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I had a client ask if I did nude portraits. I really never thought about what a nude portrait was until then. She explained that she and her husband wanted a typical portrait done but they wanted to be nude in them. I immediately thought “Art Nudes” but then thought a little more about it. A standard portrait in my opinion would be done with a backdrop and a classic look but this would be your standard couples photo but without the clothing.  Interesting twist! I told her that it was a first for me but if she liked my normal samples on the Casual Elegance Photography site, then we could try it with her idea.  I kind of like the idea and can’t wait to see the results.

If all goes well we can then add “Nude Portraits” to the list of services that Casual Elegance Photography provides.  I’ve specialized in Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photography since 2000.  Each new trend adds to our portfolio of services.   I’m working on the next new trend that started in Europe and has just begun here in the states.   More on it later.


Nude Couples

Couples Artistic Nude – Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta



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As you probably already know, in the beginning I started out taking portraits of families, children and models.  But the business evolved over time into a nude and boudoir venue of photography because that’s what my clients wanted. It’s still evolving and my clients are wanting more sensual images as well as art nudes. But it all started when a model that I was working with asked if I would shoot nudes. My smart-ass answer was “I’m not getting nude to shoot photos!” We laughed and started to discuss what she wanted to shoot. Her idea was to shoot images that were sensual as well as beautiful. That’s where it all began. We shot several times and I got the hang of it – Creating Art from Life. As the business evolved I realized that every person has a unique beauty that they can bring to the lens. And thanks to my wife Ruth, I’ve been able to see the female perspective as well as the male perspective. Her encouragement and thoughts have helped me learn at a much faster rate.

Just the other day, while shooting with an art model, we talked about the whole business of nude and boudoir photography.  They were telling me that new art students are almost embarrassed to look at the naked human form.  We talked about how the words nude, erotic,  and boudoir  have certain meaning in people’s minds. So sad. Our bodies are a work of art and we should be able to look at the human form without judging or without embarrassment. We also talked about the art that we create when photographing or drawing the human form.    As an art model they could relate to the sculptures, drawings and paintings of the great masters.  My print of Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss” (one of our favorites) caught their eye, and we talked about lighting, shadows and they told me that when they pose for art students they always makes sure that their hands are visible because students have a hard time drawing hands, and it obviously is a neccessary part of the whole.

As a photographer, I enjoyed shooting with people who have distinct features because I love texture!  The veins in hands, the hair on arms and the definition of the body just screams BLACK AND WHITE.  And even though I’m shooting with color digital, I’m envisioning what the image will look like in black and white.  In my opinion color is “eye candy”  but in black and white, it’s all about texture and forcing the viewer to look deeper.

Many of my clients have done several shoots with me. I always look forward to seeing them and working with their new ideas. I am honored that so many people trust me with getting the images that they want.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography ® today to book your special shoot. You will look back at it many years from now and say that it was one of the best things you’ve done for yourself.

Nicole Art Nude

Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

Artistic Nude

Art Nude


Artistic Nude

Our most popular Art Nude Pose

Male artistic nude

Nude male photo

Marietta Sandy Springs Roswell Atlanta Georgia Gwenette Cobb Fulton

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Failing to plan, is planning to fail… or something like that.

Yes I know, it is only October, and the still warm temperatures don’t make anyone think about Christmas! But if you are thinking of giving your special someone a holiday gift of nude or boudoir photographs with you looking and feeling your most sexy and beautiful, be sure to schedule your shoot no later than this month or November! If you are stressed, it will show.

There are several options for great holiday gifts! Perhaps you want to create a beautiful and private artistic nude photo album with your images. Or maybe you’d prefer to give the gift that keeps on giving with a calendar featuring your romantic boudoir photographs, so that he has his own sexy pin up girl to look at all year long! One of our clients asked us to put her photographs on a deck of playing cards as a totally unique gift! I’ll bet his poker buddies shocked – that is, if they ever saw them.

Whatever your ideas, give us a call and we will do everything we can to help you create the look you want for your shoot! Boudoir, erotic, artistic nude, glamour, provocative, sexy, innocent, in lingerie or naked! You tell us how you envision your photoshoot and we will create the look around you!

