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After a recent shoot I received a call from a client who had posed nude for the first time.  She wanted to relate her experience to me so that I could tell others how she felt.  Here is a summary of the shoot and what she said about it.

She was very nervous at first.  She wasn’t sure that she could actually take all of her clothes off.  Since we do the artistic nudes first, she said that her heart was pounding in her chest as the MUA was finishing the makeup.

After we took some test shots of the makeup it was time to do the art nudes.  The shooting room was dark so she said that made her feel a little better.  I explained the first pose and showed her where she would lay on the floor.  She said that the first pose is what set her nerves at ease.  It was a pose where her back would be to the camera, and although she was nude, she wasn’t really showing anything except her “bottom” (which she had said she was proud of).  As I checked the camera connections and made the computer ready, she disrobed and got into the pose we had discussed.  I took several images and then invited her over to take a look.  She put her robe on and came over to the monitor.  This is where she said that her complete attitude changed.  She was still a little uncomfortable being nude, but she said that she realized she was beautiful and that her nude body really looked good.

As we continued to shoot the artistic nudes she said she became much more comfortable with being “naked” and she said that she actually forgot that she was.  I remember her coming over to the monitor nude, forgetting all about her robe.  She told me, on the call, that by then she was “hooked” on the art we were creating and that the nudity was not a problem any longer.

Her advice to anyone considering a nude shoot with me was to “just do it and don’t analyze it.”   “I was a total bundle of nerves and it showed in the first few poses.  But as soon as I relaxed and got out of my head, the photos were amazing.”

This is not an uncommon reaction to the art nude,  boudoir, or glamour nude sessions I do.  Please take a moment to read through the testimonials on my site.  Most clients are nervous, but without exception, my clients have enjoyed their photo shoots and gained more confidence in themselves.  Nothing makes me feel better than when a client gets into the shoot and realizes how beautiful they really are.  I see them walk out of the studio with a whole new attitude and a whole new feeling about themselves.

Please Visit Casual Elegance Photography today and book an appointment to have a completely new experience.

(Photo is a Model, not a client. I don’t use client images because I respect their privacy)  




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Well, did you get him that unforgettable unique present yet? No? Well it’s not too late if you want to get him something he probably has never thought you would, a Boudoir Album of YOU!!! Sure, this is something that you would be a little nervous about, but believe me, we have never had anyone come in that didn’t totally enjoy their session. They all tell me that at first they are nervous, but when they see the images coming up on the monitor and realize how hot they look, they quickly lose the nerves and get into the shoot.

So what’s a Boudoir shoot all about? Easy, it can be anything you want it to be – from fully clothed to fully nude and anything in-between. It’s all about you and presenting your sexy self to him in an album. You can even add some artistic nudes to the mix if you want to.

Imagine sitting by the fireplace, a glass of wine, snuggled up. You present the album to him. As he opens it you see his breath coming faster and that glow in his eyes. “WOW” he says as he slowly opens each page. “You are HOT!!!” he mumbles as he catches his breath between each photo. It’s going to be a good evening…

You know you have always wanted to do this so call and make your appointment today. Do it now so that we have enough time to be sure to have everything back by Valentine’s day. But if you miss the great occasion to give him a great present, there’s always his birthday or your anniversary, or for no other reason than to say “I love you”.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography ® to review our client comments, see samples of our work, and make you appointment today!

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007


Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography!

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Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography


Boudoir Photography

Atlanta Nude Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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I had a very interesting conversation last week with a client who had come in to do Artistic Nudes and Playboy style nudes for a book for her husband.

She told me that she had done a photo shoot back a few months ago with a female photographer. The images were beautiful, but they lacked the excitement that she truly wanted for her husband. She came to me because she wanted a male perspective and she loved the samples on my site. Why we were talking, she told me that she was a bit more nervous doing a shoot with a male photographer, but that I had made her feel comfortable and sexy during the shoot. She didn’t get that feeling with the other photographer that she had chosen. She explained that her nerves quickly disappeared while having her makeup done because she felt like part of a family as we all talked about different subjects. And her nerves completely disappeared as she viewed each image on the monitor as we shot.

There are sites where people can ask for quotes on a photo shoot. Some ask what gender you would like for the photographer. Based on this client plus the hundreds of others who have chosen Casual Elegance Photography ® I would suggest answering “It doesn’t matter”, and base your decision on the past work of the photographer and the “vibe” you get when you discuss a shoot. And, please don’t make a decision based on price alone. You get what you pay for.

One other thing, if you book a shoot solely on line, be sure that you do your research. Look over comments and testimonials. Many times you will get a feel for the way the photographer works. And if you call the photographer, you can ask questions that will help make your decision. My phone number is on my website and in my ads. I love to get calls from potential clients and answer all of their questions. I even offer free consultations prior to making a decision.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography ® today for your photographic needs!

Atlanta Nude Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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Well we started the process of downsizing our studio today. What I realized as we were going through the stuff we have is that it’s really not needed. I bought so many things thinking that I could use in a photoshoot, but in reality, I’ve used very little. Three boxes – first is the KEEP, second is the GARAGE SALE, and third is the “TRASH”. We emptied out almost all of the Props closet and haven’t even filled 1/3 of the shelves that were in that room that we have moved to their new home. I’m thinking that by the time we are done we will not fill up tow of the three shelves, we’ll get a few dollars from the garage sale, and the dumpster at the studio will be feeling quite full.

