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Well I learned something new (yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks). I learned that “B-Pics” is the new name for Boudoir Photos. I read it in a forum about brides doing b-pics as the gift for their groom. Okay, this makes perfect sense in today’s “text messaging” world but I had never heard of it before. It’s amazing the number of shortened versions of words and phrases that have come into our lives as we have had to make it easier to text message and Instant Message people. I actually read an article that said that a college student used many of them in an application for employment. 🙂

So, whether or not you call them B Pics, Boudoir Photos, Intimate Images, or something else, Casual Elegance Photography® is the professional studio that can get the images for you. We specialize in Boudoir, Glamour, and Art Nude photography and we are experts at capturing the images you are seeking.

And remember, not only do we do B Pics, we do HS, Comrcl, Mtrnty, and Modl pics 2. 🙂

Casual Elegance Photography ®


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Back several years ago Boudoir Photography was more on the fringe of the photography business. There wasn’t enough interest in it to make it a mainstay for a photography business. Casual Elegance Photography still made it one of our specialties and has remained true to providing exceptional boudoir photography for our clients to this day.

Fast forward to 2017… Boudoir photography is very common. Many photographers who had never ventured into the boudoir venue are now providing this service to their customers. In fact, the market is being saturated with boudoir photographers. It’s not difficult to get into the boudoir business, but it’s critical that you possess three essential skills. First, you have to be genuinely interested in getting the best shots for your customer. The customer is going to be nervous and shy, so you have to work with them, get them to feel comfortable, and honestly help them hit the poses. Second, you have to have a good command of lighting. Portraits and wedding photos have a different lighting setup than does boudoir. Boudoir requires sensual yet lit well lighting. It’s not something that just happens. You have to plan and practice to get the most out of the lights. And third, you have to price your services to remain in business yet compete with all of the other boudoir photographers. That’s where the biggest challenge comes in. Some boudoir photographers use a hotel or the customers home to shoot. They don’t have the expense of a studio, insurance, licensing, and utilities. So they can keep the prices very low. Others, like me, have invested in the business and have been doing this for a while. SO while our prices may be higher, you will see a difference in what we do and how we do it.

The decision is the customers. At Casual Elegance Photography I can honestly say that we will do every reasonable thing to make your photoshoot a fun and successful shoot. We pride ourselves on getting the shots you want and on making you comfortable throughout the shoot.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography today where you can see sample of our work and read our customer testimonials. Then call to schedule your appointment with Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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I think that every photographer comes up with a special idea that they MUST shoot. It may just be a lighting idea, or a pose idea, or a location idea, but it eats away at you until you can complete the task.

Yesterday was one of my many “idea days” where I had planned to shoot a few new lighting and posing ideas. I had my studio ready, stick drawings of the poses with where I wanted to lights to hit (yes, stick drawings. I’m not a artist in that respect), and all my light modifiers ready to swap around as I shot the images and changed the poses. But the model never showed and I didn’t get a chance to shoot the ideas. I was a bit disappointed, but I’ll plan something again when I can. Normally the models I work with show up on time and ready to shoot, but this was a new model who had contacted me out of the blue. She seemed sincere, she gave me her information and phone number, and I thought it was going to be a good shoot. But she never showed, or called. I tried to call her and the number was a non working number, so shame on me for not calling her before the shoot. I would have known.

But enough of this disappointing talk… I’m ready to get these ideas out of my head and on to the sensor (we used to say on to film). So next week I’ll contact another model friend who always shows up and we’ll work with these ideas and get the concepts down so I can use them for client shoots. Hint: they are really cool lighting techniques to light artistic nudes. 🙂 I’ll share the results when I finish this quest.

In the meantime – visit Casual Elegance Photography® and make an appointment to get your artistic nude photo shoot scheduled!

An old "Idea" shoot.

Mother Earth – an old “Idea” shoot.

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On of the most flattering and sensual lighting arrangements in my opinion is a rim lighting set up. Basically the lighting is coming from the rear, and they way I like it, at a 45 degree angle. This accentuates the curves, the lines of the body, and leaves the rest of the body unlit. It could be full frontal nudity and nothing shows except the sides of the body and a shadow for the rest.

When clients come in and are undecided about whether or not they want to shoot art nudes, I show them samples of past works. Most of the time the clients love the rim lit shots I have in my sample portfolio. I have several samples up on the wall too. We discuss the way that the client will look in them, decide on some poses and angles, and then we shoot them. It’s simple, fun, and the clients love the way they look.

Rim lighting is a beautiful way to show the human body in a light that you don’t see every day.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® and make an appointment for your own very special artistic nude shoot today!


"The Thinker" Recreated

“The Thinker” Recreated

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This is a blog I wrote over a year ago, but I felt that I need to re-post it because I have been receiving calls from potential clients who have had bad experiences when doing a boudoir session with another photographer in the past.  I told them that these are the things that they should ask right up front.  I know that this isn’t positively going to make sure that the photographer is the right one, but it will help with the short  list.  I’ve sent them this list of questions to help them get started.

