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As I was preparing for a shoot last week I started thinking about the different venues of nudes that my clients ask for.  That day was the Glamour Nude day (here is that cycle thing again).  My first shoot was a bride who wants to give her groom a special gift for their wedding.  She brought her wedding dress and accessories and she did a “strip-tease” for the session.  She ended up totally nude for the final shots and will present the album to her husband on their wedding night.

The second shoot was a Glamour Nude session with a woman as a 10th anniversary present for her husband.  After 10 years she said that she “finally got up the courage” to do a shoot for him.  But, she told him that if she does the shoot, then he has to do one for her!

Glamour nudes, artistic nudes, and boudoir are the specialties that I’ve chosen for my business.  It’s an honor to have clients trust me with their very special photos.  I realize that they are probably going to be nervous and I make every effort to see that they relax and enjoy their shoot.  I take this all very seriously and my clients appreciate it.

At Casual Elegance Photography we never get tired of the variety of shoots we do.   From head shots to Maternity to commercial to art and glamour nudes!  Every day it’s something different.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography’s Website and contact us today for your special shoot!


Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

Artistic Nude

Our most popular Art Nude Pose


Boudoir Photography

Artistic Nude



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Do you want to get him the most awesome and exciting gift for Christmas?? Do you want to give him a gift that won’t sit on the shelf or hang on the tie rack and collect dust? Well, consider giving him a book or calendar (or an album) of you in your sexiest lingerie! Boudoir Photo Sessions have grown in popularity over the past several years and so has fine art nude. That’s why every photographer has started shooting Boudoir. But at Casual Elegance Photography® we have been shooting Boudoir and Fine Art Nude images for over 16 years! We know how to make it a very comfortable and professional session for you, get the shots you want, and make the entire process simple and easy. Our reputation for providing the highest quality work and capturing the best images is tops in the industry. Just read out client testimonials and view our sample images and you will see the Casual Elegance Photography® difference!

But it’s only a few weeks until Christmas. Plan to do your session soon so that you’ll have the images back in time for the big day. Call or email us today to make your appointment!


Boudoir Photography

Atlanta Nude Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography


Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

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I’d like to dispel some myths many people have about boudoir and nude photography. First Boudoir (bood wahr) is a French term that means a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

  1. Boudoir does not necessarily mean nude. You can wear clothing or lingerie, or you can be nude. It’s up to you.
  2. Boudoir does not mean Porn. Boudoir is a romantic, sensual, and sexy type of photography but it’s not porn. The images capture the essence of beauty and femininity – soft and romantic.
  3. Nude does not mean Porn. Tasteful artistic and even glamour nude can be a beautiful expression of sensuality and is not porn. I’ve had clients have a enlargement made of their nude images and hang them in their homes. I’m sure if it were porn they wouldn’t do that.
  4. Boudoir photography can be simple or complex in nature. It’s up to you and your personal preferences. Anything from a typical bedroom scene to a totally plain background.
  5. Did I mention that Boudoir, Art Nude, and Glamour Nude are not Porn?

At Casual Elegance Photography® we believe that the human form is a beautiful piece of art in itself. Whether clothed or nude, we capture sensual, sexy, and romantic images that express the beauty that’s you. Contact Casual Elegance Photography® today for your Boudoir or Nude photosession.

And guys… contact Casual Elegance Photography® for a “Dude-oir” photosession! It’s something your loved will love forever!


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Did you know that May is National Boudoir Month? It’s not but it should be!!! So many weddings take place in June that May should be the month that brides-to-be plan to set up their special unique gift present for their husbands-to-be – a Boudoir (B-Pics) photo album, calendar, or book. Based on the feedback I’ve received, it’s a present that the grooms really have loved!

At Casual Elegance Photography we offer several options for the bride-to-be. A calendar is a great way to keep him on your mind every day of the year. Our 12 month calendars can start on any month, so you are not limited to a January – December calendar. Each month’s photo can have a theme for that month. For instance, February can have a Valentine’s Day theme and July can have an Independence Day theme. And these can be as spicy or mild as you want. Some brides have been REALLY creative! And we include a CD with the images so you will always have them well after the calendar is out of date.

Our 10×10 inch hard cover book is a lasting tribute to you and the groom. The book can come with up to 20 images arranged as you want them to be. Plus you can design a cover that fits the mood of the book. Once client called “Michael’s Little Black Book” and we made the cover black with white letting in a brush script. We also added a red rose in the background.

Others choose to build their own compilation of the images. A client bought a 12×12 inch scrapbook (wooden covers) and ordered 12 8×12 prints to fill it with. Between each print, she mad a page with a poem or other special meaning item. Totally a gift of love. And one that we will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and plan a shoot in the month of May. Mention this blog and receive an 8×12 print for 50% off our web prices.

