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Many of my clients tell me that they like to stay in their comfort zone but they want to stretch it out so that they can experience something different. They come in the studio nervous but leave totally please with themselves and the fact that they did something both daring and empowering.

When we start the shoot we typically start with art nudes if the client has elected to do nudes at all. Why? We don’t want a lot of clothing lines on the skin. Everyone knows how long it takes to get those lines from tight clothing to go away, and although editing can take them almost completely out, it makes sense to have as many of the “flaws” out of the way when we start the shoot. At first the client is typically scared and apprehensive about becoming nude, but after they see how beautiful they look on the monitor, that feeling goes away rather quickly. I see this happen so many times that the makeup artists and I joke with the client and tell them that after a few shots they won’t have any nerves about the shoot. I’ve seen clients coverup between shots at first, then over time, the robe stays on the floor.

So what about your comfort zone? Mild or wild? At Casual Elegance Photography we leave it totally up to you. We’ll suggest poses that will work for your body type and personality, but the final poses are your decision. I’ve worked with clients who have very specific ideas and limits, and I’ve worked with clients who were up for anything and asked for ideas that a man would really like. I try to balance my recommendations between what a woman likes and what a man likes. They ARE different for the most part. Most of my clients have told me that they came to a male photographer so they will get a male perspective to the shots. But again, I try to shoot both perspectives. My wife has told me many times what a woman want to see in a shot and why. I try to put that knowledge into my thought train as I shoot so we get a well rounded shoot.

Are you ready? Want to check off that bucket list item? Willing to step out of your everyday comfort zone? Then contact Casual Elegance Photography® today and take yourself to that next level! You won’t be disappointed and, who knows, you just might learn something new about yourself.



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Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift for your husband? Try a Boudoir, Glamour or Nude photoshoot for a one of a kind gift

If you are looking for a unique gift for your hubby this year for Father’s Day, check out our Boudoir, Glamour, and Fine Art Nude photography galleries for some examples of gifts that keep on giving for years to come!

Your options are endless… and your shoot can be subdued or it can be daring… it is all up to you! Many of our clients want to do their Boudoir photoshoots wearing different types of lingerie in every shot. Some choose to do “implied” nudity, where we shoot the photographs so that nothing shows, but the viewer has the impression that you are completely nude, and some of our clients choose to do an Artistic Nude shoot.
At Casual Elegance we want what you want! So give Mark a call and let’s talk! We have several packages available, and custom packages can be put together if you have specific needs!

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We live in a technology age where we have control over things that would have been difficult at best in years past to do.  Although almost everything that we can do via Photoshop today was possible in the past, it’s less difficult to do today thanks to technology.

I use Photoshop to edit images for my clients after we’ve shot and they’ve selected their images.  Since I’m in the business of beauty and glamour I try to bring out the best in the person while retaining the qualities that make them who they are.   Sometimes it’s a difficult balance but I’ve been successful thus far.

In Photoshop there are several ways to do almost everything you can do, but I have a base flow that I use on every image.  Starting with a Levels balance to the final step of Sharpening,  I use the technology to remove the imperfections that the client and I have discussed, perform the touchups that they’ve asked for, and applied the “magic” that will take a great shot to an extraordinary one with the goal of bringing out the beauty and glamour the client wants to see.  Sure, I can completely create a different person, but that’s not something I want to do and I have shown my clients what I will do.  That’s where I don’t like the technology – where you make something that’s not real out of something that’s beautiful the way it is.   I’m sure you have seen magazines where the Hollywood stars look amazing and then see a photo of them without the “Magic” being done.   Even popular mens magazine edit images to create the exact look they think their readers will want to see.  But when a wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend comes to my studio for images, they want to look glamourous and beautiful for the one who the images are for and not look like an entirely different person.   That’s what makes the technology great – you can do things in moderation.  And…  you don’t have to sniff the chemicals while doing it.

So thanks to the technology behind the scenes, “magic” can be done and beauty/glamour can be presented while still retaining the true beauty and glamour of the image.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see some of our BEFORE AND AFTER images.   Then amy your appointment for your Photoshoot!


