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I had a client ask if I did nude portraits. I really never thought about what a nude portrait was until then. She explained that she and her husband wanted a typical portrait done but they wanted to be nude in them. I immediately thought “Art Nudes” but then thought a little more about it. A standard portrait in my opinion would be done with a backdrop and a classic look but this would be your standard couples photo but without the clothing.  Interesting twist! I told her that it was a first for me but if she liked my normal samples on the Casual Elegance Photography site, then we could try it with her idea.  I kind of like the idea and can’t wait to see the results.

If all goes well we can then add “Nude Portraits” to the list of services that Casual Elegance Photography provides.  I’ve specialized in Boudoir, Glamour and Nude photography since 2000.  Each new trend adds to our portfolio of services.   I’m working on the next new trend that started in Europe and has just begun here in the states.   More on it later.


Nude Couples

Couples Artistic Nude – Casual Elegance Photography – Atlanta



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Well I learned something new (yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks). I learned that “B-Pics” is the new name for Boudoir Photos. I read it in a forum about brides doing b-pics as the gift for their groom. Okay, this makes perfect sense in today’s “text messaging” world but I had never heard of it before. It’s amazing the number of shortened versions of words and phrases that have come into our lives as we have had to make it easier to text message and Instant Message people. I actually read an article that said that a college student used many of them in an application for employment. 🙂

So, whether or not you call them B Pics, Boudoir Photos, Intimate Images, or something else, Casual Elegance Photography® is the professional studio that can get the images for you. We specialize in Boudoir, Glamour, and Art Nude photography and we are experts at capturing the images you are seeking.

And remember, not only do we do B Pics, we do HS, Comrcl, Mtrnty, and Modl pics 2. 🙂

Casual Elegance Photography ®


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Now that you have seen the movie or read the books, you have an interest in the “Bondage World.” But… you are a bit nervous but would like to give your loved one some awesome images that would pique their interest. But where do you find a photographer who will capture the images for you and make sure you are safe as well? Casual Elegance Photography!

We have been providing the highest quality in Boudoir, Nude, and Erotic imaging for more than a decade! We have a comfortable studio in a small private business park where you can relax and be comfortable shooting the images that dreams are made of. We know how to make the images look authentic while giving you the knowledge that you are not really bound. In other words, we make it look real but it’s not.

Many of our clients have come to us because they had no idea if they would like this new venue for them, but wanted to give it a try even if only a pretend session. They put their trust in Casual Elegance Photography and were not disappointed. I remember one client who, after we did the first set of images, got totally into character and created some super erotic images that her husband was speechless when looking at them. She said his jaw dropped when he saw the first photo and then… well, the rest is client / photographer confidential. 🙂

The key to success is to call or email us with your ideas. Then we can work together to plan your shoot, put together the things we need to make it a success, and then shoot the images that you want. Contact Casual Elegance Photography today and let’s make this “50 shades of gray” dream come true – or at least look true!

Bound but Safe

The best in boudoir and nude photography

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As you probably already know, in the beginning I started out taking portraits of families, children and models.  But the business evolved over time into a nude and boudoir venue of photography because that’s what my clients wanted. It’s still evolving and my clients are wanting more sensual images as well as art nudes. But it all started when a model that I was working with asked if I would shoot nudes. My smart-ass answer was “I’m not getting nude to shoot photos!” We laughed and started to discuss what she wanted to shoot. Her idea was to shoot images that were sensual as well as beautiful. That’s where it all began. We shot several times and I got the hang of it – Creating Art from Life. As the business evolved I realized that every person has a unique beauty that they can bring to the lens. And thanks to my wife Ruth, I’ve been able to see the female perspective as well as the male perspective. Her encouragement and thoughts have helped me learn at a much faster rate.

Just the other day, while shooting with an art model, we talked about the whole business of nude and boudoir photography.  They were telling me that new art students are almost embarrassed to look at the naked human form.  We talked about how the words nude, erotic,  and boudoir  have certain meaning in people’s minds. So sad. Our bodies are a work of art and we should be able to look at the human form without judging or without embarrassment. We also talked about the art that we create when photographing or drawing the human form.    As an art model they could relate to the sculptures, drawings and paintings of the great masters.  My print of Rodin’s sculpture “The Kiss” (one of our favorites) caught their eye, and we talked about lighting, shadows and they told me that when they pose for art students they always makes sure that their hands are visible because students have a hard time drawing hands, and it obviously is a neccessary part of the whole.

