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Well, it’s 2018.  Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been 18 years since we all thought it was going to be the end of the world – 2000.  I can remember all of the preparations we had made to be ready for all the computer systems to start failing because of the date changes that would occur in Y2K.   People on standby, system engineers babysitting systems, backups galore.  But at midnight it was BAU.  Yeah, there were a few hiccups, but nothing that would bring down civilization as we know it.  Just change. But people fear change and often build imaginary issues to resist it.

I resisted closing my studio location for almost a year as I kept seeing the economy and technology bring down the amount of clients and increase the cost of doing business.  Not only that, but it appears that people today don’t care about actual photos and the quality of them.  Most people are content with selfies done on their phones.  Very few actually print the images either.  And, yes, phones are getting better and their images are too.  And software (apps) are making even the worst of photos presentable.  Getting professional photos taken are a waste of money in many peoples eyes. So where does this leave the professionals?  What are people willing to pay for professional photos for?  Where are they looking for a professional to take photos and in what media are they hoping to get the images?  All good questions.  But probably not easy answers.  For instance, weddings.  Wedding photographers are still in demand.  People are willing to spend money on them.  But they are only willing to spend less and the medium has changed in many ways.  Prints?  Not many.  Digital albums and video are becoming more popular.  And if they can easily be transferred to instagram, Facebook, and twitter, the better.

I worry about today’s memories.  In the past we printed everything and put it in a book that we can look at even if we don’t have power.  We can see our past memories and not worry about a disk crashing.   From my interactions with people I’d have to say that most don’t back up any of their moments. When their phone goes “belly up” they lose their past.   And with the speed of technology today, even the backups need to be backed up on the latest technology to endure the effects of time and the discontinuance of older technology.  Such a shame in my “old” opinion.   So, where does this lead us?  What does the future look like?  Is there a place for the past?  Do we just live for the moment  and only for a moment, then the moment’s gone?  I really don’t know, but I’m glad I grew up in an age where memories were important, where technology was not the focus in our lives, where we went outdoors to play and use OUR imaginations and not those of some coder who wants us to live in their imaginary world.  We got dirty, we made pretend items, we had fun.

In my opinion, the world of photography is going down the same path.  Photography as an art is becoming a product of technology and not just ability.  Snap something on your phone, run it through an app, and even Ansel Adams would be amazed with the results.  His zone system incorporated through 1’s and 0’s to perfection and without even a slight thought.   The resulting “art” joyously received by the masses on social media and the “photographer” acclaimed as a master of the craft.   Sigh…

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Over the past several weeks I’ve been working with the local LE and Fire departments to do their officer portraits. Tomorrow I have the 3rd shoot with the fire fighters and a makeup shoot with one if the LE officers. These portraits are special in that they will be used for awards or in the event of death. They are a great tribute to the officers.

Today I did head shots for a person who’s business said he needed an update.

I actually enjoy shooting head shots and portraits. I enjoy the interaction with the people and getting shots that make them look great. I’ve devoted a section of the studio for the LE and Fire portraits because I want the all to be consistent. I can change it at a moments notice if I have to, but I like the fact that I have it ready at all times.

If you need head shots, I have a special price that can’t be beat. $65 for a half hour in the studio and 2 edited images on a CD with a release to use and print. It’s great for businesses, personal, and actors/models.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography® today and make an appointment for your Head Shot or portrait session.

Atlanta Photographer

© Casual Elegance Photography

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Nude, Boudoir, Glamour, Erotic and Sensual Photography – Casual Elegance Photography is the number one choice in Atlanta!

Casual Elegance Photography has earned a reputation in the photographic industry since the year 2000 for providing clients across the United States, and as far away as Europe, with a comfortable, professional environment for their Boudoir, Glamour, and Artistic Nude photo sessions, and for the outstanding results that are produced.

The Photographer:  Atlanta boudoir photographer Mark Anderson, owner of Casual Elegance Photography, is a published artistic and commercial photographer based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.

