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As we (here in the US) celebrate Independence Day, let’s not forget that our Freedom comes with a cost. We are only free because of those who have sacrificed and given all to protect it. The freedom we enjoy could be taken away at any time if it were not for the men and women of our military who have sworn to protect the country from threats both foreign and domestic. Please take a moment during the celebrations to thank those who have served or are serving – it’s because of them that you can celebrate freely.

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Everyone can do something that helps their community. As a photographer I have 2 communities that I volunteer in. In the community where my studio is I take the police officer portraits at no charge and I volunteer many hours per month with the police department assisting officers. In the community that I live in I take the officer portraits at no charge and when they ask for volunteers I usually jump right in and help. I believe that it’s good to support the community in any way you can. There’s always something that needs to be done and could use volunteers. For instance, in August there’s National Night Out. It’s a great event and lots of fun. I’ll be volunteering in the community that I live in and helping the police distribute information throughout the evening. It’s not hard work, but it’s something that will help the city.

I enjoy doing these things and am always thinking of other ways to help. I’ve got several different photo projects in mind and hopefully will get them done this summer.

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To all the dad’s out there I wish you a very happy Father’s Day. My favorite quote that sums up how many kids feel about their fathers is from Mark Twain. “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” Always remember that you children are listening and learning no matter how they pretend that they are not. All of the little things you do are being taken in and will someday be a revelation to your children.

So have a Happy Father’s Day, relax a while, enjoy the day, and remember that there is hope…

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“Welcome Home” is such a simple phrase.  It takes very little effort to say.

Last year when the traveling “Wall” (Vietnam Memorial Wall) was in Roswell, Ruth and I went to see it.  We arrived, parked our car in the parking area, and started to walk to the site where the Wall was erected.  As we were walking a young man in a golf cart stopped and asked us if we needed a lift to the Wall.  If was hot that day so we said yes.  As we were driving down the paths the young man and I started talking.  One thing led to another and I mentioned that I had served in Vietnam.  At that point he stopped the cart, turned to me and said “Welcome Home – thank you for serving our country”.   It was the first time I had ever heard those words directed to me.  I had come home to protests, people call me and the other troops “killers”, people throwing eggs at the solders who had served our nation and were finally home.  The cart drivers words still echo in my head – “Welcome Home”.   Just two simple words that can mean so very much to someone who is finally home to the country they have fought for.

A few weeks ago Ruth and I were in Helen, GA on a mini-vacation.  We stopped in a store that sold bumper stickers (some really cool ones), and t-shirts.  I noticed a room with Military decals, etc. went in to find one for my truck.  As I was looking around a gentleman came up to me to see if he could help me find something.  I told him I was looking for a Vietnam Veteran Decal for my truck.  His first words were “Welcome Home”.  I can’t begin to tell you how it felt. I could only think of two words – Thank You.   I felt that finally our country is realizing that no matter which war you served in, you served this great country and did your part to protect what we all love – our freedom.

The men and women who serve this great country are all heroes.  They sacrifice so very much to defend our way of life and to defend the rights of people worldwide to have the freedom to live.  I believe that everyone who has served this nation, no matter which conflict, war, police action they were a part of, deserves to hear the words “Welcome Home and thank you for serving our country”.  I’ve said it a thousand times and written it in emails.  As a country, we the citizens owe the men and women who by no choice of their own, serve and fight for our freedom no matter where it is, the simple courtesy of saying a very simple phrase from our hearts “Welcome Home” .

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Last night Ruth and I attended “Body Awareness” performed by the Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theater at 7 Stages Theater in Little 5 Points here in Atlanta. I highly recommend that you see this play!