I received a call from a potential client back a while ago and I was actually very delighted that she had such a good list of questions for me before she would hire a photographer – especially one that was going to take intimate photos for her. She had done her homework and said that she wanted to be sure she was dealing with a professional and a real business. Here are some of the questions she asked and the answers I gave her.

1. Do you have a business license? (yes – in Sandy Springs where my studio is)
2. Are you a corporation and in which state? (yes – Mark L. Anderson, LLC – Georgia – DBA Casual Elegance Photography®)
3. Do you have insurance? (yes – liability and loss of property)
4. When did you start the business? (2000 – I have been specializing in Boudoir and Intimate photography since 2001. I don’t shoot weddings and have not just added Boudoir photography to my menu of services.  I take the business of Boudoir and Intimate Photography seriously and professionally.)
5. Do you have a Website? – she was referred by a friend (yes – casualelegancephotography.com and my email address is mark@casualelegancephotography.com)
6. Do you have a studio? Can I meet with you ahead of the shoot and see your studio? (yes I have a 15oo sq ft studio in a small quite business park – I encourage that you come in ahead of time to discuss a shoot.  It’s always a good idea to see if you click with someone.  You can see examples of my work and we can go over ideas.)
7. Do you have a Makeup Artist? (yes – I utilize the services of several in the area but work closely with 3 – all licensed estheticians. They all believe in cleanliness and ensure their equipment and products are cleaned between uses. These Makeup Artists and I have worked together for over 10 years.)
8. Can I bring someone to the shoot with me? (YES – I highly encourage you to do that)
9. Will my photos be sold or used by you? ( NO! I do not use client images. If a client wants me to use an image I require them to sign an agreement for me to do so. I don’t even allow anyone other than the client to order prints or a CD)

Another few questions that should also be asked are:

1.  What forms of payment do you accept? (I accept most major credit cards, checks, and cash)

2.  Do you provide Prints or just photos on a CD?  (I can provide either or both.  I can also provide books, calendars, and canvas prints.)

3.  What are your hours of operation?  (I’m by appointment only and have appointment hours 7 days per week and on holidays)

She had a bunch more questions but they were related to the process, the shoot, and the timing. As I said, I was delighted that she was taking the task of hiring a photographer so seriously and I gladly answered her questions. It made me very happy that I had followed all the right steps to build my business correctly, and that Casual Elegance Photography® had all the right answers.

Visit our website to learn more about Casual Elegance Photography® and read our client testimonials.

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You’ve been on the go all summer shuttling the kids here and there, doing all the things necessary to keep the family going, and trying to maintain “you”.   But school is back in session and it’s time to do something  for yourself – A Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Yes, most of the time a boudoir shoot is for someone else, but this time it’s for you.  You need to revitalize yourself and do something different and fun.  Our clients tell us that a boudoir shoot is an uplifting experience.  Many start out as a gift for someone special and rapidly turn into a gift for themselves.  They say that they feel empowered by the experience and some even say it has changed their view on how they feel about themselves.  I’ve seen women who are shy in the beginning become so engrossed in the whole shoot that they don’t want the shoot to end.  They see how awesome they look (I shoot directly to the computer so we see every shot as we shoot it) and love what they see.  It’s amazing to be a part of the whole awakening and to see the “butterfly” emerge.

Our shoots are always fun.  Even when clients start out nervous they always end with confidence and being at ease.  The environment we provide is professional, safe, and fun.  We are not new to the boudoir business.  It’s been our primary venue of photography since 2000, and you don’t get the comments and reviews we get if you’re not doing something right.  We take pride in capturing the images we get, the confidence we try to instill in our clients, and the friendships we make.  This business is not about money or fame – it’s about making the client comfortable, feeling great about themselves and being totally satisfied with the whole process.

So, with the kids back in school, pick out some outfits that you feel sexy in, pick up the phone, and call us today to make your appointment for a “YOU” Boudoir Photo Shoot.   Visit Casual Elegance Photography® online to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and view our services.

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June has been an exciting month.  Several Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir shoots, a few artistic Nude shoots, a Dude-oir shoot, and a bunch of headshots.  Oh yea, and a really cool calendar shoot.

What I really like about the bridal boudoir shoots is the ideas for shots that the brides to be come up with.  I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see the groom’s face as he looks through the images.  In the images I try to make the Bride to be look like a Playboy model by using pose, lighting, angle, and expression to create the overall image.  Then, using the themes that they’ve come in with, we create images that will “knock his socks off”.

The artist nudes are my passion.  I love to use light and shadow to create images that have an impact to them.  Rim lighting, a single spot, soft rounded lighting…  they all come into play with the artistic nudes.  Many times the client wants them in Black & White, but some love the highlighted color of the skin and leave them in color for the final prints.

Next month has several shoots booked for boudoir, art nudes, and couples sessions.  I’m looking forward to getting great shots for the clients and to having them experience a fantastic photo shoot at Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography®  website today!

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