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Nude, Boudoir, Glamour, Erotic and Sensual Photography – Casual Elegance Photography is the number one choice in Atlanta!

Casual Elegance Photography has earned a reputation in the photographic industry since the year 2000 for providing clients across the United States, and as far away as Europe, with a comfortable, professional environment for their Boudoir, Glamour, and Artistic Nude photo sessions, and for the outstanding results that are produced.

The Photographer:  Atlanta boudoir photographer Mark Anderson, owner of Casual Elegance Photography, is a published artistic and commercial photographer based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.

Mark is well known for his talent at putting his clients immediately at ease with his easy going and laid back manner. His studio is set up to have a comfortable, and homelike feel, which results in a relaxed setting. He loves to collaborate with his clients – mixing their ideas with his own, to produce a truly spectacular result! Whether you are an individual, or a couple who just wants to create a special gift for someone else, or a memento for yourselves, schedule your appointment today!

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Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift for your husband? Try a Boudoir, Glamour or Nude photoshoot for a one of a kind gift

If you are looking for a unique gift for your hubby this year for Father’s Day, check out our Boudoir, Glamour, and Fine Art Nude photography galleries for some examples of gifts that keep on giving for years to come!

Your options are endless… and your shoot can be subdued or it can be daring… it is all up to you! Many of our clients want to do their Boudoir photoshoots wearing different types of lingerie in every shot. Some choose to do “implied” nudity, where we shoot the photographs so that nothing shows, but the viewer has the impression that you are completely nude, and some of our clients choose to do an Artistic Nude shoot.
At Casual Elegance we want what you want! So give Mark a call and let’s talk! We have several packages available, and custom packages can be put together if you have specific needs!

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Many clients call to talk about a Boudoir session and ask if there are any age limits. My standard answer is “yes – 18 on the young side and 140 on the older side”. George Burns once said that if you live to 100 you have it made because very few people die after the age of 100.

Boudoir photography is not just for the young, it’s something that many women have wanted to do all their lives but never have, so in their late 50’s and 60’s they decide that they want to add it to their “bucket list”. A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting a boudoir session for a lady who was 66 years old. She had been working out for several years and felt she was in the best shape of her life. She booked a boudoir session but ended up doing both Boudoir and Artistic Nudes. The look on her face as she saw the first art nude images appear on the monitor will be with me forever. Lisa even had to re-do her makeup because her tears made streaks on her face. She said to me “this is the greatest gift anyone could give to them self!”

I’m finding that more and more women are treating themselves to a boudoir session just because they want to. Not because it’s a gift for someone, but because they want to feel good about themselves. I love the opportunity to be a part of it and feel honored that they have chosen me as their photographer.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® and make your reservation for a Boudoir session today.

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I read an article today that discussed one photographer’s view of Boudoir Photography. Their opinion is that Boudoir should NEVER contain any nudity and that it should only be slightly suggestive. The photographer went on to say that they specialized in Boudoir but they do not shoot any nudity. Unfortunately I don’t totally agree with the photographer because it’s my opinion that the client makes the decision as to what Boudoir is or isn’t to them. If a client wants nudity in the images it’s their decision. They know the person who the images are for much better than the photographer taking them. Even if the images are for no one but them self, they know what they want and how they want to the photos taken. At Casual Elegance Photography, I encourage my clients to share their thoughts and ideas so that I can get the images they want. Many bring in images that they have seen and liked so that we can work on something similar. It’s a good way to “see” inside their head. We usually get all the images that the client wanted to get and then a few more. By shooting directly to the computer and being able to see each shot on a 19″ monitor as we shoot, it makes the session a bit more interactive and helps both the client and me to know if we got the shot or not.

Make your appointment today with Casual Elegance Photography ® to get the finest in Boudoir and Intimate Photography!

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Our artistic nudes sessions are what I like to think of as a celebration of the human form. Our bodies are a work of art – a wonderful expression of our humanity. Why not capture it in a beautiful way, something classic, classy, and artistic.

Many of my clients come in for a Boudoir session and after looking at some samples I have of Artistic Nudes, decide to “give it a try” and get some art nudes taken too. When they see their images come up on the in house monitor, they cannot believe how beautiful they look and how artistic the images are. Most of the time they are done with either one light or two so that the images present a good combination of shadows and highlights. Other times I use lights and reflectors to create additional depth or mood to the shots. But the key is that the images are works of art that have a look that celebrates the human form. I’ve had clients order gallery wrapped images as large as 24″x36″ to display over their bed. Other clients have had smaller ones framed in a series to display in their bath or bedroom. They see how beautiful they look and want display them.

Give us a call and make your appointment for shoot today. Casual Elegance Photography ® – Atlanta Boudoir and Atlanta Nude Photographer.

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This past week I did a photo shoot with a male client who wanted some classy classic artistic nudes that he could have framed (or wrapped) for his home. In the planning stages we discussed the several options for shots and he decided on creating images where we were recreating some well known sculptures. I’ve done this type of shoot before and even have a few of them on my site of models I have worked with. Since I don’t use client images (unless they sign a release to do so) I am sometimes limited in what I can show perspective clients so that they can get an idea of what the shots might look like.

We decided on 3 different poses that would give him the 3 prints that he wanted. All three will be turned into Black & White, and all three were shot on a black backdrop with the use of one or two lights. One of the poses was “The Thinker” by Rodin. Below is a sample of a model I shot back awhile ago in the same pose. The client’s pose was actually better in several ways because he had studied the pose before the shoot. I was amazed that we got the perfect image on the very first frame we shot! Pose, lighting, angle, exposure – all the photo gods were in sync and we got a fabulous shot!

Thinking of creating art? Contact me to discuss a shoot custom built for you. Casual Elegance Photography – Creating Art from Life!

Recreating "The Thinker"

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When I think of Glamour Nude Photography I think of Playboy style images. In my opinion, Playboy and its photographers are the masters of lighting. They use light to create depth, remove distractions, point the viewer to specific areas, and to create the whole dream.

At Casual Elegance Photography I use several of their lighting techniques, but I add my own twist to it. I love the soft rich sunset glow across the skin, the clean crisp lighting of the features, and the overall depth of small spot lights on the background. It adds a romantic and sexy flair to the shots and gives the viewer a sense of being in a very posh environment. I use several strobes to accomplish this effect which really differs from my one light technique that I use for artistic nudes. I would say that I like less lights for the most part, but when creating great GLamour Nudes, the more lights the better it seems. 🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to see samples of my work, client tstimonials, and the packages I offer.

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