Mark is well known for his talent at putting his clients immediately at ease with his easy going and laid back manner. His studio is set up to have a comfortable, and homelike feel, which results in a relaxed setting. He loves to collaborate with his clients – mixing their ideas with his own, to produce a truly spectacular result! Whether you are an individual, or a couple who just wants to create a special gift for someone else, or a memento for yourselves, schedule your appointment today!

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Casual Elegance Photography’s theme-based glamour photos make a great wedding gift for your groom!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique wedding gift for your groom, consider a theme based glamour or glamour nude photo session. In a theme based photo shoot you take a subject that has special meaning to the two of you – whether it be something you both enjoy doing together like cooking or hiking, or perhaps his profession – firefighter, construction worker – or maybe his favorite sport – and develop the shoot around it.

At Casual Elegance Photography we have done this many times. We’ve had brides of firefighters bring in the boots, coat, helmet, etc. and we’ve done glamour nude images of them with it. Another bride did a baking scene then send the image to her serviceman fiance, in the military overseas, along with a box of cookies. Another brought in her fiance’s prized football jersey and a football. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve done calendars and books for clients all based around a theme. We have even had a client do several different boudoir and art nude poses and we put them on playing cards for her husband since he is an avid card player. This was a very unique gift!

So if you want a very unique and personal groom’s gift, consider a theme based shoot at Casual Elegance Photography.


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I’ve done lots and lots of Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoots and they all have had one special thing in common – A hit with their husbands!   I can’t begin to tell you how many brides have called me or sent me a note after the honeymoon and expressed their thanks for a perfect gift.

A bridal boudoir session isn’t much different from a normal boudoir session, but the little differences make them unique.  For instance, one popular pose is a standing nude shot showing their back with their vail as the only piece of clothing.  I typically shoot it on a white high key backdrop to add the “wedding” look to the image.

Many of the brides select a calendar or a book as their “print” selection.  A calendar makes a special gift since the husband gets to see the bride every day all year long.  Others choose a book as the “print” selection.  There are 20 pages in a book so it’s a nice present that can be viewed over and over.  Still others want prints so that they can build their own albums and intertwine love notes and poems in the album.  The key is that any way you choose to build the final gift, it will be sure to be a hit with your love.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and review the different packages/services we offer.  And then book your session to ensure you have the greatest present ever done in time.

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This month we have our popular Intimate Photo Session on sale. The Intimate session comes with up to 2 hours in the studio, Makeup Artist Paint & Go Services, and 10 (normally 5) 5×7 Edited Prints or edited images on a CD with a usage release, for just $350 (that’s a $125 added value). You get 5 additional 5×7 prints or edited images on a CD for the same price as our standard Intimate Photo Package. To get this special pricing you must mention this Blog.

At Casual Elegance Photography ® we provide a professional and experienced photo environment where our clients can get the finest in Boudoir, Intimate, and Nude photos. We offer free consultations prior to the session (via phone, email, or in person) so that you get to know us and learn about the overall process. We use high tech equipment and processes to make the session interactive and informative. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value, a pleasant experience, and photos that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your Intimate Photo Session!

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When I think of Glamour Nude Photography I think of Playboy style images. In my opinion, Playboy and its photographers are the masters of lighting. They use light to create depth, remove distractions, point the viewer to specific areas, and to create the whole dream.

At Casual Elegance Photography I use several of their lighting techniques, but I add my own twist to it. I love the soft rich sunset glow across the skin, the clean crisp lighting of the features, and the overall depth of small spot lights on the background. It adds a romantic and sexy flair to the shots and gives the viewer a sense of being in a very posh environment. I use several strobes to accomplish this effect which really differs from my one light technique that I use for artistic nudes. I would say that I like less lights for the most part, but when creating great GLamour Nudes, the more lights the better it seems. 🙂

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to see samples of my work, client tstimonials, and the packages I offer.

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