Casual Elegance Photography®

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Casual Elegance Photography’s theme-based glamour photos make a great wedding gift for your groom!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique wedding gift for your groom, consider a theme based glamour or glamour nude photo session. In a theme based photo shoot you take a subject that has special meaning to the two of you – whether it be something you both enjoy doing together like cooking or hiking, or perhaps his profession – firefighter, construction worker – or maybe his favorite sport – and develop the shoot around it.

At Casual Elegance Photography we have done this many times. We’ve had brides of firefighters bring in the boots, coat, helmet, etc. and we’ve done glamour nude images of them with it. Another bride did a baking scene then send the image to her serviceman fiance, in the military overseas, along with a box of cookies. Another brought in her fiance’s prized football jersey and a football. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve done calendars and books for clients all based around a theme. We have even had a client do several different boudoir and art nude poses and we put them on playing cards for her husband since he is an avid card player. This was a very unique gift!

So if you want a very unique and personal groom’s gift, consider a theme based shoot at Casual Elegance Photography.


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As I was preparing for my first shoot back a couple of months ago, I started thinking about the different venues of nudes that my clients ask for. That day was the Glamour Nude day (a Glamour Nude cycle). My first shoot was a bride who wanted to give her groom a special gift for their wedding. She brought her wedding dress and accessories and she did a “strip-tease” for the session. She ended up totally nude for the final shots.  She was loving it and said that he will be really excited when he receives the album.  She plans to present the album to her husband on their wedding night. It was a cool idea.  A slow tease as she undressed then posing nude, like in Playboy magazine.

My second shoot was a Glamour Nude session with a woman as a 10th anniversary present for her husband. After 10 years she said that she “finally got up the courage” to do a shoot for him. She was excited and nervous, but said that she wanted to break out of her comfort zone and do something totally different. He said he didn’t think she would go through with it.  But, she told him that if she does the shoot, then he has to do one for her!  I’m thinking that this will be an interesting deal.  🙂

This was a Glamour Nude cycle.  It went on for a few weeks.  It’s interesting, but shoots come in waves and cycles.  Several months ago it was the Art Nude cycle.  And back last summer, it was the couples nude cycle.  I can’t explain it, but different style shoots come in cycles.  The major ones are, Glamour Nude, Art Nude, Couples Nude, Erotic Nude, and Head Shots.  I’m sure it’s like this in many businesses, but in my little world it’s an interesting little twist.

At Casual Elegance Photography we never get tired of the variety of shoots we do. From head shots to Maternity to several styles of nudes! Every day it’s something different and that’s what makes my job interesting.  I love that I am selected to take these special images for clients.  I love that they trust me to capture the images for them.  I love what I do, and as they say “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® and make an appointment today.  Don’t forget to check out our Quarterly Specials!!!

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After a recent shoot I received a call from a client who had posed nude for the first time.  She wanted to relate her experience to me so that I could tell others how she felt.  Here is a summary of the shoot and what she said about it.

She was very nervous at first.  She wasn’t sure that she could actually take all of her clothes off.  Since we do the artistic nudes first, she said that her heart was pounding in her chest as Lisa was finishing the makeup.

After we took some test shots of the makeup it was time to do the art nudes.  The shooting room was dark so she said that made her feel a little better.  I explained the first pose and showed her where she would lay on the floor.  She said that the first pose is what set her nerves at ease.  It was a pose where her back would be to the camera, and although she was nude, she wasn’t really showing anything except her “bottom” (which she had said she was proud of).  As I checked the camera connections and made the computer ready, she disrobed and got into the pose we had discussed.  I took several images and then invited her over to take a look.  She put her robe on and came over to the monitor.  This is where she said that her complete attitude changed.  She was still a little uncomfortable being nude, but she said that she realized she was beautiful and that her nude body really looked good.

As we continued to shoot the artistic nudes she said she became much more comfortable with being “naked” and she said that she actually forgot that she was.  I remember her coming over to the monitor nude, forgetting all about her robe.  She told me, on the call, that by then she was “hooked” on the art we were creating and that the nudity was not a problem any longer.

Her advice to anyone considering a nude shoot with me was to “just do it and don’t analyze it.”   “I was a total bundle of nerves and it showed in the first few poses.  But as soon as I relaxed and got out of my head, the photos were amazing.”

This is not an uncommon reaction to the art nude,  boudoir, or glamour nude sessions I do.  Please take a moment to read through the testimonials on my site.  Most clients are nervous, but without exception, my clients have enjoyed their photo shoots and gained more confidence in themselves.  Nothing makes me feel better than when a client gets into the shoot and realizes how beautiful they really are.  I see them walk out of the studio with a whole new attitude and a whole new feeling about themselves.

Please Visit Casual Elegance Photography today and book an appointment to have a completely new experience.

(Photos are a Model, not a client. I don’t use client images because I respect their privacy)  






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