As a photographer, I enjoyed shooting with people who have distinct features because I love texture!  The veins in hands, the hair on arms and the definition of the body just screams BLACK AND WHITE.  And even though I’m shooting with color digital, I’m envisioning what the image will look like in black and white.  In my opinion color is “eye candy”  but in black and white, it’s all about texture and forcing the viewer to look deeper.

Many of my clients have done several shoots with me. I always look forward to seeing them and working with their new ideas. I am honored that so many people trust me with getting the images that they want.

Contact Casual Elegance Photography ® today to book your special shoot. You will look back at it many years from now and say that it was one of the best things you’ve done for yourself.

Nicole Art Nude

Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

Casual Elegance Photography Artistic Nude

Artistic Nude

Art Nude


Artistic Nude

Our most popular Art Nude Pose

Male artistic nude

Nude male photo

Marietta Sandy Springs Roswell Atlanta Georgia Gwenette Cobb Fulton

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Nude, Boudoir, Glamour, Erotic and Sensual Photography – Casual Elegance Photography is the number one choice in Atlanta!

Casual Elegance Photography has earned a reputation in the photographic industry since the year 2000 for providing clients across the United States, and as far away as Europe, with a comfortable, professional environment for their Boudoir, Glamour, and Artistic Nude photo sessions, and for the outstanding results that are produced.

The Photographer:  Atlanta boudoir photographer Mark Anderson, owner of Casual Elegance Photography, is a published artistic and commercial photographer based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.

Mark is well known for his talent at putting his clients immediately at ease with his easy going and laid back manner. His studio is set up to have a comfortable, and homelike feel, which results in a relaxed setting. He loves to collaborate with his clients – mixing their ideas with his own, to produce a truly spectacular result! Whether you are an individual, or a couple who just wants to create a special gift for someone else, or a memento for yourselves, schedule your appointment today!

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Casual Elegance Photography’s theme-based glamour photos make a great wedding gift for your groom!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique wedding gift for your groom, consider a theme based glamour or glamour nude photo session. In a theme based photo shoot you take a subject that has special meaning to the two of you – whether it be something you both enjoy doing together like cooking or hiking, or perhaps his profession – firefighter, construction worker – or maybe his favorite sport – and develop the shoot around it.

At Casual Elegance Photography we have done this many times. We’ve had brides of firefighters bring in the boots, coat, helmet, etc. and we’ve done glamour nude images of them with it. Another bride did a baking scene then send the image to her serviceman fiance, in the military overseas, along with a box of cookies. Another brought in her fiance’s prized football jersey and a football. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve done calendars and books for clients all based around a theme. We have even had a client do several different boudoir and art nude poses and we put them on playing cards for her husband since he is an avid card player. This was a very unique gift!

So if you want a very unique and personal groom’s gift, consider a theme based shoot at Casual Elegance Photography.


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I’ve done lots and lots of Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoots and they all have had one special thing in common – A hit with their husbands!   I can’t begin to tell you how many brides have called me or sent me a note after the honeymoon and expressed their thanks for a perfect gift.

A bridal boudoir session isn’t much different from a normal boudoir session, but the little differences make them unique.  For instance, one popular pose is a standing nude shot showing their back with their vail as the only piece of clothing.  I typically shoot it on a white high key backdrop to add the “wedding” look to the image.

Many of the brides select a calendar or a book as their “print” selection.  A calendar makes a special gift since the husband gets to see the bride every day all year long.  Others choose a book as the “print” selection.  There are 20 pages in a book so it’s a nice present that can be viewed over and over.  Still others want prints so that they can build their own albums and intertwine love notes and poems in the album.  The key is that any way you choose to build the final gift, it will be sure to be a hit with your love.

Visit Casual Elegance Photography® to see samples of our work, read client testimonials, and review the different packages/services we offer.  And then book your session to ensure you have the greatest present ever done in time.

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