Click the banner below to go to Casual Elegance Photography ®

Casual Elegance Photography

Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography

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I can’t tell you how many times a client has been looking through my books at the studio and said “I wish I had taken maternity photos like these.”   The really regret not having the professional images of them in the beauty of their pregnancy.  It’s a beautiful and wonderful time so having the photos as a memory is something that really needs to be done.

I’ve done hundreds of sessions and the clients have loved the session and the results.  I even had one client order a 16×20 print for their home and another for her mother.   Most ask for the edited images on a CD with a release to print them so that they can make prints for their families.

And NO, you don’t have to be nude to do great maternity photos.  I’ve shot many clients fully clothed but showing the “belly” perfectly.  Many clients want to do a few nudes but some don’t want to.  It’s an individual preference that we totally understand.

So while you are pregnant don’t forget to have some great belly shots done so you won’t have to say “I wish I had done them.”

Visit Casual Elegance Photography and make your appointment today.  You’ll be glad you did!

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This is a blog I wrote over a year ago, but I felt that I need to re-post it because I have been receiving calls from potential clients who have had bad experiences when doing a boudoir session with another photographer in the past.  I told them that these are the things that they should ask right up front.  I know that this isn’t positively going to make sure that the photographer is the right one, but it will help with the short  list.  I’ve sent them this list of questions to help them get started.

I received a call from a potential client back a while ago and I was actually very delighted that she had such a good list of questions for me before she would hire a photographer – especially one that was going to take intimate photos for her. She had done her homework and said that she wanted to be sure she was dealing with a professional and a real business. Here are some of the questions she asked and the answers I gave her.

1. Do you have a business license? (yes – in Sandy Springs where my studio is)
2. Are you a corporation and in which state? (yes – Mark L. Anderson, LLC – Georgia – DBA Casual Elegance Photography®)
3. Do you have insurance? (yes – liability and loss of property)
4. When did you start the business? (2000 – I have been specializing in Boudoir and Intimate photography since 2001. I don’t shoot weddings and have not just added Boudoir photography to my menu of services.  I take the business of Boudoir and Intimate Photography seriously and professionally.)
5. Do you have a Website? – she was referred by a friend (yes – casualelegancephotography.com and my email address is mark@casualelegancephotography.com)
6. Do you have a studio? Can I meet with you ahead of the shoot and see your studio? (yes I have a 15oo sq ft studio in a small quite business park – I encourage that you come in ahead of time to discuss a shoot.  It’s always a good idea to see if you click with someone.  You can see examples of my work and we can go over ideas.)
7. Do you have a Makeup Artist? (yes – I utilize the services of several in the area but work closely with 3 – all licensed estheticians. They all believe in cleanliness and ensure their equipment and products are cleaned between uses. These Makeup Artists and I have worked together for over 10 years.)
8. Can I bring someone to the shoot with me? (YES – I highly encourage you to do that)
9. Will my photos be sold or used by you? ( NO! I do not use client images. If a client wants me to use an image I require them to sign an agreement for me to do so. I don’t even allow anyone other than the client to order prints or a CD)

Another few questions that should also be asked are:

1.  What forms of payment do you accept? (I accept most major credit cards, checks, and cash)

2.  Do you provide Prints or just photos on a CD?  (I can provide either or both.  I can also provide books, calendars, and canvas prints.)

3.  What are your hours of operation?  (I’m by appointment only and have appointment hours 7 days per week and on holidays)

She had a bunch more questions but they were related to the process, the shoot, and the timing. As I said, I was delighted that she was taking the task of hiring a photographer so seriously and I gladly answered her questions. It made me very happy that I had followed all the right steps to build my business correctly, and that Casual Elegance Photography® had all the right answers.

Visit our website to learn more about Casual Elegance Photography® and read our client testimonials.