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Well, at least it is to me…   I get a lot of requests for Bridal Boudoir photo shoots in late May and early June.  It’s the most popular month for weddings and bridal boudoir is a growing trend.  At Casual Elegance Photography® we specialize in Boudoir and Nude Photography.  It’s been our main business since 2000 and we have learned how to get the images that our clients are looking for.  There are a lot of newcomers to the Boudoir business lately, but I feel that if you want the best, go to someone who has been doing it for a while.  It’s a specialty that’s unlike wedding photography or portrait photography.  Many of the newcomers have been shooting weddings and portraits for years and have entered the boudoir business as another way to make money.  That’s a normal business practice, but in some ways it’s like a General Practitioner (MD) taking on Heart Surgery because it’s a way to make money.  Sure, “photography is photography”, but there is much more to it than just the technical side of photography.  Client comfort, client instruction for posing, special lighting, special sets, etc. are as much a part of the boudoir business as the technical details.   As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been shooting nudes and boudoir since 2000.  I’d like to say that I’ve been successful in doing all the things that it takes to get great images and making the client feel good about the experience.   We are proud of the way Casual Elegance Photography ® has earned the trust and confidence of our clients, and for the reputation we have earned in the business.  Every shoot is taken personally.  From the first contact to the delivery of the final product, Casual Elegance Photography ® has shown that we can earn the business.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to book your appointment today.

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One thing I get a lot of requests for are headshots, but in the past few months I have been getting requests for body shots in addition to head shots. I think it’s because there are more and more contests coming to town. The clients want to submit images to the contest in hopes of getting picked and a head shot is only half of what they need. So I’ve been modifying my headshot package to include one headshot and one body shot under the standard pricing. I try to be sensitive to client needs and want to earn their business.

Lately, in addition, there have been several request for “simply sexy” shots. Basically non-nude sexy shots for dating sites and social media sites. I always enjoy these shoots because I love the way the clients have fun in the shoots. I’ve had clients do a winter theme in the summer, summer themes in the winter, and just plain fun themes all year round. It a pleasure to work in this fun environment! 🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to view samples of my work, client testimonials, and my services/pricing. I look forward to working with you soon!

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When I think of studio that does general photography verses a studio that has a specialty I think of it in terms of the medical profession. When you have a cold or the flu you would go to a general practitioner. But if you needed to have a heart transplant your choice would be a specialist – someone who understands the complete subject, keeps up on the latest procedures, and knows how to do the job from beginning to end. It’s not that different with photography. While a general studio can produce excellent results, they tend to have a general photographic focus without being focused on a particular venue of photography. It’s somewhat similar to going to the restaurant that has 45 pages of different foods and ordering an Italian plate – The food is normally good, but not quite what you would experience at a specialty Italian restaurant.

At Casual Elegance Photography® we specialize in Sensual Photography. Call it Boudoir, Art Nudes, Intimate, or Glamour photography, it all boils down to sensual in nature. We understand the business and we understand what you want. We keep up with new techniques as well as continually researching what works best and how to get the best images for you based on what you have communicated to us. We understand that you will be nervous and that this may be very new for you, but we work with you to help you overcome the nerves and get those relaxed and sexy shots (just read the testimonials). We realize that everyone is different and that’s why we specialize – you’re not here to get a family portrait, so there are several things we make sure we don’t overlook. For instance, we have robes in our studio for you to use incase you forget to bring one. We provide a comfortable area for you to put your stuff and get dressed in. We have the latest in technology so you can see the images as we shoot them – therefore allowing you to see how beautiful you are looking as we shoot. Our studio isn’t they typical cold impersonal environment you may have encountered in the past – we pride ourselves on our personal attention to detail and the at home atmosphere of our studio. We even make sure our refrigerator is stocked with water and soft drinks so if you get thirsty it’s there for you.

So when considering Sensual images, consider Casual Elegance Photography®. You’ll be glad you did.

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Over the past several weeks I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with my artistic nude lighting. I’m a big fan of a single light technique that can create shadows and highlights in order to create a mood. My favorite single light setup is a Beauty Dish on a 300WS monolight high and at 90º to the subject. The light doesn’t wrap around like it does with a softbox so I get crisp changes from dark to light. This setup can help lengthen, make slender, or create focus for the shot. The key is to meter the lighting so you can be sure that it’s at a height and distance to do exactly what you see it doing in your mind.

Artistic Nude

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see several samples of this type of setup.

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