when I can. Normally the models I work with show up on time and ready to shoot, but this was a new model who had contacted me out of the blue. She seemed sincere, she gave me her information and phone number, and I thought it was going to be a good shoot. But she never showed, or called. I tried to call her and the number was a non working number, so shame on me for not calling her before the shoot. I would have known.

But enough of this disappointing talk… I’m ready to get these ideas out of my head and on to the sensor (we used to say on to film). So next week I’ll contact another model friend who always shows up and we’ll work with these ideas and get the concepts down so I can use them for client shoots. Hint: they are really cool lighting techniques to light artistic nudes. 🙂 I’ll share the results when I finish this quest.

In the meantime – visit Casual Elegance Photography® and make an appointment to get your artistic nude photo shoot scheduled!

An old "Idea" shoot.

Mother Earth – an old “Idea” shoot.

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