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Cars and trucks have come a long way in the last few decades, but for all the great innovations there is a downside to the technology they load inside of the vehicles. Years ago it was a lot simpler to diagnose a problem and it was a much more mechanical environment. Now the computers in the vehicles control almost everything and almost everything has some electronics in them. To diagnose a problem it takes a computer or a code reading device (that costs $100 or more – and you may never need to use it again). I liked it better when a multimeter, some jumper wires, and a wiring diagram to solve most any electrical problem. And if the vehicle didn’t start, all you needed to find the problem fell down to one of Fuel, Air, Ignition. Now it could be any sensor or relay or the computer that is causing the issue.

And years ago, to replace a part it didn’t mean you had to take half the vehicle apart to get to it. This is where serviceability comes in. I think that the designers of the vehicles should have to replace every part to see how easily they can be replaced. In my past life I worked in a position where we monitored serviceability and made recommend changed before the product was finalized and manufactured. Yesterday I had to replace a starter on my truck. To replace it I had to use a pry bar to get it far enough over to move past a piece of the engine. If the designer had to try to replace it, I bet they would have made the part different so that it would just slip out.

Now on to customer service. In today’s environment you want to keep as many customers as you can. But at my local Pepboys the manager must have missed that class. I didn’t know the starter was bad so I suspected that the battery was the problem. I brought the battery in to be tested there since I had purchased it there 2 years ago. Before he even thought about testing it he noticed a little water on the top of the battery. He asked if I had added water to the battery and I answered yes, that I had topped off a cell with a little bit of distilled water. He immediately launched into “you have voided the warranty and it would present a hazard to test it”. Now mind you, this battery doesn’t say it’s a maintenance free one, and the caps on the top pop off to fill it with water if necessary. Still he held firm and wouldn’t test it for me. When I asked to see the warranty since it didn’t come with any documentation he showed me the sign that says you can’t return electrical parts – even though I wasn’t returning it. He wouldn’t help me in any way. I called the customer no-service number and spoke to a young lady who listened to my story. She said that he was the one to make the decision and she would contact him. Within 20 minutes he called me and said that he would test the battery himself because he didn’t want to endanger any of his employees with a battery that was “added water”. I took the battery in and he tested it. It tested good. He acted like he was doing me a favor by testing it.

Long story short – I purchased a starter from another parts store and it still wouldn’t start. So I took the battery to them to be tested. Guess what! The battery tested bad, so I bought a new battery from them and everything now works. So, because the Pepboys manager chose to give me a hard time (by the way, I have purchased tons of stuff from them in the past 18 years including about 10 batteries), they have lost a customer forever. I know that I’m only one small customer, but I can’t give my business to a place that doesn’t earn it.

Well,that’s it for today… visit Casual Elegance Photography ® where I hope to earn your business.

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I had a very interesting shoot a couple of months back. A client had used a photographer for her wedding that was a good deal as far as cost. She had not checked to see if the photographer was a real business, had insurance, etc. but their previous work looked really nice. Well… not one of the photos of the wedding turned out. Seems the photographer had the camera set wrong and the photos were all out of sync. The client wanted me to take a few shots of them so they would at least have some of her gown and his tux.

A few posts back I wrote about a client who called me and asked a series of questions before even considering Casual Elegance Photography ®. I’m a firm believer in knowing the business you are dealing with, especially when the images are very important to you. This goes for Boudoir images too. I’ve had few clients come to me after having paid another boudoir photographer for a shoot. They were very disappointed in the photos and felt like they had wasted their money. At Casual Elegance Photography® I am so confident that you will love the images that I offer a guarantee. I’ve never had anyone who wasn’t completely satisfied with the exception of one client who, when they walked in the door, said “I have NEVER liked any photos of me and probably never will.” Although she wasn’t “completely” satisfied, she did like several of the shots and said that it was the first time. I did not charge her for the shoot and refunded her deposit.

When shopping for a photographer ask questions, look at samples of previous shoots, and if you feel like you need to, ask for references. I also recommend meeting with the photographer ahead of the shoot to be sure that your personalities will work well to get the images you want.

Visit Casual ELegance Photography® and call for your photo appointment today.

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