Although we are downsizing, Casual Elegance Photography® will still provide the same professional and high quality photo shoots as we have always done. We started in the same space we are downsizing to, and we have all of the same stuff we’ve been using on the past several years.

So come help us celebrate our studio space and book a session today. Visit Casual Elegance Photography Atlanta’s Premier Boudoir and Nude Photography Studio!


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Hopefully the winter weather is behind us and we can start enjoying some warm and sunny days.  And with those warm and sunny days, it’s time to get some new and sexy photos taken.  After Valentine’s Day many people forget about the idea of sexy boudoir and nude images for the one they love.  But one day a year is not enough to express your love, so think March, April, May June…   the whole year!!!

During the warm weather we get several requests to do an outdoor nude shoot.  I love doing them, but they have to be planned well.  First, the location needs to be private and secluded.  The law frowns on public nudity.  Second, we need to consider a “rain day” in the mix of dates so we have options incase of bad weather.  And third, we need to consider the location’s ability to provide a place for makeup and lighting setup.   At the studio these things are no a problem at all, but on location each has to be taken into consideration.  We’ve had clients who have had secluded pools in their yards where we have done nude outdoor photos, and other clients who have lived in the country so we can just shoot anywhere on their property.  And we know others who have shot on public land, but they are taking a risk and the shoots require several extra assistants to be lookouts, help get things done quickly, and setup/breakdown in a heartbeat.

But if you have a location and want to shoot, please let me know and we’ll start planning the shoot process.  Stop by Casual Elegance Photography and see samples of our work, review the services we offer, and read client testimonials.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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As the years pass by it becomes harder and harder to find a present that will be a hit with your significant other.   You shop till you drop and come home empty handed or with so so presents that lack the “pop” you wanted.   So…  this year give them something that will be totally cool, something they will love and appreciate, and something that is sure to bring a smile to their face — A boudoir photo album of you!   Yes, you can do it!  Start planning early to be sure to get your images back in time for the holidays.

At Casual Elegance Photography® we have been creating beautiful sexy images for many years.  We take pride in our ability to capture the sexiness and beauty of our clients while in a professional and comfortable setting.   We have become known for our attention to detail, our ability to put our clients at ease, and our outstanding results.   We have the equipment, knowledge, skills, and professional attitude, as well as a full function studio make every session a success.

This year plan do call or email us early and get your boudoir shoot on the calendar.  The longer you wait the more likely that the dates will be full.   We have weekday and weekend appointments.  And the sooner you plan it, the sooner you can start getting everything ready for the shoot.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography® today.  Visit our website to see client testimonials, samples of our past work, and view our pricing.  You deserve to do something fun for you and something they will love too!

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This is a blog I wrote over a year ago, but I felt that I need to re-post it because I have been receiving calls from potential clients who have had bad experiences when doing a boudoir session with another photographer in the past.  I told them that these are the things that they should ask right up front.  I know that this isn’t positively going to make sure that the photographer is the right one, but it will help with the short  list.  I’ve sent them this list of questions to help them get started.

I received a call from a potential client back a while ago and I was actually very delighted that she had such a good list of questions for me before she would hire a photographer – especially one that was going to take intimate photos for her. She had done her homework and said that she wanted to be sure she was dealing with a professional and a real business. Here are some of the questions she asked and the answers I gave her.

1. Do you have a business license? (yes – in Sandy Springs where my studio is)
2. Are you a corporation and in which state? (yes – Mark L. Anderson, LLC – Georgia – DBA Casual Elegance Photography®)
3. Do you have insurance? (yes – liability and loss of property)
4. When did you start the business? (2000 – I have been specializing in Boudoir and Intimate photography since 2001. I don’t shoot weddings and have not just added Boudoir photography to my menu of services.  I take the business of Boudoir and Intimate Photography seriously and professionally.)
5. Do you have a Website? – she was referred by a friend (yes – casualelegancephotography.com and my email address is mark@casualelegancephotography.com)
6. Do you have a studio? Can I meet with you ahead of the shoot and see your studio? (yes I have a 15oo sq ft studio in a small quite business park – I encourage that you come in ahead of time to discuss a shoot.  It’s always a good idea to see if you click with someone.  You can see examples of my work and we can go over ideas.)
7. Do you have a Makeup Artist? (yes – I utilize the services of several in the area but work closely with 3 – all licensed estheticians. They all believe in cleanliness and ensure their equipment and products are cleaned between uses. These Makeup Artists and I have worked together for over 10 years.)
8. Can I bring someone to the shoot with me? (YES – I highly encourage you to do that)
9. Will my photos be sold or used by you? ( NO! I do not use client images. If a client wants me to use an image I require them to sign an agreement for me to do so. I don’t even allow anyone other than the client to order prints or a CD)

Another few questions that should also be asked are:

1.  What forms of payment do you accept? (I accept most major credit cards, checks, and cash)

2.  Do you provide Prints or just photos on a CD?  (I can provide either or both.  I can also provide books, calendars, and canvas prints.)

3.  What are your hours of operation?  (I’m by appointment only and have appointment hours 7 days per week and on holidays)

She had a bunch more questions but they were related to the process, the shoot, and the timing. As I said, I was delighted that she was taking the task of hiring a photographer so seriously and I gladly answered her questions. It made me very happy that I had followed all the right steps to build my business correctly, and that Casual Elegance Photography® had all the right answers.

Visit our website to learn more about Casual Elegance Photography® and read our client testimonials.

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