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As of the end of September Casual Elegance Photography will no longer have our studio location in Sandy Springs GA.   I’ve decided to switch gears in order to lower costs and be able to provide lower cost shoots for my clients.   The savings from not having rent, additional internet connectivity, and the security system will allow me to pass on the savings to my clients.

Of course this is a bit sad for me since I’ve been in the location for the past 9 years and have built it into a fully stocked studio, but so many people are looking for the “low cost providers” that I have to change things up to continue to compete.   It’s been a fantastic location with many fond memories, but change is necessary.

After the end of September Casual Elegance Photography will be an “On Location” photography services provider.  I’ll shoot at client homes, in hotels that clients book, and outdoors at client selected locations.   I’ll have 5 complete sets of lights, computer connectivity (so we don’t have to view the images on that tiny screen on the camera), and the same great photography that you have come to expect from Casual Elegance Photography ®.

I will also be updating my website with new pricing, samples of location shoots, and information on how you can book your special shoot.

I want to thank all of my past clients for all of their support and friendship, and I want to welcome all my future clients to the Casual Elegance Photography family.

Casual Elegance Photography ®


Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography!

Atlanta Nude Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

On Location

Amanda – On location shoot

Sensual – On location Shoot

Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography

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While we are at the beach this year I realized how much I miss the opportunity to shoot at the beach.  I saw several photo sessions where, if I lived closer, they could be something that I did as part of Casual ElegancePhotography.  I love using the natural setting of the beach as a backdrop for romantic images.  This is especially true now that I will be closing my studio due to a downturn in business (too many “photographers” offering no cost shoots and the lack of discretionary funds for consumers).  I still plan to keep Casual Elegance Photography open, but I will concentrate on location shoots rather than studio shoots.  The location shoots can be at a hotel, outdoors, a rented studio, or at homes, but they will still have the same lighting and quality as the shoots I do at my studio.  I’ve built a “portable studio” lighting key that I can transport, setup, and breakdown quickly and easily.  I even have portable backdrops if necessary.  It’s going to be sad to leave the studio I’ve had for the past 9 years, but economically it’s the right thing to do.  I’ll sell or dispose of many of the props I have at the studio and put the rest in a storage place until I can sort out exactly what I need to do with them.  When I downsized a few years ago I had really reduced the amount of “stuff” I had, so now it won’t be as hard to downsize again.

So if you are thinking of a shoot at my studio, the time to do it is NOW.  From now until mid September I will be doing shoots at my studio.  So contact me today and get your appointment scheduled.



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Great shoot a few days ago with a client who is over 50. She lit up the lens!!! Boudoir photography is not just for the young and for those with “perfect” bodies. We all bring something special to a shoot. I love to work with the natural beauty each of us has and it’s a great feeling when you capture images that make us all go “wow”!!!! The older I get the more I appreciate the relaxed nature of my clients who trust me to get the images they can love over time. I really like to sit and talk a few minutes before the shoot and talk about “the world.” As the shoot progresses we normally get a chance to laugh and talk about all sorts of things. Many of the clients I have worked with have come back to get more images done.  You know you are doing things right when you get repeat business in field where it’s typically a one time thing.  I Love My Job!!!

Casual Elegance Photography ®


Atlanta Boudoir and Nude Photographer, Casual Elegance Photography

Artistic Nude

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I had a client ask if I did nude portraits. I really never thought about what a nude portrait was until then. She explained that she and her husband wanted a typical portrait done but they wanted to be nude in them. I immediately thought “Art Nudes” but then thought a little more about it. A standard portrait in my opinion would be done with a backdrop and a classic look but this would be your standard couples photo but without the clothing.  Interesting twist! I told her that it was a first for me but if she liked my normal samples on the Casual Elegance Photography site, then we could try it with her idea.  I kind of like the idea and can’t wait to see the results.

If all goes well we can then add “Nude Portraits” to the list of services that Casual Elegance Photography provides.  I’ve specialized in Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photography since 2000.  Each new trend adds to our portfolio of services.   I’m working on the next new trend that started in Europe and has just begun here in the states.   More on it later.


Nude Couples

Couples Artistic Nude – Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta



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Well I learned something new (yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks). I learned that “B-Pics” is the new name for Boudoir Photos. I read it in a forum about brides doing b-pics as the gift for their groom. Okay, this makes perfect sense in today’s “text messaging” world but I had never heard of it before. It’s amazing the number of shortened versions of words and phrases that have come into our lives as we have had to make it easier to text message and Instant Message people. I actually read an article that said that a college student used many of them in an application for employment. 🙂

So, whether or not you call them B Pics, Boudoir Photos, Intimate Images, or something else, Casual Elegance Photography® is the professional studio that can get the images for you. We specialize in Boudoir, Glamour, and Art Nude photography and we are experts at capturing the images you are seeking.

And remember, not only do we do B Pics, we do HS, Comrcl, Mtrnty, and Modl pics 2. 🙂

Casual Elegance Photography ®


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It’s true that most of our sessions revolve around special occasions during the year. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. But we also have clients, both women and men, who come in for a shoot just because they want to feel good about themselves. Sometimes they will say it’s for their significant other, but then they say that it’s also for themselves. They’ve worked hard for the look they now have and want to celebrate it by capturing it forever. An Artistic Nude or Intimate photo session is a great way to capture the hard work and beauty of their body. Over the past few months we have had several “just for me” photo shoots. I’ve worked with people who just want to do the shoot to check it off their “bucket list “, I’ve worked with people who have been working out hard to get a great body, and I’ve worked with people who just want to document their beauty forever. The common theme for the shoots has been “I am doing this for myself, but my (significant other) will enjoy the results too”.

At Casual Elegance Photography we encourage you to feel good about yourself, and we try to show you how great you really look!!! From beginning to end, our sessions are both relaxed and exciting. We shoot directly to the computer so you see the shots as we shoot them, and we work diligently to get images that have a “wow” factor. When you finish your session we want you to be walking tall and all encouraged about how great you look. Empowered!

Treat yourself (or your significant other) to a wonderful experience. Call today to make an appointment for an artistic nude or Intimate Photo Session! You will be glad you did!

Casual Elegance Photography® – “Creating Art from Life”

Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer Casual Elegance Photography®

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Okay, so you need a great idea for a present for that special person in your life. It’s now 14 days until Christmas. Oh No! Time has a way of flying by and now it’s getting down to the wire.

How about a Boudoir album of you for him? But it’s way too close to guarantee that you will have the prints back in time. Normal turn around time from a Boudoir Photo Shoot until you have products in hand is about 15 days because there is time for selection, time for editing, time for approvals, and time for the lab to print them. BUT… if we can’t get everything done and at least get selections and edits done, there is a way to have something in hand as a teaser for the big day. In the past when this has happened I have built a slideshow CD as the “substitute” present. This gives that special someone a present to open and it acts like a prelude to the final present that will be coming. Some clients have used to proof gallery as the “present” and allowed that special someone to pick the images they wanted in print from it.

I know it’s not the perfect situation, but it works very well when time has run out. The feedback that I have received is that it actually worked out better because it was like two presents.

So if you’re still thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone, call today to make an appointment for your boudoir photo shoot!

Casual Elegance Photography®


Boudoir Photography

Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography


Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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