The play is set in the fictional small town of Shirley, Vermont, where Phyllis, a college campus organizer for Body Awareness Week (whose topics range from a dance troupe of refugee Palestinian children to an eating disorder seminar) lives with her partner Joyce, a high school social studies teacher, and Joyce’s 21-year-old son Jared, from a prior marriage. Jared shows several symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, but he refuses to see a therapist for treatment. Their houseguest is a middle-aged photographer named Frank Bonitatibus, whose artistic photos of nude women offend Phyllis. Frank’s presence exacerbates the already existing tension between the three of them, and when Joyce agrees to pose for one of Frank’s pictures, this threatens her relationship with Phyllis. Meanwhile, Jared, a self-described autodidact who works at McDonald’s until he successfully tries to get fired because he hates his co-workers, asks Frank for advice on how to attract women.

The cast and crew do a great job of holding your interest throughout the play. The humor and interactions between the cast are amazing. We couldn’t believe that 95 minutes went by so fast and that this one act play could totally consume our attention like it did. Our hats are off to the PNO Theater and the talent in the play!

After the show there was a “Boudoir Photography” reception in the lobby with wine, food, and cheese. My work (Casual Elegance Photography®) was on display for everyone to see. There are 12 photos (models, not clients) on display ranging from artistic nude to pure boudoir imagery. It was amazing for us to see everyone’s positive reactions to my work and to have people come up to us complimenting the photos. The photos will be on display until the close of the show and we highly recommend seeing this play while it’s here in Atlanta.

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I know it’s only July and it’s hot outside, but now is the time to start planning for those Holiday and Special Occasion Photo Gifts. Why? Well first of all you want to be sure that you have everything you need for the shoot such as outfits. You should be shopping for the ones you want now and putting together a little book of poses to use them in. Second, everyone wants to look their best for the shots so that sometimes requires a couple of months of workouts, etc. And third, if you start planning now then you won’t forget and then remember just a couple of weeks away. We have several great gift ideas such as:

Our calendars. They contain 13 images (cover plus a different image for each month) and you can create a caption for each of your photographs if you wish, to make the gift even more special. You can select to start the calendar on any date and have it run for 12 months. The lab we use for our calendars will print up to Playboy style nudes, and works fast to get these beautiful calendars back to us with record speed, but we book up quickly during the holiday season, and editing of photos takes time to ensure they are picture perfect.

Our Hard Cover Books. Each book can have 20 or more pages of the images of your choice. One client had the cover done in black with the words “(husbands name)’s Little Black Book. Each photo had a theme that they both shared.

Our Electronic Photo Book. These cool little “wallets” are a great way to share the images with a loved one so they can take them on trips with them. The come in ether red or black and make an excellent gift as a add on to any session.

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This blog has nothing to do with photography, but I need to get this out on the internet. (SOAPBOX – ON)

I have a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe LE with 74K miles on it. The truck has been treated very well and has never been abused. In fact, I had never towed anything larger than a small trailer with some pine straw on it, and only used the 4 wheel drive a couple of times. The Transmission had a Catastrophic Metal Failure and the transmission quit working. Mind you, this is at 74K miles… The dealer charged me $2984 for a remanufactured transmission and installed it a week ago.

Since then I have visited the Edmund’s Forum and was blown away by the number of other Tahoe’s, Yukons, and Suburbans who have experienced low miles transmission failures. It appears that there is a problem that GM should have issued a recall for but didn’t.

I contacted the GM Customer assistance center, told them the story, and after being asked if I owned any other GM products and if I was going to but a new car soon, they said the vehicle is too old and they won’t do anything about it. So I contacted the Executive Escalation department and told them the whole story again. After several days I received an answer – NO, the vehicle is too old. But they were going to offer me a “Vehicle Loyalty” coupon to buy a new Chevrolet! Just what I am going to do… NOT!!!!

If anyone has a Tahoe, Yukon, or Suburban that has had transmission problems, and would like to contact me so I can build a list of dissatisfied customers, please visit my website and send me a message. I’m hoping to get enough names and information to present it to the GM Execs and hopefully get some relief for the owners who have paid out good money for a defective product.


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